What Do Successful People Do Differently?

Updated: September 17, 2016
by Ray Alexander

There are things that successful people do to make a difference, while it takes losers the world to get up their ass to do. Equally there are certain things that ordinary folks do but successful people avoid, naturally and positively. They do have different perspectives in life. Successful people don't do anything that's not productive to waste time and energy. The key is to move forward continuously. What do successful people do differently?

Things Successful People Do Differently

What they do to produce a positive outcome can be revealed in three areas;

  1. Networking
  2. How they treat money​
  3. Discipline, self-improvement

Some overlap each other, as they are all part of a learning curve in order to improve themselves. For example, by networking with others you improve your inner-self. Earning or spending money is in another word, trading, hence networking.

#1 Networking

Successful people do;

  1. Hang out with people in the same frame of mind, with positive insight.​
  2. Have their own mentors and take their advice seriously.
  3. Listen to other people's opinions and find unbiased views.
  4. Avoid gossips.
  5. Enjoy competitive environments and not get stressed by them.
  6. Help others, know who and when to help.
  7. Show interest in other people's new ventures and wish them a good luck.

#2 How They Treat Money

Successful people do;

  1. Know how to spend money and never overspend more than necessary.
  2. Plan their investments well - when to make break-even and when they expect to make profits.
  3. Diversify the portfolio - invest money in several different ventures, shares and schemes.​
  4. Take certain level of risks in order to move forward.
  5. But never gamble based on pure luck.

#3 Discipline and Self-Improvement

Successful people do;

  1. Set goals and work towards them, plan ahead and work along with the plan.
  2. Absolutely believe in success, but are never afraid of failures.
  3. Know how to turn failures into positive by learning.
  4. Always look out for new opportunities and actively show interest.
  5. Not procrastinate, waste no time in getting things done.
  6. Read to gain knowledge.
  7. Look after their own physical health; exercise regularly, eat healthy and do not overindulge.
  8. Believe in discipline, learning and self-improvement themselves and,
  9. Never quit.

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