4 Awesome Affiliate Marketing Programs for Football Fans

By Jack Stan

Awesome Affiliate Marketing Programs for Football Fans

The 2019 NFL season recently wrapped, with the Kansas City Chiefs pulling out a triumphant win over the San Francisco 49ers in Super Bowl LIV.

For football fans, the end of the season comes with some gloom. We have to wait seven long months for games to resume. But there’s a silver lining for affiliate marketers, football’s selling season is a year-round affair. If we can’t watch our favorite sport, we can at least make money from it!

Here are four of the best football affiliate programs we could find to offset your offseason blues. 

1. Leather Head Sports Affiliate Program


Leather Head matches sports fans with the kind of bespoke, artisanal products you might find on Etsy. In this case, the product is vintage leather balls of the football, basketball, rugby, and soccer varieties. 

The custom-made footballs are beautiful conversation pieces that harken the pigskin’s early days. That’s if you want to display it on a shelf. 

You can also play gridiron with a Leather Head football. That’s what footballs are for, after all. We guarantee you’ll be the envy of every other pigskin tosser at the park. 

With a 10% commission and $132.50 EPC, Leather Head Sports is a fine choice for affiliates with football fever. 

2. Sports Memorabilia Affiliate Program


Authentic sports memorabilia is an evergreen moneymaker. Experts peg the value of the US sports memorabilia market at $5.4 billion - not too shabby if you can get a slice of the pie. 

SportsMemorabilia.com is an online retailer dedicated to...you guessed it, sports memorabilia! 

Each item sold on the site is guaranteed to be 100% authentic. That’s an important benefit for customers and affiliates, since the sports memorabilia market has its fair share of counterfeiters and charlatans out for a quick buck. Sportsmemorabilia.com does careful research to ensure shoppers get the real deal. 

They also offer one of the widest selections of NFL and college football artifacts we’ve ever seen. 

Sportsmemorabilia.com offers a commission of 12% and an EPC of $21.22

Affiliate Marketing Programs for Football Fans

3. Fans Edge Affiliate Program


Fans Edge is your one-stop-shop for officially licensed football merchandise from your favorite football teams. We’re talking about everything from apparel to bar supplies to mailbox covers. If you can dream of a team-themed product, Fans Edge probably sells it.  

We also like Fans Edge because they sell college football gear in addition to NFL apparel. Wearables from Alabama, Clemson, and other teams on Oddschecker’s national championship future list sell as well as some NFL teams.

Affiliates earn a cool 10% commission. The EPC is $17.07.

4. Strideline Affiliate Program


If you’re familiar with the Strideline story, you may have a difficult time imagining the retailer’s connection to football. Strideline is a sock company on a mission to make the world’s most comfortable socks. Oh, they also have a license with the NFLPA, the pro league’s players union. This means they can produce socks with NFL players on them. 

Want a pair of Patrick Mahomes crews? Strideline is your source. Their products are unique, which gives affiliates a cool niche to market with football fans. 

The company offers an 8% commission and a generous $130.24 EPC.

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