Be Your Own Boss: What It’s Like To Work Independently

By Ray Alexander

It's amazing to be your own boss. Do you prefer to work alone, or work in a team? This is not a job interview, you don't have to search for the right answer. Like, "I enjoy collaborating with coworkers, but I can totally work on my own initiative. The main thing is to ensure the given task is carried out effectively....."

We all learned social skills as we grew up, some of us naturally, others desperately. And we still do throughout our lives. We are taught to get on with others, to be a team player. Unless you have a special skill, often the case is that you start managing people for more money. A manager. A team leader. Knowing that you don't have a leadership personality, that'll be stressful. People are not listening to you. Raise your voice once and they'll make a bullying and harassment allegation against you...

But that's something most of us must learn to get by... Or is it?

Be Your Own Boss: What It's Like To Work Independently

You Don't Have To "Fit In" Everywhere

If you constantly find it difficult to get on with others in your workplace, there are only 3 ways to fix it. And you probably would have tried the first two already.

1. Try harder by taking different approaches.

You may have read many inspirational books for success or attended courses such as "How to let your voice heard" "How to be a good listener" "How to be influence others"... "Visualize yourself" etc, etc. None of which has worked so far. You don't feel you're benefited from any of them. Because you are you.

Well-done to you for trying so hard though. You've already learned a lot from these methods and teachings. Gradually you'll see a positive change in time, and you'll be able to see a bigger picture in life. Your effort will never be wasted. 

2. Find another job.

If you've changed your job for negative reasons - because you didn't get on with your boss or colleagues, or workplace politics in general... You know you'll come across with similar problems again at any times in the future.

3. Set up your own business and be your own boss.

Office Politics

This may be your only positive, sustainable solution. Maybe you're never meant to be employed by any company. You're just not good at working in a team. But it doesn't mean you're a miserable loner. You may have a great job skill, know how to build a good customer relationship. You may be cheerful, polite and funny, have great friends and family relationships. And somehow your wonderful personality just cannot reflect the job you collaborate with your colleagues...

Then why should you fight to keep your seat in the place where you're not meant to be?

  • Because of money?
  • Because you think your struggle is a learning curve?
  • Or because it's your career and simply you gotta do what you gotta do?

You don't have to cling on to any of that - well, money you probably do to pay your bills. But you don't have to stay employed. You can be independent.

All On Your Own Responsibility

Quitting your job because you don't get on with your boss/colleagues doesn't mean you're not "running away from it all" either. You may be best at taking control of your own business and engaging with external stakeholders, i.e. customers, suppliers, competitors and society in general. Becoming an entrepreneur means you don't have people telling what to do. Whether to learn to grab your own success or not, is all up to you. All your responsibility. 

What It Means To Be Your Own Boss

By having a freedom to make executive decisions, you'll be benefited with many advantages, not just for your business but your career as a whole.

#1 No Unnecessary Waiting Time

When working for a company, many things that you do often need to be agreed by other team members, approved by your boss, or your boss's boss. So you waste a lot of time each time just by waiting for an answer before you even start a new project. Being your own boss, the moment you come up with an idea, you can start taking action. That's a huge advantage!  

#2 You Choose Your Network

You simply trade with people who you want to deal with. You don't have a supervisor who can guide you through. You find people that you can trust and ask them for advice. You join a relevant association or community in the industry. If you don't like the particular circle of people, you can simply walk away. There's no contractual obligation in between you and other professionals (unless you want one). It's your freedom of choice when looking for new suppliers, lawyers, contractors, etc.

Generally your networking opportunities are more abundant and meaningful. A good information you obtained from your network can directly benefit your business. If you need to hire an assistant, you can ask someone for recommendation (instead of applying one via Human Resources department!). You don't feel comfortable with your candidate, you don't have to hire that person.

#3 You Learn Entrepreneurship Quicker

Helping hand from Mentor

If you work for an organization, you learn what it is to be at your position as an employee. If you work in one department, you keep learning the technique in the same area repeatedly, which is a good thing. Perhaps you gain a little knowledge about how other departments work through your colleagues. You stay in pretty much a small world for a long time.

But when you are your own boss, you'll get a bigger picture quickly. There are invaluable lessons to learn in order to become a successful entrepreneur. Through your own networks, you'll consistently learn new topics in order to operate all parts of your business such as advertisement, productivity as well as legal issues and accounting.

By focusing your business as a whole, you don't have to learn what you don't want to learn. For example you choose your mentor for guidance because you trust them and you want to learn from them. A good mentor will give you support and straight-to-the-point advice. If you feel your mentor is teaching you a lot of unimportant things, then you leave. Equally, if your mentor doesn't think you're fit to the job or serious enough, they won't waste their time on you and leave.

#4 Flexible Working Hours

Taking control of your own business means your working hours are not scheduled by others. Rather, they are primarily driven by your motivation. You know what needs to be done by when - your client wants your service by midday tomorrow, for example. If you don't achieve it, you know the consequences. You'll potentially lose that client. And if you carry on that way without commitment, your business will be most likely to fail. You know you become responsible for your output, and you do it in your best interest.

It also means that it's entirely up to you to find the balance between life and work. You can be so focused on your business and neglect your family, while taking too much time off and you might suffer the loss of earnings. How you find a quality of life - it's all your decision.

#5 You Set Your Own Work Environment

You can decide whether you work from your study, dining room or in the cafe for a change. What kind of equipment you need and when to replace with a new model - you don't have to ask a permission or discuss with anyone else. It's up to you to decide according to your budget. Whether you go to gym in the morning or evening to create the best working condition for yourself... Or even whether you should consider a better work environment at all (although I think you should!). All up to you.

#6 Motivation and Satisfaction

When you work in team, motivation factors often lies with the sense of participation and cooperation. Positive feedbacks will motivate you, a completion of one project can motivate the team as a whole. But it won't not necessarily be rewarded in monetary value.

By being your own boss, no one else will judge your performance but yourself. All your efforts will directly reflect on your business performance results. More profit simply means more income. That will provide a greater sense of satisfaction and help you to gain confidence.

Learn Affiliate Marketing and Be Your Own Boss Today

You cannot let it happen and quit your day job today, but you can certainly start working towards it today. If you have no idea as to what to sell or how to start, don't worry. You can take your first step by building your website and learn all about niche affiliate marketing. Start free, log in every day at least for the first few days for a couple of hours each day.

The earlier the better. Because you never know how seriously you will want it in the future. If you have a solid foundation, that will make things easier at later date!

Let us hear your opinion - what do you think about what you've read so far? Leave a comment below. Any question or request will be welcomed. We'll get back to you as soon as we can!

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Ray Alexander

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  1. It’s good to know about being your own boss but the question is how to become one.
    You have not told me yet.
    I am a single father and takes so much time to make money with 2 part time jobs.
    Please let me know how to become my own boss.
    Thank you.

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