When Facebook Ads Are Not So Effective

Updated: February 20, 2019
by Jack Stan

Since its invention by Mark Zuckerberg in his Harvard dorm room in 2004, Facebook has come a long way in revolutionizing how the world communicates. When Facebook first arrived, it was simply a wonderful instant messaging application that allowed people to communicate with the aid of an internet connection. As time progressed, Facebook continued to evolve to satisfy a dynamic world. People began to find long-lost friends on Facebook, and before long, the amazing social media application found its way into the world of business.

When Facebook Ads Are Not So Effective

Facebook’s first sojourn into the business world was when it enabled brands and businesses to create special, dedicated pages that allowed them to share information about their brand, products and services to the teeming Facebook population. As Facebook kept evolving, more marketing and advertising and solutions were implemented, and the most common method by which Facebook aims to help small, medium and large-scale businesses spread the word about their businesses to the world today is through Facebook Ads

Facebook Ads are an extremely efficient and affordable solution to help brands educate people about their products and services. Facebook Ads are immensely helpful for small businesses since they are extremely affordable and their reach is almost unlimited.


To set-up a successful and effective Facebook Ad campaign, a couple of standard steps need to be followed. When these processes are not obediently followed, then businesses begin to have problems with their Facebook Ad campaigns. In this article, therefore, I will be looking at some problems peculiar to Facebook Ads and how brands can find their way around these bottlenecks and take maximum advantage of the mind-blowing marketing opportunities that Facebook Ads present.

Mainly I can think of three problems in today’s digital advertising world, and these problems appear to be the case with Facebook Ads also. 

Dull And Unappealing Ads

Dull And Unappealing Ads

While scrolling through your Facebook feed on an average day, you are likely to notice a lot of dull and unexciting ads that have now become quite rife on the social network. These dull ads are a result of inefficient graphic design solutions, and to help ensure the success of their Facebook ads, brands should learn to patronize experienced and extremely skilled graphic designers to create proper and eye-catching Facebook ad images for their brands.

Visual appeal is very important on the internet, and that’s why more companies are paying immense attention to their graphic content, just as they are improving their written content. Attention spans online are very short, and there are lots of ads and banners competing for the average internet user’s attention.

As a brand determined to achieve success using Facebook Ads, it is your responsibility to use a carefully designed and extremely attractive ad to lure in readers and turn them into customers. When it comes to hiring a great graphic designer, do not compromise to save costs. Invest in a great image for your Facebook ad, and you will notice the difference in your revenue. 

Negative Comments

Negative Comments

Some people can get nasty on social media platforms, and an aggrieved customer, instead of channeling his complaints through the proper channels, might just choose to rant on your timeline, causing immense damage to your brand’s image.

A lot of people online buy products because of reviews that they have read, and when an unsatisfied customer drops a negative review on your Facebook ad page, then this can have some serious repercussions if you do not handle the issue with utmost care.

So, while you try as much as possible to deliver the best quality products and services in record time, you need to understand that in business, mistakes are inevitable. Make sure to reply very politely to the incensing comment and allow the public to know that you take the welfare and feelings of your customers very seriously. Iron out the issue with the customer, get them to take down the negative comment, and re-affirm your goal of customer satisfaction to viewers of your ad.

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A lot of growing brands make the serious mistakes of replying negative comments with insults. This might momentarily assuage your ego, but in the long-run, you would seriously regret that action. The simple fact that you gave resorted to insulting someone on a business page has portrayed you as a highly irresponsible brand that does not care about the welfare of its customers, and that can spell doom for your business by preventing you from gaining new customers and even forcing existing customers to patronize your competitors. Therefore, keep your emotions in check. 

Wrong Target Audience

Wrong Target Audience

When creating an Ad for your business, Facebook gives you the opportunity to focus your ad on a specific category of people to help maximize your chances of making a lot of sales through that ad. The people that you will be focusing your ad on would depend greatly on the nature of the product or service that you are trying to sell.

Thankfully, there are so many filters and categories to help you choose the perfect target audience to see your ads. A lot of people make the mistake of not specifying their preferred target audience when creating their ads, they simply choose the option of marketing their products to everyone. While everyone drinks carbonated drinks and might need a can of insecticide, not everyone would need men’s loafers; only adult males need that.

Therefore, when putting up your ad for your amazing loafers, specify that you need the loafers to be displayed to adult males above the age of 18. Women might want to buy loafers for their loved ones too, so you can include adult females above 25, but that must be secondary, as women are not the primary targets. Whatever you do, just think critically before choosing your target audience so that you can maximize realizable revenue. 

While Facebook Ads might be amazing digital marketing solutions, you need to use them to project a positive brand image and direct them to the right audience for them to help your brand make a difference. 

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