20 Minute Cash System Scam Review – $273/Day Without Spending A Dime?

By Ray Alexander

If you are looking for a 20 Minute Cash System review to find out whether this is legit or scam - of course it's a scam. Don't be tricked into believing anything that's being said in the video. What the seller claims is inconsistent, she never constructively explains anything about her business. In fact this is a copy of previously released scam products. Today in my 20 Minute Cash System review, I'll show you some of the prominent "red flags" that you should be aware of, so that you'll be able to spot scams easily in the future. 

20 Minute Cash System Review

Product Name:

20 Minute Cash System

Website URL:



Work-From-Home Scam


"Susan Gates" (Fictitious Name)


$49.95 - downsold at $4.95


What Is 20 Minute Cash System?

20 Minute Cash System (20MCS) claims that it's a "weird system", enabling anyone to "manipulate and flow online traffic" from 99% of online videos directly to any commission website of your choice. All you need is 15-20 minutes of work each day by clicking a few buttons, and the traffic produces transactions that you make money from...

...None of that makes sense, except that the "commission website" may refer to affiliate marketing. However, some other suggestions that the seller makes don't add up. For example;

  • You'll be part of her team, which sounds like a network marketing.
  • She is the one who makes payments to you. If your income source is from affiliate commissions, she shouldn't be paying anything to you directly.
  • "Manipulate online traffic" literally implies to deceptively redirect internet users to another site against their will.
  • She says "the main part of the system accounts for 92% of how internet millionaires generate income online". But she also contradicts herself by saying it's a "weird system". If she thinks what the majority of internet millionaires do is weird, she should be explaining why.
20 Minute Cash System Scam Review

It does sound wierd (sic) indeed.

The Same Scam Products

I can tell you the sales video content is an almost exact copy of previously released scam products, such as Explode My Payday and Millionaire Biz Pro, which are also a rehashed version of older products such as Seven Figure Profit Code and Greedy Mentor.

The fact proves that 20 Minute Cash System is being sold by the same scammer, who grossly misleads users and delivers a set of outdated affiliate marketing guide videos in return for the payment.

You May Not Receive The Product At All

Okay, have I actually bought 20 Minute Cash System? Hell no! And I have a reason.

Because when I paid for the other product, Millionaire Biz Pro, I received "nothing". I already explained it in the product review but I'll tell you about it again quickly. I paid for it, I didn't even get the access code. I contacted the seller, who eventually got some unknown representative to respond the next day, who told me to wait for 24 more hours. Still didn't receive it, so I contacted ClickBetter to ask for a refund. ClickBetter only eventually refunded the money after I threatened to "take further actions". To me as a buyer, non-delivery of a product I paid for, followed by such a poor level of responses was unacceptable.

When I decide to purchase a product, that's because I'm interested to see what's inside, no matter how inferior the quality of a product may be. If I can write a review and help others by recommending or disapproving a product, then that's worth paying money for (although I may be helping scammers make money.) But I'm not wasting a single dime on something that I never receive, you know what I mean.

The 20MCS's sales video proves that it's sold by the same seller (or someone else from the same syndicate). I know there is a good possibility that 20MCS will never be delivered to me again. Then I'm not wasting any more time trying to purchase it. And I suggest that you shouldn't.

How You Can Spot The "Red Flags"

The 20 Minute Cash System's sales page and the invitation video content have the name "scam" all over it. I'll explain one by one, so you can identify some of the deceptive tactics when you see a page like this from the next time.

Sold via ClickBetter

20 Minute Cash System ClickBetter

ClickBetter is an affiliate marketplace and a payment clearance intermediary but is notorious for selling a series of "make money scam" products. 20 Minute Cash System sold via ClickBetter. It falsely promises a "60-day, no questions asked, hassle-free refund guarantee" from my experience.

If you're about to purchase a digital product and see a ClickBetter logo, be warned!

"Get Rich" Euphoria

"I make $300k every year. This is my bank account! I can buy anything I want from Amazon, Wayfair, 7-day vacation... How awesome is that?" The seller talks ecstatically. (Well, it's just a female voice actor reading the script...)

Have you ever seen any real, famous rich people on TV repeatedly going, "I'm making X million dollars every year. Can you believe it!? Here, look at my bank balance... I can buy anything I want with this money."

Sure, it's good to imagine yourself wealthy, have a successful life and all. I do too believe in positive thinking and the law of attraction. But if you don't focus on how you can actually reach your goals, you are simply daydreaming. And that's exactly what 20MCS is trying to get you to do. Never mind how you'll make money, just imagine luxury vacations and cars, be ecstatic, be euphoric! Click the button, enter your credit card number...and forget about it all!

When a "make money online" product seller starts to talk about a superficial wealthy life (vacations, no bills to worry about, presents to buy...) the product is very likely to be a scam. Because a legitimate product should be focused on the work method, the wealth itself is only a possible result of it.

Fake Seller

There are thousands and thousands of fake user profiles on Facebook. The biggest social networking site has tightened the security and now it may require a new user to submit an identification document, but anyone can create something like this, take a screenshot and say "this is me". The owner of 20 Minute Cash System, Susan Gates...never exists.

So how to spot a scam - every time you see a sales page like that, always google the name of the owner + the phrase "online business" "internet marketer", e.g. "susan gates online marketing"... Nothing will come up in relation to the product 20MCS.

Fake (And Boring!) Testimonials

The people appear in the 20 Minute Cash System are actors, at least one of them can be found on Fiverr. The script was prepared by the seller, and they just read it in front of the camera for money.

20 Minute Cash System Fake Testimonial

How you can tell a testimonial is real or fake... Again, it's the context of it. All they talk about is;

  • How much exactly they've made in the past X days (e.g. "I've made one thousand, two hundred and thirty-four dollars, sixty-seven cents in the past 48 hours!") and
  • Thanks to the [product name], their life has dramatically changed (e.g. "Now I quit my call-center job! Thank you so much, [the seller's fictitious name]!!")

In other words, boring, repetitive, and no quality. People who leave a real testimonial generally (a) explain why they find the product useful, and (b) what they think they've learned from it.

Old-fashioned "Click of a Few Buttons" Suggestion

Okay, you need to understand that the following two points that the seller's making contradict each other;

  • She's looking for someone to do a job for her.
  • But the job is just to click a few buttons. (Says "It's so easy, a child can do it.")

That kind of job may have existed decades ago when the internet first became a household item. Now of course, no one across anywhere in the world needs human beings to do "just clicking" or "copy & pasting" jobs. Developers can create a script to do them automatically. They get bots to do them.

"There's a job for you, but all you do is to click (or copy and paste)" - It's a typical scam sales copy that no longer makes sense. It's old-fashioned.

The seller of 20 Minute Cash System says she wants to recruit you because if you make money, she'll make money. She doesn't explain it in detail, but yes, there can be that kind of circumstance, for example with MLM (multi-level marketing). When you earn a commission, your sponsor will also earn a percentage of it. But with MLM, you're expected to work hard to find people to buy products or pay to join your team. When someone says they need you (a person) to do a job, it's always a job that requires brainy techniques. Never "easy".

Fake Scarcity

The seller repeatedly tells you that she's only looking for 45 people to join her team, and the fake notification on top of the page suggests that there are only 3 spots left. 

20 Minute Cash System Fake Scarcity

Any legitimate marketers use a "scarcity marketing technique" - urge users to buy a product now by saying "there are only a few more copies left", "discount sale ending today!" etc. But like I said earlier, the whole "looking for 45 people" story is fabricated, and whenever you open the sales page, the seller will still be saying she's looking for 45 people, and the "remaining 3 spots" will never change.

You might also want to remember is, whenever a seller says "this website may be shut down tonight (so get in now)", it's most definitely a scam. The seller's intention is to get you to pay right here right now, but think about it. It's such an unreliable way to encourage a stranger to pay, isn't it? If someone approached you on the street, invited you to her team, asked you to pay but said she'd be disappearing soon, would you pay? You would never trust her in the slightest, would you?

Sudden Price Drop

20MCS is initially sold for $49.95, but if you move your cursor away to close the browser (show disinterest), a message will pop up to offer a 90% discount, for the price of $4.95.

20 Minute Cash System Discount

You might think it's a chance of grabbing a bargain, especially when it suddenly becomes as affordable as less than $5. But that's how it's intended.

As I said earlier, this is a rehashed version of previously released products over the past years, containing outdated affiliate marketing guides. The seller knows that 20MCS is valued nothing as a product, but still tries to sell it overpriced initially. Lucky if someone pays a full price on the spot, otherwise attempts you with a shock discount.

If you see something like that on a digital product sales page, you should assume that the product has already been around for years, it's no more than junk value.

False "Money Back" Guarantee

20 Minute Cash System Fake Guarantee

The seller says, if you don't make at least 10 times the money you invest, she will "personally" reimburse you for everything you put in. I'm repeating what I've already said earlier here, but the seller's promise is all pie in the sky for reasons such as; 

  • She doesn't say for what kind of period or when she'll reimburse you (can be 10 years!)
  • ClickBetter's "money-back guarantee policy" is unreliable.
  • The seller's using a fake identity and says this the website will shut down shortly.

Remember TWO Things!

I hope you understand by now that 20 Minute Cash System is a typical scam, targeting "do nothing and get rich quick" dreamers. So don't be one of them - remember two things, right.

  1. There is no such a job, system, or program anywhere on the internet that allows you to make money without putting a lot of effort (skills to learn!)
  2. Never try to make money for the sake of making money if you want to succeed.

Yes, doing nothing is good, but you'll get bored of doing nothing after a short period. Even if you obtained a lifestyle where you didn't have to work for money, you would find something productive for yourself. Life is about learning to become a better person, right? 

Money should not be a direct object. We all start with having the ambition to fulfill, and we need money for it, so we work towards it. We all help others via our own online business and achieve our own financial goals through the business.

Build your own website and start learning everything about monetizing what you love through blogging - if you're interested, join me from the link below. Good luck!

How I "Finally" Make Over $6,000 Monthly Income

"The most valuable thing I've ever done!"

Let us hear your opinion - what do you think about what you've read so far? Leave a comment below. Any question or request will be welcomed. We'll get back to you as soon as we can!

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Ray Alexander

Hi! I’m Ray. Over the past 15+ years I have been involved with web designing, programming and online marketing. I work from home and have a passion for exploring new tools, services and programs in order to make money online. I’m here to help you succeed in building a profitable business by sharing my experiences. Any question, don’t hesitate to ask!

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  1. Hi Ray, I was just wondering if it was possible to contact you privately? If you wouldn't mind shooting me an email, mine is *******@yahoo.com. I'd love to have a conversation with you and learn more about you. Thanks in advance for your time!

  2. Thank you sir, I have really learn a lot from this article, and I now know that there is no easy way to make money online and have also learn so many trick scammers use, but please sir I still have a question, it is possible for someone to get paid by reading news from a website? Have come across so many website advertising it thanks.

    1. Hi Kelly, thanks for your comment. Yes I have seen some sites offering $0.001 – $0.005 for reading a news page but that’s not the level of income you’re looking for, is it? If you have any sites in mind, I can take a look at them and share my opinion with you.

  3. Hi Ray, great review. I agree with you, there shouldn’t be any easy method to make money online and it’s about time people started to realise that there is no easy job left to do for humans, like you say. I’m quite surprised to learn your experience with ClickBetter. I always thought it was good at acting upon complaints and processing refunds like ClickBank. Everyone’s experiencing financial difficulties for all kinds of reasons, maybe something’s affecting theirs badly reflecting their bad performance. Good information, good job, Ray. Keep going. B

    1. Hi Ben, thanks for your comment. Yes it’s about time! With regards to ClickBetter, perhaps you can say that, especially we’re all going through difficult times. But it doesn’t take away the fact that the majority of its products are scams – I’m sure you agree… ClickBetter Review Thanks for sharing your thoughts. I appreciate it.

  4. I didn’t know the prices come down d steep its been a few months since I paid the full price. Can I claim a refund? thanks

    1. Hi, if you bought it via ClickBetter within the past 60 days, of course you can. You should be covered under its “no questions asked” guarantee, but as I said in the post, ClickBetter support may not agree, in which case a breach of the terms, so I suggest that you persistently insist that you get your money back. Good luck!

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