24/7 Wealth Club Review: Boring.

Updated: April 22, 2019
by Ray Alexander

My 24/7 Wealth Club review reveals how it can help you to make $13,127 in the next 7 days... Not. There's no such thing. You'll never make that kind of money in such a short period. And the actual product - is a second-hand "Make Money Online How-Tos" containing PLR-licensed ebooks, which are available for free.

24-7 Wealth Club Review

"FROM The 24-7 Wealth Club"... As if this "Club" pays you directly.

Never Trust Video-Only Invitations

Firstly you've arrived at this page - congrats! Because you care to read my 24/7 Wealth Club review. You see, this product's sales page only contains a video clip and no text explanation for a reason.

The seller is only targeting people who never bother to read because they think illiterate people are easier to fool.

Also the FF/Rewind buttons are deliberately removed from the video, to stop the viewer from playing it back a little to check what it just said. The video keeps going and doesn't give them a chance to think twice. Then it starts to talk about what you can do when you're extremely wealthy - luxury sports car, private villa, etc.

This type of videos are usually pretty lengthy, 15-30 minutes. Only people who have nothing better to do would watch them through. By the end of it, they're mesmerized and go, Wow! I gotta get this!

That's the seller's plan.

So when you see a video-only sales page, you know what to do. Don't bother watching them, never trust any of them. They all have zero quality, and nothing they say makes sense. And the actual products that they sell are never worth spending your money.

24-7 Wealth Club Review

Product Name:

24-7 Wealth Club

Website URL:



Internet Marketing


'Richard' (fake name)

Launch Date:

April 2019


$37 + upsells


How The Actual Product Is Made

The actual product is nothing like what's advertised, but to simply put, it's a basic guide to online marketing package that's been seen for the past few years.

The original creators are unknown because these products (sales funnel file, videos and series of ebooks) were initially sold with PLR/reselling rights license attached. It means that anyone could buy them or get them for free, change the cover, edit the content if the license allows it, and resell them at any price they want.

24/7 Wealth Club is a spun content of CB Wealth (https://cbwealth.net), sold by the seller in the name of James Robertson earlier this year. Now the seller is selling it in the name of 'Richard' because the license allows him to.

(Or her... Who knows it's a man!?) 

The sales video is virtually the same - changed the few words and numbers of the same script, had it read by a British voice actor instead of an American this time, and is reselling it for the same price, $37.

CB Wealth - 24/7 Wealth Club

The Content

24/7 Wealth Club is mostly a collection of basic guides to making money online, containing;

  • Make money online with a sales page template, cheat sheet, mind map, banners and email swipes (often available for free elsewhere!)
  • Video training - ClickBank marketing secrets, how to select niche products to promote.
  • Basic guides to Amazon affiliate program
  • Amazon FBA (selling on Amazon)
  • Explaining CPA (Cost per Action)
  • How to drive traffic - based on PLR product "Social Traffic Rush". 
Video Training

Of course, "Revolutionary done-for-you money making system" cannot be seen anywhere. In fact, the sales package (templates, "cheat sheet" "mind map" etc.) can be obtained for free because it's outdated in all counts - content, old-fashioned sales page design and copywriting.

"Cheat Sheet" is merely a collection of links to several useful websites - some links are broken. 

These are nothing new, and I can send you similar packages if you want. Contact me.

Caution: Your Email Address Will Be Sold!

Only a few minutes after I signed up with 24/7 Wealth Club Review, I received an email from Jason "Millionaire Mentor" Stone (millmentor.com) who I believe is nothing to do with this product. Or is he???

It means the seller of 24/7 Wealth Club are selling users' email addresses to third parties. He's not only a scammer, he's also a spammer. And Jason Stone, who has 4.5 million Instagram followers thinks that this seller's mailing list is useful for his audience and buys it from him.

What 24/7 Wealth Club Is Not

So to clarify once again, 24/7 Wealth Club is not what the sales video claims:

  • "Like nothing you've ever seen before."
  • "The system is truly unique."
  • "Revolutionary done-for-you money making system"

There is an outdated done-for-you element. But with this extremely ordinary and extremely competitive method, you must work hard to build your knowledge and experience before you can start making money. No mention of that in the sales video.

Some of the things he says are inconsistent;

  • "People just like you all over the world are using the 24-7 Wealth Club to earn hundreds or (sic) thousands of dollars."
  • ...But he says there are only 196 users, because it's a secret club. Then he says,
  • "It's time to share the 24-7 Wealth Club with The World."
  • ...But he's only taking 9 more people in (so you'd better hurry up).

Other statements include;

  • The seller also says that Lucy, one of the users received her first payment FROM The 24-7 Wealth Club $10.953, which give you an impression that the club will make payment to you directly.
  • "You can get set up in minutes, and start earning today." - That's not true. There is nothing that you can set up so quickly, and you will never start earning today. Extremely unlikely.
  • "You don't even need a computer if you have a smartphone." - You can read the ebooks and watch the videos on your smartphone, but you need a computer if you want to use the templates.

60-Day Money Back Guarantee

The says in the sales video, "If the 24-7 Wealth Club isn't everything I've promised it is, all you need to do is email me within 60 days of purchase. I will refund the entirety of your investment that day."

But remember, the seller also said;

  • Done for you money making system
  • Set up in minutes
  • Make up to $13k in the next 7 days

None of which is true, therefore you shouldn't trust his money back guarantee either.

The seller also says, "This is a 100% satisfaction guarantee." As a buyer, you would be extremely unlikely to be satisfied with the product, because you would never expect it to be an old online marketing how-to's. 

Luckily ClickBank can administrate your money-back directly, so if you've accidentally caught up in this invitation and bought 24/7 Wealth Club, I suggest that you should contact ClickBank (you can access from the invoice email) and ask for a refund. Tell them that you've been scammed.

Pro's and Con's


  • The actual content is legitimate.
  • Money back guarantee by ClickBank.


  • Actual product not as advertised.
  • False income claim - you'll never make $13k in the next 7 days.
  • Not value for money (can buy similar products for less than $10).

24/7 Wealth Club Review: Conclusion

The sales video is stupid, the actual product is nothing as advertised, and it's a boring basic old "how to market online". Therefore the seller is a scammer, and I don't recommend this product. 

If you really want to learn everything about internet marketing, how to set up a WordPress website properly, interact with other members and ask any questions at any time - 24/7! - join me from the link below. We'll make sure you're taking the right path.

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About the author 

Ray Alexander

ASD. Recovering alcoholic. LGBTQ+ advocate. Semi-retired. 15+ years of web-designing experience. 10+ years affiliate marketing. Ex-accountant. I'm nice and real. Ask me if you need any help in starting up your home business.

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  1. It’s a scam because I didn’t understand anything that said. It’s not making so much money I’m never going to make it using this. I know it.

  2. I think there are at least 3 or 4 identical products because last year I bought a very similar one. I seem to remember I paid $17 but I may be wrong. When I bought it I was hugely disappointed because it was nothing like how it was advertised. But at least there were some training to follow. I tried to watch the video and read some PDF files. I thought I made good use of it. Then somebody offered me a PDF for free. I saw the content and to my surprise it was part of the product that I had paid for. I am very sceptical about products like this since then.

    1. Hi Lilianne, thanks for sharing your experience, it’s so bad some people take the term “rinse & repeat” the wrong way, copy the same content and sell it for various prices here & there. You must have felt so deceived. I wish you all the best!

  3. Hi, there is no way I can trust any systems like that. I already know about Amazon affiliates but if I was still a beginner and wanted to know something to take my level of income to the next level I would be tempted to join something like this. It’s too plain to see this is a scam. My advice is not to listen to anyone who claims a get rich quick scheme because there ain’t never one.

  4. 24/7 Wealth Club is so useless. I also bought it then asked for my money back.
    It has nothing that said in the video. Also it is not worth paying money for old tutorials.

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