How Never To Quit: 31 Ways To Help Motivate Yourself

Updated: April 23, 2019
by Ray Alexander

How never to quit what you've once determined to do. When you work on your own, from home, it's only up to you to control your work environment, physical condition, hence your mindset. It can be advantageous because unlike a work-in-team office environment, you're not exposed to people's opinions and advice that can wrongly influence your decisions. But failures can easily get you down when you have no one to support you. So here are 31 ways to help motivate yourself.

How Never To Quit: 31 Ways To Help Motivate Yourself

#1 Be thankful for whatever you have

You are already a success. The foundation of positivity is to acknowledge it to yourself and appreciate whatever the position you are right now.

#2 Find 5 things that make you happy

Firstly wherever you are right now - indoors or outdoors - look around you and find 5 things that make you happy today. Physical objects or abstract, events that you're looking forward to, a scent, music you're listening to, the food that you have in your fridge for lunch. Secondly tell yourself that they are part of the reasons why you keep going. These 5 things make you happy, means they are on your side, helping you get through with what you're focusing on.

#3 List up the tasks

Write down all the things you need to do - you can separate work-related tasks and anything private including "Clean the bathroom cabinet!" for example. You can jot down randomly, then number each item in order of priority, it's up to you. The list will help you clear your head. Just don't get overwhelmed by it.

#4 Take one step at a time

If you have things like a big goal to achieve or multiple tasks to finish, the last thing you want is to panic. Just make sure to take one step at a time. If you've made just a little progress, then you're closer to the target.

#5 Believe you can have everything you want

The list of things to do - you can get them all done. In due course. A financial success that you want to achieve, a job that you want to complete and things you want to buy... You can have them all. Tell yourself that you are trying, and you're doing great.

#6 Find books/publications to motivate you

Business books or life-coaching books don't always motivate you. Choose books or blogs that personally inspire you and ask yourself why you're drawn to them. Because you like the writer, you like the writing style, because you often share the same experiences, etc. If these publications are giving you positive energy in any ways, then you can use that energy for work that you're trying to focus on.

#7 Get Podcasts to motivate you

Books are not the only information resources. There are many audio and video podcasts that motivate you, and you can use them while you're commuting, walking and doing some chores.

#8 Avoid news!

A News channel is not always necessarily good for you; if you leave it on while you're working, no doubt you'll be distracted by it. And the majority of breaking news is depressing. You don't have to keep yourself most up to date with that kind of information. Turn it off!

Music to make you happy

#9 Play music that makes you happy

Verywell Mind says that music can improve your cognitive performance, reduce stress, sleep better, and improve your mood and motivation. Whether all day as a background on a low volume or blast it at your break, play your favorite music to light up your spirit.

#10 Thank the failures and be constructive

Don't be afraid to fail, because everyone experiences failures before they see their success. You either let failure crush you or get up and learn from it. Be constructive and find out the cause of it, and make use of the failure for improvements.

#11 Never regret

"I shouldn't have done that!" Perhaps you shouldn't have, but you know you can't turn back the clock. You know there's no point in clinging on to the 'damage' that's already been done and crying over it. Think about how you can mend it, and if there isn't, move on. Next time you'll do a lot better.

#12 Take regular breaks

When you work on a project that you love for long hours, you forget the time and that's a great sign as far as your motivational factor is concerned. But your physical health matters too. Don't forget to take a break at least every few hours, do something else other than work.

#13 Enjoy your coffee/tea

Caffeine will elevate your mood and boost your energy. An adequate amount will help you focus on your work. Choose a coffee or tea that's good quality and enjoy the flavor.

#14 But don't take caffeine tablets

Caffeine tablets are only a temporary, emergency solution. They can cause insomnia so easily and very quickly. You don't want chemically screw up your sleep cycle in any way. Best stay away.

#15 Keep hydrating yourself

Taking fluids is crucial to maintaining the system in your body including heart, muscles and brain. You need to stay hydrated throughout the day. You should get 30-50 ounces (1-1.5 liters) of water a day. But caffeinated drink will cause the need to urinate more, so make sure to drink plenty of water, juice, pure mint tea, fruit-infused no caffeine tea, etc.

#16 Tell yourself you've done well

Some days are good and some days are bad, you know that. Then there's no point blaming yourself, anyone or anything else for things that are not working. In any circumstances that you're in, ask yourself what you've done well today instead. And give yourself a round of applause. You need to be kind to yourself from time to time.

#17 Declutter your workspace

You can clear up your mind by keeping your home office clean. A cluttered environment can distract you from the job you're focusing on. A minimalistic workspace will help you create a productive day.

#18 Get some exercise!

You knew that this was coming - but physical activity stimulates the release of dopamine, serotonin and norepinephrine. A good physical condition helps to keep you in high spirits. If you don't believe it, and never usually exercise, try just once - go out for a brisk walk in the morning before you start work. You will see the difference.

#19 Go outside and see some 'green'

While gym exercise is good and practical, it's a nature that gives you new energy and motivation. Go out and take a stroll in a local park, garden and feel some green...

#20 Have some indoor plants

...If you don't believe it, NBC News site explains why. According to the site, some studies have shown that indoor plants improve concentration and productivity by up to 15%, and also NASA has revealed that houseplants can remove up to 87% of air toxins a day.

Eat Superfoods

#21 Eat 'superfoods' tells you 20 foods that make you motivated, that includes; whole grain, tomatoes, eggplant, kale, spinach, Greek yogurt, avocado, strawberries, blueberries. Good healthy lunch idea for your brain.

#22 Replace fatty snacks with nuts and dark chocolate

You know fatty chips won't do you good. Replace them with nuts and seeds. recommends pumpkin seeds, walnuts, falxseed, sunflower seeds and pecans. And high quality dark chocolate!

#23 Reduce distractions

It may be important for you to keep your social followers updated, respond to your clients swiftly and to have your phone available for your family to contact you at all times. But all these will stop you from the job you're currently working on. You might want to make some arrangement to reduce distractions. Set your time to spend on social media, ask your friends and family to contact you via social media instead of by texting.

#24 Look how far you've come

Compare yourself to who you were when you started, or a year ago, and think about how far you've come since. You've learned so many skills and gained a lot of experience, none of which is a waste. And you know you'll keep learning from what you do. There is only a way up, no way down.

#25 Spend a few minutes to meditate

Meditation helps you to be calmer and concentrate on your work. Follow this easy instruction by Gaiam;

  1. Sit or lie comfortably and close your eyes.
  2. Breathe naturally.
  3. Focus your attention on the breath, and also on how the body moves with each inhalation and exhalation.
  4. If your mind wanders, don't worry, simply return your focus back to your breath.

Gaiam says, do this exercise for 2 to 3 minutes to start, then try it for longer periods when you're used to it.

#26 Ask experts for advice

Especially when you are stumbling, one of the very few ways to keep your sanity is to ask for other people's opinions and advice. Experts in the same industry will share their knowledge with you, and they might identify your blind spots for you.

#27 Don't rely on advice

It is important to be able to listen to other people, understand what they tell you and take their advice as a piece of valuable information. But nobody can take responsibility for your actions. Never rely on what they say. Because the most absurd thing to do is to blame the negative consequences on someone else. ("I shouldn't have listened to him. I never wanted to do this but he told me to. It's all his fault.")

#28 Have a hot/cold shower

When you're feeling demotivated, you can simply take a hot shower to wake yourself up again and feel refreshed. Whereas cold shower can strengthen your immune system, improve blood circulation and increase metabolism. *Depending on your medical condition - please note it's not suitable for everyone. While a daily cold shower routine can definitely increase your motivation, don't carry on if you feel stressed by it.

#29 Get some sleep!

If you feel like you can't go on anymore - tell yourself that's normal. You're just having a bad day, that's all. If you are undecided on something - you know you shouldn't rush into it. Sleep on it. And literally have a good sleep at night and see how you feel the following morning.

#30 Remind yourself of your goals

And also, if you feel like quitting - remind yourself why you're doing this. Why you wanted to start this job in the first place and who you are doing this for. If it's for yourself, then that's great. You will achieve your goal and your whole life be benefitted from it. It it's not for yourself - for your spouse, children, for example - then you know they are the best motivational factor for you.

#31 Tell yourself 'something' will happen

If you NEVER quit, 'something' will happen. Remember that, never forget that. So tell yourself once again - if I never quit, something will happen!

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  1. Hi Ray! Truly motivational! You are always good at this. You should be a counselor. I think you mentioned about avoiding news sometime before (or in one of your other sites). Since then I have been trying to avoid negative news on TV. I simply switch it over if a news program starts. It’s working!!! I feel much more positive!
    Thanks for your advice as always, all the best!

    1. Hi Seb, thanks for your comment again, it’s great to hear that the “not watching the news” method is working for you! It may sound ignorant but your mental health can improve by simply turning a blind eye to what’s happening in the world. Thanks Seb, I appreciate it!

  2. Hi Ray, Thanks so much for this great post. It is really helpful and I am planning to implementing it on my new project that I find boring to continue. I am desperate to get thru this. I know all I need is the motivation.

  3. Great content as per usual, Ray. You mentioned many points about how anyone can motivate themselves. I was so motivated by your last point, if you never give up, something will happen. I will always remember this. Thank you!

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