How to Make Money with Cooking Blog

By Jack Stan

Are you looking to find out how to make money with cooking blog? Start a successful career in blogging about recipes? There are tips and strategies that you could use to make your cooking blog a huge success, so that you can earn money just by doing what you love.

The best part is, you don’t have to be a food expert to start a booming cooking blog career. With excellent blogging tips, you could propel your cooking blog to greater heights and make a decent living from blogging. So, what do you need for you to get your cooking blog career started? Today I will talk about how to make money with cooking blog.

How to Make Money with Cooking Blog
  • You will need to have a basic website setup for your blogging. It is in this website that you will probably be posting all your blogging contents. 
  • You will also need to choose an appropriate WordPress blogging theme that will help your cooking blog to have a beautiful visual appeal. 
  • Another very important thing that you will need is very beautiful food images and videos. You will also need WordPress recipe plugins if you are looking to include your special recipes in your cooking blog website. 
  • Audience plays an important role in any blogging career. You will then need to grow your social media following if you desire to have great traffic for your cooking blog. 
  • And since you should profit off your blogging career, you will need to monetize your cooking blog posts and/or recipes. 

How can you make money from your cooking blog then?

For you to make reasonably salary from your cooking blog posts, you need to follow these tips: 

#1 Select your food niche

Select your food niche

Cooking is preparing food so that it can be eaten and enjoyed at the same time. Since there are lots of foods available for cooking, specializing in cooking some will help you to deliver great cooking blog contents to your followers online. It is practically hard to master all the cooking recipes. Therefore, specializing in cooking some foods will help you post the best cooking blog contents. For this reason, you should select foods that you will blog on. 

#2 Document the cooking process 

Cooking is a process which has steps that must be properly followed. A recipe tells you the steps to follow and measurements of all the ingredients needed to prepare a particular dish. As a cooking blogger, jotting down all the processes, step by step will help your followers to have easy cooking experiences. Jot down the steps in orderly steps and remember to include all the measurements of all the ingredients. 

If you want to leap a step forward ahead of your competitors, you could film cooking processes in well shot video files. You could also take photos of the cooking processes. It is these films, photos and recipes that you will post and sell to your clients. 

#3 Monetize your recipe

Video marketing is probably the most popular way to "monetize recipes". If you are proud of your genuinely created original recipes, you can certainly try it.

First, you could upload a filmed cooking video to your YouTube videos channel from where your followers can watch. The more views your video generate, the more money YouTube will pay you. When your YouTube channel generates high number of viewers, some companies might hire you to include their ads in your channel. This will help you earn some cash. 

Monetize your recipe

You could also become an affiliate marketer for different kinds of industries/companies but all cooking-related, in order to earn money. You could do this by including affiliate links of other products that you used in cooking your food in your blog posts. When visitors click on these links, they will be directed to the official websites of the companies that manufacture them. They will then buy the products or kitchen equipment from those websites and you’ll get commission.

Superstores such as Amazon are the perfect places. It's easy to become an Amazon affiliate ("Associate"). If you want to know the detail, check this post: "How To Make Money As Amazon Affiliate".

This could be a very brilliant strategy especially when you have many visitors who visit your cooking blog site. 

What are other ways of monetizing your recipe?

Selling your recipe is just a matter of creativity and hard work. Besides sharing your cooking videos through your cooking blog website and YouTube, you could also sell your recipe online in PDF formats. Sites such as Amazon lets you sell your eBooks or recipes online in digital formats. 

You could also offer digital recipe books to visitors so that you can retain them. This will increase your earnings since your traffic will increase. How about offering your past recipes to new visitors for free, as a form of newsletters? 

Monetization heavily depends on your audience size. If you want to maximize your monetization, it’s very important that you publicize your cooking blog post as good as you can so that a lot of visitors can click on your websites. So, what are some of the ways that you could use to popularize your videos, photos and recipe books? 

You could post your delicious-looking cooking pictures on social photo sharing sites such as Flicker, Instagram and Pinterest. Remember to include the links to your website when you post your photos on such sites. This will entice visitors to your cooking blog website. Especially Pinterest is a very effective place, since your photo will be shared and re-shared over and over again by multiple users.

Instagram does not allow you to place a link in each post, but you can place multiple links in your profile using Linktree. You will then end up with great traffic that will increase your revenue.

Make cooking video

I've already mentioned about how you can earn money through YouTube. But you can also share your filmed cooking videos through other social media accounts such as Facebook and twitter. A short video is one of the most effective way to to catch your followers/friends' attention. And don't forget to place a link to your website. The link destination page should have plenty of interesting information as well as products to sell - your own ebook, affiliate links to other recipe books or cookery products. You can perhaps add a new "website only video" too.

Think about providing information that's not available elsewhere. Something unique about yourself and your own recipes, and at the same time emphasize your recommended products to your readers. Focus on what your readers really need from you, if you want to maximize your cooking blogging profits. Once you have done this and people started to buy products via your website, other means of earning money will just be supplements to your total earning. 

How to Make Money with Cooking Blog

Needless to say, blogging as well as vlogging - both require hard work, well-organized contents and dedication. And most importantly, it needs patience since success never happens overnight. Just keep working hard and be consistent in your work and you will soon see the fruits of your hard labor. 

Let us hear your opinion - what do you think about what you've read so far? Leave a comment below. Any question or request will be welcomed. We'll get back to you as soon as we can!

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