WAbinars To Learn How To Make Money Online

Updated: September 22, 2016
by Ray Alexander

Jay Neill is the training chief for Wealthy Affiliate (WA) and also an ambassador for many years. He hosts live WAbinars - weekly webinar sessions exclusively available to Wealthy Affiliate members.

Last week (Sep 17, 2016) saw his 200th WAbinar training. Jay has many years of experiences in online/offline marketing, SEO and website development. I'm thankful (so are other members I hope) for his dedication and determination to keep delivering such high quality training and advice week-in, week-out.

WAbinars To Learn How To Make Money Online

I've tried a similar SEO training course in the past myself and, in my opinion I could easily pay hundreds of dollars for Jay's live video classees - if he wouldn't mind me saying this. Of course these WAbinars are free for all the premium WA members.

What Does Jay Teach In His WAbinars?

Training materials to get your affiliate marketing business started​ and going, are already provided by Kyle, co-founder of the Wealthy Affiliate. Jay provides the most up-to-date tips, tricks, trends, secrets and useful tools. 

His latest webinars are about how to use Facebook ads effectively - Jay is teaching us the secret to success over 5 weeks. That includes demonstrations using examples to show how to create an ad that stands out, build a quality fan page, boost posts...and many more.

Okay I have already said how good Jay's live classes are in my Wealthy Affiliate Review, but here is a list of his latest WAbinars;

  • Content & Conversion Hot Seat - webinar attendees can ask Jay to have a look at their website. Jay provides a content-focused feedback, including the content and formatting.
  • How Site Speed Affects Rankings - What affects the site speed, how slow-loading websites can be a disadvantage in Google ranking. 3 things that you can do to speed up your site. And something critical that you should not overdo!
  • Tracking Links and Goals - Tracking your affiliate link clicks and sales, where they come from, creating and measuring the goal in analytics.
  • Like A BOSS: Social Media Management - how to manage all the social channels at once and track its ranking metrics.
  • Niche Case Study Series - over 5 weeks, Jay walks you through the entire process of building a site (from finding a niche to optimise for search engines) and developing as a business (social media engagement and monetise the site)

Video Replay​

For those who are not able to attend a live webinar, the recorded video is available from the following day​, accessible from the member's dashboard (premium members only). Most of the videos from as far back as 2012 are available to watch any time, any day.

See What The Members Say

Click here to see the feedback from the webinar attendees. Unfortunately only the premium members can actually join live or watch the recordings. But you can at least see what it's all about.

And once you've joined Wealthy Affiliate as a free member there are plenty of training videos by Kyle to catch up with, as I've already mentioned above. Access to Jay's live WAbinars is a plus. An essential plus for any content marketers. It's a BIG plus.

WAbinar Content And Conversion Hot Seat

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  1. Thanks to Jay, my websites are profitable and I have a thriving business helping local brick and mortar businesses rank online.

    Some of the most satisfying work I do is rank a small business on page one of the search engines. It’s a powerful rush to boost the bottom line of a business.

    I simply would not be as successful without Jay’s WAbinars.

    1. Hi Gary, thanks for your comment, and it’s good to know that your business is benefitting from Jay’s training in such a great deal. I feel the same way. As far as the training and advice are concerned, although there are astronomical numbers of them are available within Wealthy Affiliate platform/community, I trust the words from Kyle and Jay the most, and take them seriously. And it works for me absolutely.

      Thanks for sharing Gary, I appreciate it.

  2. I’ve learned so much from watching Jay’s webinars over the past year. I look forward to Friday nights lol. What’s great about it is that they are all recorded and come go back to them if needed if you forget something. Even if you need a refresher, they’re available to us all.

    1. Hi Andres, thanks for your comment. Yes that’s what I exactly do – there’s full of information in one session and even though I take a memo, I can easily forget the detail and I need to watch it back. And obviously with the replay videos you can fast forward and rewind, that’s another good thing.

      Thanks for sharing your thoughts.

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