Uscreen Review [2022]: The Best Video Monetization Platform?

Updated: March 19, 2022
by Jack Stan

Uscreen is an all-in-one video monetization platform that empowers more than 5,000 video entrepreneurs and creators to monetize their content and build thriving businesses and communities around their videos. 

But is Uscreen, the best video monetization solution in 2022? And is it the right platform for you?

In this blog post, we’re going to cover some of the best features that Uscreen offers. 

But first…

Uscreen Review

What is Uscreen, and Who Is It For?

In short, Uscreen is a turn-key video monetization solution. Video creators with large or small followings can sell their videos online using their unique pricing models through Uscreen’s beautiful video-on-demand (VOD) websites and native apps for mobile and TV - without the need for specialized software engineer or developer skills that would otherwise be necessary. Uscreen creators can grow their community, distribute, market and monetize their content profitably, build video websites and launch their own branded apps all in one place.

As one of the most popular video monetization platforms, the platform is home to creators with large or small followings from various niches. These include: 

  • Health & Fitness
  • Educational
  • Yoga & Lifestyle
  • Arts & Crafts
  • Entertainment
  • YouTubers
  • Kids Content
  • Enterprise businesses

With this ad-based video monetization model continuing to disappoint video creators due to very low income and general unpredictable nature, video creators everywhere are massively turning to a more stable, controllable environment. That means monetizing videos through SVOD (subscription-based video on demand), PPV (pay-per-view) and OTT (over-the-top) apps, all of which Uscreen offers. 

Top 10 Features that Make Uscreen The Best Solution for Monetizing Videos in 2022

1. A Complete Turnkey Solution:

Uscreen is an all-in-one platform. They offer video hosting, streaming, built-in billing, monetization, and analytics tools. The platform also provides end-user support, marketing, and community tools, OTT branded apps, and anything else creators need to succeed. 

2. No Revenue Share and Creators are Paid Instantly:

All revenue generated by the creators stays with them. Uscreeners simply pay a monthly fee for access to their video monetization platform and services.

3. Full Data Ownership:

Full Data Ownership

Data security and ownership are big topics today. Regrettably, most platforms give little or no insights to video content creators about who their audiences are. This essentially means that your business is at the mercy of the platform you’re using, as you don’t really own your audience. It’s the platform that owns your audience.

Audience ownership can empower you to make better decisions on the direction of your brand, without being at the mercy of platform policy changes, revenue model and demonetization updates. Uscreen offers you complete data ownership and makes it possible to easily export your audience.

4. Fully Customizable Websites and Brandable OTT App Design: 

Uscreen allows you to personalize your website and apps to match your branding for truly memorable audience experience. Customization options allow you to select a theme for your storefront, add logos, change colors or make advanced modifications with custom CSS and HTML.

Customizable Websites Brandable OTT App Design

Each theme comes with built-in sales and checkout pages. While they’re all mostly unique, they’ve optimized each theme layout for high conversions, giving the viewers a seamless purchase experience. 

5. Earning Potential:

Many creators that leverage Uscreen easily earn $30,000+ each month. On average a Uscreen creator makes more than $7K a month. Creators are able to leverage Uscreen’s secure and easy-to-setup storefronts -  without having to worry about the backend details of setting up a shopping cart or payment gateway.

Uscreen offers five ways to monetize your videos. These include: 

  1. Subscriptions: offer monthly, quarterly and annual subscriptions
  2. Transactional (one-off purchases): give viewers the option of owning video content with lifetime access to it
  3. Rentals: make videos available for a limited time frame
  4. Selling bundles: create bundles of video content that can be sold as a package at a set fee
  5. Live streaming: offer pay-per-view streaming or include it in your subscription.

The platform makes it possible for video creators to accept payments from 130+ international currencies. They support ready-to-use integrations with PayPal, Stripe or use their own Uscreen gateway credit card processing.

6. Exceptional Customer Service:

Uscreen’s built a world-class customer support and success team. They’re not only able to help video content creators’ customers with any queries they have, but They’ve also created a team of customer success account managers committed to helping creators set up, launch and manage their video content businesses.

7. No bandwidth, or Encoding Costs: 

With Uscreen, you get to upload your content without having to worry about those expensive encoding costs or any additional bandwidth fees. They’ve designed all Uscreen packages to include these costs in your fixed subscription plan.

8. Live Streaming:

Live Streaming

Live streaming is a must-have for any video content creator today. It enables stronger engagement with audiences. It’s also a feature that Uscreen supports. They allow you to generate revenue from your live streaming sessions, giving you the opportunity to expand your content offering beyond subscription packages, rentals, one-of purchases, and bundles offerings. Live streaming can also be offered for free.

Live Streaming Without The Lag

Live streaming is powered by 4 robust global CDN network, enabling seamless streaming to any country. Uscreen’s multi-bitrate adaptive streaming also ensures the best viewing experience and consistent quality, regardless of the bandwidth or location.

Go Live Everywhere

Uscreen has ensured that you can reach your audience wherever they are. Live streaming can be broadcast to your native mobile iOS and Android devices, AppleTV, FireTV, Roku.

9. Built-in Marketing and Community Features

Built-in Marketing and Community Features

Running a profitable online video business requires great marketing. Fortunately, Uscreen has developed a set of built-in marketing and community features that allows you to elevate your marketing game without needing any additional marketing software.

These include:

Abandoned Cart Sequences

Abandoned Cart allows you to send an email to potential customers who abandoned the checkout process during sign up. This feature encourages potential customers to complete their orders by offering them a discount and has helped clients improve your conversion rates by up to 3x.

Reduce Churn Tool

Lower your churn rate by offering a last-minute discount to subscribers who try to cancel subscriptions. This tool has decreased churn by up to 35% for Uscreeners, increasing customer loyalty.

Smart Retries

Reduce the chance of declined charges or losing subscribers due to payment issues. Uscreen Smart Retries makes it easy to find the right time to charge a client to capture the sale.

Try Again for Free

Try Again for Free allows you to send an email to all previous users who are no longer active, paying subscribers. It allows you to offer previous customers a free trial.

Built-in Commenting

Set access levels to enable individuals to comment on your video. Respond to comments or manage conversations with a click, right from within your Uscreen dashboard.

Discussion Forums

Spark a conversation with your community using Uscreen’s native discussion feature. Build an air of transparency, get involved and moderate comments with ease.

Community Feed

Keep your community engaged by sharing posts around your brand with your very own community feed.

Gift Cards

Allowing you to sell gift cards right from your video streaming site. Your audience can gift a monetary balance from your VOD to anyone they want in the form of a digital gift card. 

10. Most Affordable:

Uscreen is perfect for new and established video content creators. When you stack Uscreen’s pricing plans and features next to any other video monetization platform, you’ll see that they are the most affordable solution both for those who are just starting out and for scaling VOD services.


Uscreen is currently one of the best video monetization solutions out there. The platform offers all that you’d need to start a profitable online video business.

Compared to other similar services such as Vimeo OTT, they offer a great solution that doesn’t charge a revenue share and allows you to have full control over your audience.

Uscreen Review: Pros and Cons


  • All-in-one video monetization platform
  • Advanced features - allowing you to fully customize your VOD service
  • 4 Global CDN-Powered- Offering uninterrupted streaming-  99.9% Guaranteed Uptime
  • Full Audience Ownership
  • Built-in website themes and builder
  • HTML 5 Video player with Chromecast Playback feature
  • Built-in Marketing and Community tools
  • Launch your own branded OTT apps on mobile and TV devices
  • No revenue share


  • Lowest plan is $99 / month
  • No support for AVOD - Advertisement based video on demand- at the moment.

As a content creator myself, I recommend giving Uscreen a try. They offer a free 14-day trial, so you can check out the platform and see if it matches your needs.

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