ShowCash Scam Review – Warning: Don’t Get Involved

By Ray Alexander

If you've been encouraged to join ShowCash by someone, there are only two things you can do. Ignore them, or tell them it's a scam. Because it is, and the following ShowCash review can explain why. It's just one of many similar scam sites, promising to pay you some easy money. It's not the "#1 Influencer Network", the profile is a joke, the testimonials are fake, and it will never pay you a cent. People who may have referred you to ShowCash don't know the truth just yet. You can perhaps let them know.

ShowCash Review

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Data harvesting scam


ShowCash, Pty Ltd. (fake company)

Launch Date:

January 2020


Free to join


What Is The ShowCash?

The ShowCash claims to pay you a lot of money for virtually doing nothing, but it never explains why they're sharing money with random users or where the money comes from. It claims to pay money for something that anybody can do, such as;

  • $25 just for signing up.
  • $10 each time you refer to your friend or social follower.
  • $30 for answering a survey.
  • $50 for creating a YouTube video.
  • $20 for downloading an app.

You may be excited to see the amount added to your ShowCash account each time you complete any of the above "tasks". That may motivate you to do even more tasks and refer more friends to the ShowCash. You'll end up embarrassing yourself because that's ALL it does. When you're ready to withdraw your money, it won't let you. Your withdrawal request will be ignored and your access to the ShowCash will soon be blocked. That'll be the end of it.

ShowCash Scam Review

What The ShowCash Is Actually Doing

So what is ShowCash scamming you for? It's the fake survey questions ("Task Wall"). Each time you take a survey, it will ask you to fill out a form of personal detail - full name, email address, street address, phone number and date of birth. Once you give out your detail, it will be passed over to illegitimate third-party advertisers.

Sooner or later, you'll start receiving spam emails and messages from companies you've never heard of. In the worst-case scenario, your personal data may be used for malicious purposes, such as hacking into your bank account, borrowing money using your name and address, etc.

None Of This Makes Sense!

showcash site registration

Quite frankly, there's nothing that the ShowCash tells you in its site is true. The "About Us" page to start with - it says that the ShowCash was founded in 2015, that's not true. The site was only created at the end of January 2020.

The slogan is "the only legit influencer network that pays $10 per referral." If you think about it for a second, you know this doesn't make sense or whatsoever. If this was a network that influencers would be happy to join, why would it offer to pay $10 per referral? If you were seriously desperate to become an influencer and ShowCash really was the #1 influencer network, you would pay $10 to join, wouldn't you?

It also says the ShowCash "pays you for what your traffic is worth", but also says "it doesn't matter if you have 100 followers or 100,000 followers." That's a pile of total rubbish, do you see what I mean? I'll give you an example.

ShowCash claims to pay you $25 just for signing up, regardless of who you are. Whether you are a well-known influencer or just a casual social network user. If you were a successful influencer, you already would have earned enough money for the invaluable work that you contribute to social media. You wouldn't need ShowCash to give you $25. You wouldn't need ShowCash at all.

Mirror Site of LiteBucks

LiteBucks Identical

The ShowCash's site layout is actually identical to another scam site, LiteBucks (, obviously created by the same scammer.

Fake Testimonials

ShowCash Fake Testimonials

And these two sites share the same fake testimonials. Just the word "LiteBucks" was replaced with "ShowCash".

...And Fake Account Manager

Looks like the scammer randomly picked some photos from Pinterest, because all of these photos from the fake testimonials and the fake manager often can be found if you browse through. There is no manager called Mickey, it's all made up.

Fake Account Manager ShowCash

Why Won't The ShowCash Pay?

By now, you know the ShowCash is nothing but a data harvesting scam, it makes a false promise just to steal your personal information. But why won't they pay even a cent? Well, the answer is stupidly simple, but if you want to start making money online by doing some legit work, you need to stop and think about this...

ShowCash will not pay, because it's not making money. Many spammers (= people who send unsolicited emails and text messages) and scammers (= fraudsters in general) sell lists of personal data to each other. But they don't make a lot of money from it. $0.25 - $2 per one person's data, depending on who they sell it to. 

It means that each time you give out your data (name, email address, phone number, etc) via the "Task Wall", ShowCash will only make $2 at most. How can they pay you $30 for completing a task when they're only making $2 from it? They can't.

The homepage displays some brand logos and says that ShowCash works with them...but how? What do they do? No explanations. They don't work together, and if these brands saw this page, they could potentially sue ShowCash's owner for misrepresenting the connection that they never have, and also for damaging their reputations.

ShowCash Brands

And lastly - equally importantly - even if ShowCash did make money and had a lot of cash to spare, why would they give it to YOU?

No companies would ever do that. The profit that companies make is re-invested to improve the business, some of it is shared among the shareholders and employees (i.e. bonus), and some of it is given to registered charity groups. If they gave it to some random social network users, it would be unethical. It would be on the news, and you've never heard such news, have you?

Are You Ever Going To Be An Influencer?

Don't be fooled by what's described on the homepage. If you think the ShowCash may help you to become a social influencer in any way, think about this logic again. 

Influencers are so called because they are capable of influencing others. It means, they know what they're doing.

Now if you were to go on Twitter and say "Join ShowCash, because it will pay you!"... You would have to be able to explain how it works - NOT how to use it - how it works. Where the money comes from, and why it's beneficial for both the ShowCash and users.

See, you won't "influence" anybody by referring others to a scheme, simply saying "it will pay you!" without knowing how it works. If you can't explain it, you can't influence others, people can't trust you, you know what I mean? 

Now you know that the ShowCash will never pay, because there's no money to pay, and it will do nothing but to harm the users. So perhaps you can tell your social followers that. But that won't be enough to convince your followers (=influence others), either. You need to explain how it works - why the ShowCash is lying to users. What for. Because it's a data harvesting scammer. If you're going to tell your followers not to be fooled by ShowCash, don't forget to tell them that. You might start "influencing" a few people! 

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  1. Thank you, I have seen very similar websites before but I wasn’t sure of this one because it didn’t seem to overstate earnings. Now I see it no different from others. How can I ever find a legit online job? I have been searching forever..

    1. Ho Margaret, thanks for your comment. Sorry to hear that you’ve been struggling to find an online job. The truth is that it’s much more difficult to find an online job (that pays a decent salary) than to find a job locally, unless you want to start your own business, in which case it will take a lot of time and effort to build up. Message me and tell me what you want to do, I can help you.

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