3 Perfect Ways To Advertise Your Website On A Low Budget

Updated: November 21, 2019
by CyberCash Worldwide

When you have a low budget, you will probably be limited in the kinds of marketing tools and strategies you can use to advertise your website. Nevertheless, there are some really great routes you could go with this and manage it well. Here are three perfect ways to advertise your website on a low budget.

3 Perfect Ways To Advertise Your Website On A Low Budget

#1 Social Media Marketing

It doesn’t matter if you want to get import trade finance or simply want to improve brand awareness, social media marketing will help you achieve any of that. It is considered one of the cheapest and most effective types of digital marketing, and many brands are already using it in their online marketing campaigns.

Social media marketing has many subdivisions to it including influencer marketing social media ad campaigns. All of these can be used together for a greater effect. Here are some general concepts you need to understand before using social media marketing:

  • You Have to Know Your Audience: You have to understand who your target audience is before starting to post your content on social media. First, you will need to determine the right platform for yourself. For example, if you rely on visuals a lot, Instagram or Pinterest will be more suitable for you than Facebook. Next, you will need to do some research on hashtags and the content found under these tags.
  • You Need to Create Your Image: Social media is great for building a certain brand image and you need to use such an opportunity. The kind of content you create and the way you interact with your followers will determine the “personality” of your brand. For example, if you want to appear easy-going and friendly, you will need to create short funny videos.
  • You Must Create A Framework: In order to make social media marketing really work, you will need to create a framework for yourself to stick to. Consistency and regular posting are essential to succeed on social media, so you need to set these two as your priorities when planning your social media marketing campaign.

Once you’ve figured these out, consider branching out to influencer marketing as it can be quite effective. You need to reach out to popular social media personas in your niche and see if they can promote your website and your brand.

#2 Content Marketing

Content Marketing

Another great way to advertise your website while being on a low budget is to use content marketing. There are so many routes you could go with this type of digital marketing, so it’s really something you can experiment with a lot until you find your own approach.

Besides, you can also expand to audiences in other countries when you use content marketing as your primary way of advertising your business. You will simply need to translate your content into the languages spoken in the regions you want to target.

To do this, try using an online translation service like The Word Point which has relatively low prices while giving you a high-quality result in the end. This way, you will be sure that the content of your website is absolutely accurate and doesn’t sound like gibberish (and gibberish is the issue of automatic translation that isn’t recommended at all).

If you don’t think that you will be able to create content consistently, you can always adopt a different technique where you seek out user-generated content and curate it. Find reviews and articles about your business and then republish them with your own platforms.

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However, if you decide to use this method, you need to keep in mind that you will always have to first get in touch with the author. This way, you will know that they are totally fine with you republishing their content (or simply sharing it) and you won’t get in trouble.

To launch your content marketing campaign, you will need to create a blog within your website or separately from it. This blog will allow you to generate traffic that you can then direct towards your website and also use to rank higher in search results.

Keep in mind that content marketing requires just as much (if not more) planning as social media marketing does. Just like with the latter, you need to identify and understand your audience, do your research, create a framework for yourself, and so on. It’s not an easy process, but once everything is set up, your campaign will go smoothly.

#3 Partnerships & Collaborations


You won’t need to take a loan to be able to do collaborations and partnerships simply because they often don’t require you to invest that much. With a small budget, you can manage hosting anything from giveaways to podcasts.

Of course, you won’t be able to host big events offline, but you can still do a lot online. For example, you could do regular live streams with other representatives of a certain brand and discuss a certain topic in your industry.

One of the best ways to attract attention to your website and kickstart it is by hosting either a giveaway or a competition. You can do it either on your own or in a collaboration with another brand which will immediately benefit you as their popularity will give you some instant exposure.

You will need to make some simple rules for people to be able to participate and then announce the winners when the time comes. Some examples of giveaway requirements include following your brand on social media and commenting under a certain post.

The best part about collaborative giveaways and contests is that both you and the other brand gets the opportunity to promote yourselves and your products or services. In addition to that, this will be the beginning of a great relationship with someone in your niche.

By the way, using either social media or emails is preferred when hosting giveaways. This way, you can quickly spread the word about it and make people share it with their friends giving you even more exposure. You also grow your social media follower base this way.

Other things you could do while partnering with various similar brands include:

  • YouTube Channel: Create a dedicated YouTube channel where a team of your and their professionals will be working together to create videos for your shared audience.
  • Podcasts: Similar to videos for YouTube, but these ones would only be in the audio form and would have to be uploaded to Spotify or Soundcloud.
  • Live Streams: Best done on Instagram, Facebook, or YouTube and can help with improving engagement.

Castles in the Air, Not a Dime to Spare

Who doesn’t love the sound of launching a website? It echoes the unexplored, the hope of buzzing online chatter, maybe a little kerching of virtual cash registers. Yet soon after my website went live, I realized my virtual castle was like the proverbial tree in the forest with no one around. How to beckon the cyber crowds without burning holes in already moth-eaten pockets?

My Earnings

After the initial setup, my virtual castle was ghostly quiet, with earnings at a big, round zero. The period? A dismal first month post-launch.

The Social Media Bugle Call

The Social Media Bugle Call

I decided to turn to the grand old dames and dashing young bucks of social media. Platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram were not just for photo bombs and foodie posts, I discovered. With a dash of creativity, I turned my profiles into loudspeakers for my website.

On the down-low, the social media shindig is free. Creating posts that were as enticing as a mystery wrapped in an enigma, dipped in chocolate, I nudged curious clickers toward my website. A sprinkle of hashtags acted like the fairy dust, magically expanding my reach beyond my immediate circle of pals and well-wishers.

My Earnings

With my foray into the social media circus, the second and third months saw a small trickle. Humble brag, but I raked in about $200 over these two months. It was the kind of money that wouldn’t buy a castle but maybe a small tent near the moat.

Community Capers

Next on my low-budget billboard list were online communities. Reddit, Quora, and niche forums became my playgrounds. But beware, these platforms are no-nonsense zones when it comes to self-promotion. The trick was to provide real value, answering questions and sharing insights like an over-enthusiastic librarian, with a subtle nudge toward my website when relevant. I was not selling, oh no. I was merely helping with a side of self-promotion.

My Earnings

Communities warmed up to my antics around the fourth to the sixth month. The regular mingling and jingling saw my earnings climb to about $350. It wasn’t a gold rush, but hey, enough to fancy some medieval feasts.

Blogging Bonanza

Now came the part where I wooed the search engines with the dance of the seven blogs. Regular blogging on relevant topics made my website a hot spot for information seekers. My posts weren’t mere text; they were gallant knights ushering in traffic, with SEO as their shining armor.

Guest blogging was the cherry on this budget-friendly cake. By sharing posts on other blogs, I got to wave hello to their readers, inviting them over to my humble online abode.

My Earnings

As my blog posts gallivanted across the cyberscape from the seventh to the tenth month, they herded in a decent traffic, translating to roughly $500. The blogging bonanza was like finding a small treasure chest in the castle garden.

Email Escapades

Email Escapades

No, email is not dead. It’s just been resting, waiting for its moment of glory. With a friendly, cheeky newsletter, I courted potential visitors right in their inboxes. For the cost of nada, I kept my budding community in the loop about the latest posts, the odd cat video, and yes, encouraged them to share the love (and the link).

My Earnings

The email escapades during the eleventh and twelfth months brought in a sweet $400. It was like the universe sent a little “you’ve-got-mail” nod of approval, and the coffers jingled with joy.

Video Vignettes

Lights, smartphone, action! With just my phone, I delved into the world of video. A sprinkle of humor, a dash of information, and voila, I had videos that were ready to woo on YouTube and social media. The cost? Just my time and a few giggles. And hey, they say laughter is the best medicine, but I found it’s also a neat catalyst for website traffic.

My Earnings

Action took the center stage in the thirteenth to fifteenth months. My modest video vignettes ushered in a surprising $600. It seems the virtual villagers enjoyed a good jest and jive.

Poster Parades and Flyer Flutters

Old school, you say? Perhaps. But posters in community centers and flyers in local cafes got me some eyeballs from the non-virtual world too. My website got a little local love, and my budget barely fluttered.

Through missteps, chuckles, and a frugal spirit, I discovered that advertising on a shoestring is more about creativity and less about cash. And as my website started to hum with visitors, I knew this was the beginning of a beautiful, budget-friendly bromance.

My Earnings

Lastly, the old school poster parades and flyer flutters in the sixteenth to eighteenth months chalked up an additional $300. The local lore spread, and a few more doubloons dropped into my digital domain.

The modest earnings over the 18 months were a testament to the old adage, “little drops make a mighty ocean.” And each little victory was a royal celebration in my frugal fiefdom. Now, onto conquering more cyber territories with penny-pinching prowess!

Final Thoughts

All in all, these three main strategies can be great for advertising your website while being on a tight budget. Follow the advice in this article to create your own marketing campaign that will effectively promote your website while being relatively low-investment.

Frank Hamilton

Frank Hamilton is a blogger and translator from Canal Street, Manchester. He is a professional writing expert in such topics as blogging, digital marketing and self-education. He also loves traveling and speaks Spanish, French, German and English.

Author  //  Frank Hamilton

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