Why Company Gifts Are Important for your Brand

By Cristian Morales

Corporate gifts are an incredibly important part of building your company brand, and in a time when we may not see as many customers and clients or employees as we used to, it is important to use such gifts to keep in touch and connected. Many businesses make the mistake in thinking that just because they are no longer on the main street, that there is no need to gift their clients and regular customers. It’s these gifts and freebies that make your employees and customers feel valued.

There are generally two segments of corporate gifts and these are explained below to provide some clear guidance and insight as to why your business brand will benefit from a little giving.

Why Company Gifts Are Important for your Brand

Freebies and Gifts for Clients

It is a fact that clients will switch from your brand to another in the click of a mouse if they feel that you are indifferent to them and their custom. Providing customers and clients with useful, corporate, branded gifts is a great way to show that you care, but also to spread your brand. Brand Rageous provides a great example of how you can brand the gifts that you intend to give your customers. It will be important to find a balance between a gift that is too expensive, that will cost the company more than its worth in customer loyalty, and those that may seem worthless. 

Furthermore, with the amount of customer data available it is now incredibly simple to set up a mailing list and be in a position to send these gifts out in the same way that your e-commerce offerings are sent to your customers. The surprise factor and excitement of receiving an unsolicited gift has proven to endear customers to the brand and goes a long way to ensuring brand remembrance and commitment.

Employee Gifts 

Employee Gifts

These can be used to improve employee engagement and commitment to the firm. Birthday gifts or those that celebrate an employee’s cultural highlights throughout the year, births and other important family dates, goes a long way towards creating a positive workplace culture. You can also use the corporate employee gifts to reward high achievers, those who go above and beyond for the firm.

The art of giving can be regarded as both selfish and strategic, in that it is in the giving that you will receive, and it is proven that employees who feel valued and appreciated will go the extra mile for the company. With this mindset, and the ability to use the corporate gift as a brand builder among your clientele and customers, your business will do a lot better than your competitors using a somewhat stale thank you email, no matter how personalized the greeting is.

Giving as suggested and discussed above is thus a key way to differentiate yourself from the competition. Whether it’s in looking for the best employees you can find or increasing your number of clients and customers, including gifting as part and parcel of your business strategy will go a long way to positively building your brand.

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