SurveyJ Scam Review – Make $500 Daily?

By Ray Alexander

If you're looking to make money from a survey-for-cash site, is the exact kind that you should avoid. Don't be tempted by the high payout rates that it claims because you're not getting any. None of the surveys is real, there's no value or anything whatsoever... I hope this SurveyJ review will help you avoid wasting your time and make decent money online elsewhere instead.

SurveyJ Review

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What Is SurveyJ? is one of the fake reward sites that claim to pay a lot of money for carrying out ridiculously easy tasks. They entice you with expensive prize offers such as brand new smartphones, game consoles, and gift cards with high value. The prize and the money reward may motivate you to keep "earning" until you reach the cash-out threshold. But when you become eligible and request to cash it out, they'll make an excuse and block your account. Their "support" email address is usually fake, so you'll have no means of contacting them. 

Each time you enter a survey/task, you'll be required to submit your full personal detail, i.e. not just your email address but your full name, phone number, street address, date of birth, and so on. And your details will be sold to third-party marketing companies. Each task offers a prize in return, but the prize is unlikely to exist. What you'll start to receive instead is spam emails, unsolicited texts, and nuisance calls.

SurveyJ Scam Review

Why Isn't SurveyJ Going To Pay You?

Firstly, what SurveyJ claims to pay you is unrealistically high, such as;

  • $40 just for signing up.
  • $60 for completing each (fake) survey.
  • $2 for sharing your referral link and your friend/social follower clicks the link each time.
  • $15 each time your referral signs up with SurveyJ.
  • $20-$100 each time you promote Survey on social media (Snapchat, Facebook, YouTube, TikTok, Instagram.)

There's no reason why they should generate that kind of money. Because the "tasks" can be done by anyone, even by a child, they have no adding value or whatsoever. 

The fake surveys-for-cash are fun by bogus marketing companies. Their only aim is to collect users' personal details so they can sell them for money. And SurveyJ is affiliated with them. Each time a user accesses one of those fake "surveys" and submits their personal detail, SurveyJ will receive a PPL (pay-per-lead) affiliate commission. The problem is, the level of commission it makes is relatively low, usually around $1, no more than $2. 

So what SurveyJ is trying to do here is to do whatever it takes to send as many users to these fake surveys to make more money, deceptively claiming to pay an extortionate level of rewards. It claims to pay you for promoting SurveyJ on social media so that more new users will join in. But the truth is, there is no such money in the pot in the first place. How can it pay you $60 for completing a survey, when it only receives $1-2 from the (fake) survey company? It can't. 

SurveyJ's Target Victims

SurveyJ is primarily targeted at teenagers with no work experience by the looks of it. Because if you have online business experience, you know this is just a silly, classic scam. You'll never spend a dime but you are told to receive $40 cash just for signing up. It offers products that kids love as prizes - McDonald's vouchers, gadgets & games that they can't easily afford to get. 

I'll elaborate a little and explain what it means; it may help if you are still not sure and wonder if there's the slightest chance of winning something...

Legitimate surveys-for-cash site is here

"Sign-Up Bonus Cash" Never Exists

You know, many, millions of retail services offer a "sign-up bonus" to attract new customers. But have you ever seen a company that simply gives you cash for signing up, lets you withdraw it, and spend it elsewhere? Of course not. All the sign-up bonuses are meant to be deducted from your purchases. Nobody's a charity, unless they really are charitable organizations.

SurveyJ is open worldwide, claims to give away cash to random internet users, ignoring the economic crisis and child poverty...none of this fundamentally makes sense!

Survey Center - Data Harvesting Scam

"Survey Center" is where it falsely offers fake gifts as baits to get you to submit your sensitive personal information. When you click any of them to start a "survey", you'll be directed to a marketing company's site. Those sites exist purely to harvest your data in the name of a survey. So you'll be told that you have a chance to receive a gift, and you'll also be promised by SurveyJ a cash reward of $60 upon completion.

If you believe that these gifts are real, you are likely to submit your real name, address, and phone number, right? That's their plan. Selling users' personal data is illegal in many countries, but it's a furiously popular business among spammers. The scarier thing about exposing your personal data to unknown companies is, you never know who's hands it will end up with. The last thing you want is for a thief to use your details for malicious purposes, like hacking your bank account or borrowing a large sum of money from a loan company using your name! Your security matters, and that's the main reason you should be avoiding SurveyJ and any such similar sites.

Fake Gift Offers

SurveyJ Fake Gift Offers

These illegitimate marketing sites offer very decent gifts, such as a brand new iPhone, or a shopping voucher worth $500-$1,000. Some of them clearly say that they're prize competitions, while others grossly mislead you by saying "GET a new iPhone", "your gift claim is locked in", "$500 Visa card for FREE!", etc. as if they're ready to send the gift.

You'll never receive or win any of the gifts listed there. If you think about it from a business point of view, you know real prize competitions are held for a reason - they do it to promote the brand. If they are giving away an Xbox for example, the competition is likely to be authorized by Microsoft, and they are advertising it to the audience who are likely to be interested in gaming. Not to some random people who happen to find an unknown fake site like SurveyJ, you see what I mean?

And Fake Surveys!

The actual "survey" is not really a survey. Some questions are ridiculously broad, such as "do you like shopping?" While other questions have a specific intent, such as "when is your car insurance renewal due?" - so that they can sell your detail to insurance companies. 

Legitimate surveys are run by research companies. They are only looking for genuine answers anonymously, and they certainly take data protection seriously. If a survey asks for your name and street address, that's not a survey. It has a shady intention instead.

Fake Company and Information

Domain registration records show that was privately registered in April 2021. Anyone who looks at the domain would think that the site may be something to do with surveys. But what's described on the "About" page ( is totally different;

  • "We primarily work with influencers on social media platforms..."
  • "We became the #1 network in such a short time..."
  • "Any social media user with any follower size can become an influencer with us..."

The only social activity that SurveyJ encourages users to do is to share their affiliate link to promote SurveyJ itself. This suggests that the site is nothing to do with surveys, nor influencers.

The homepage says it has "paid out" over $7 million, however, according to the Terms of Service page (, the company name is Survey J, PTY and the registered address is Hamontstraat 59, Amsterdam, Noord-Holland. But when you look at the address on Google Maps, it's just an apartment in a purpose-built block in a very quiet residential area. Also the abbreviation "PTY" at the end of the company name is for a proprietary company specifically used in Australia and South Africa, not in the Netherlands. This suggests that such a company most definitely never exists.

The Sponsorship Claim

SurveyJ Fake Stats

The homepage also says that the site has over 1,682 "verified" sponsors. This doesn't really make sense because a sponsorship usually means someone contributes some funds to support a company. In other words, when a company is supported financially by someone, that someone is a sponsor. There is no "verified" or "unverified".

Fake Testimonials and Payment Proofs

SurveyJ Video Testimonials

The majority of the video testimonials are contributed by actual users who still believe that SurveyJ may be real. When they create such a short YouTube video and encourage others to join in, $50 will be added to their account. Little did they know is that they'd never be able to actually cash it out. 

Other testimonials are obviously fake because the photos are either from a stock photo site or taken from Instagram posts of some random people. Likewise, the "payment proofs" are not genuine - anybody can create such images using free graphic software online.

Can You Sue SurveyJ?

If you've already "made" some money on SurveyJ, you may be pretty disappointed to learn that you can never cash it out. But don't try to track them down and make them pay - you can try if you want, but you'll only be wasting your time. 

SurveyJ is affiliated with data harvesting scammers, but it's not like they've stolen your money - you haven't spent a dime on SurveyJ, have you? So whoever is behind this site is not really a "scammer" in the legal term. They're just deceptively wasting users' time to make themselves money by making false promises. They're just liars, not thieves.

On the other hand, you haven't done any decent work. Answering silly survey questions and sharing your referring link on social media is not a job, you see. If you were to hunt them down and sue them, the judge would only order the owner of SurveyJ to pay you for the value of work you'd contributed. Taking surveys and sharing links... Less than 10 cents' worth of job, I can tell you!

Make Decent Money Online

There are many other reward sites, GPT (get-paid-to) sites and surveys-for-cash sites out there. But what you can earn from those legit sites is no more than pocket money. If you are seriously looking to make a full-time income online or more, the only way is to run your own business. Setting up your own website is not as hard as you think, and your website is the platform where you can promote any affiliate products in any niche to make commissions. If you're interested in learning the techniques and start affiliate marketing today, join me from the link below and take the first 10 lessons for free. Any questions, don't hesitate to leave a comment below. Good luck!

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Let us hear your opinion - what do you think about what you've read so far? Leave a comment below. Any question or request will be welcomed. We'll get back to you as soon as we can!

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  1. Hi, Ray. Thank you for your Survey J review. In the beginning of my internet experience, I gave out a lot of personal information to them because I used to easily believe the prizes. But it was so many years ago. It’s unbelievable that people are still scammed like this. Especially the people who lost their jobs now, who simply want ways to pay their bills, I think people who take up easy jobs are only interested in the amount of money they can make. Working isn’t something they are trying to learn. I hope as many people will read your review and this kind of scam cannot be happening. Thank you for your review.

  2. If this is scam how do i know your system is not scam? If ur people are faking and working with agents to steal money from people how can you be sure there not stealing from u?

    1. Hi, I don’t know what you mean. I’m a blogger who reviewed SurveyJ, I don’t have a “system” to sell. Steal what from me? Can you elaborate your questions a little more, then I’ll be able to give you answers.

      1. You are a nice blogger, and you review is so understandable , this SurveyJ is totally scams but the question i can ask my self why the people may take time for making the fake website for only lying peoples ???

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