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Updated: March 19, 2017
by Ray Alexander

If you can, it's good to spend 5-10 minutes each day to 'clean up' your social media accounts, especially to unfollow Twitter followers not following you. There are many useful tools available for free for making the job easy. If you don't regularly 'clean up', your social interaction will just stay horizontal. Very few followers will show interest in your posts and the rest will be dormant users and bots without you realising it. 

It was my colleague at work who laughed at me when he found me following a teenage girl "Liam Payne My Angel" on Twitter. Yes I followed her because I believed Liam was her angel... No, I was only following everyone back blindly. We all talk about the 'engagement' such as how you send direct messages, the best time of day to tweet, etc. But it's actually who you're engaging with that's harder to maintain, rather than how you engage.

Twitter Follower Tracking Tools



ManageFlitter is one of the best tools to eliminate unwanted Tweeters. Go straight to "Not Following You Back" in the menu to unfollow anyone who's not interested in you. The list of people can be sorted by many ways such as follow date order, followers/following ratio, spam score, tweets per day, influence factor, and recent activity.

You can also get rid of some people even if they're your followers; you don't need bots, dormant users or meaningless "Retweet-me-and- I'll ❤️ follow ⭐️ you ?" Tweeters - unless you want to keep them, it's up to you. ManageFlitter's spam scores will tel you which ones are likely to be bots, and the activity indicator will tell you when they last logged on, how often they tweet... It tells you the summary of their profile, so you can see who's swearing, who's porn, etc etc, you know?

The unfollowing job in ManageFlitter is very easy - just repeatedly click the "unfollow" button next to each user's profile, allowing you to unfollow hundreds of them within a couple of minutes.

Of course ManageFlitter has much more useful features. Schedule tweets and recurring tweets that are also useful. It's free, and also offer great premium services such as "never follow/unfollow" particular users.

Heroic Social

Heroic Social

Heroic Social is another useful tool that tells you who unfollowed you in the past 3 days.

The last thing you want when unfollowing many users would be an extra message that pops up to say "are you sure you want to do this?" or anything like that. Heroic Social and also ManageFlitter, both let you unfollow each Tweeter by one-click, that's making the job very quick & easy.

Heroic Social has pretty much everything else that a social media scheduler does - posting tweets (but not recurring tweets), copy another user's followers and search users to follow by keywords to grow your account. Free, but the premium service allows you to send direct messages and also to manage multiple accounts.



Unfollowspy also has similar features. But what's more useful with this one is a feature to find users with relevant niche or interests, filter them by their activity level and the followback probability.

For example, if you want to find and follow any affiliate marketers and want them to follow you back pretty quickly. Combination of keyword search and filter search will list up anyone with "affiliate marketing" in their profile, who have logged on to Twitter in the past 3 days, who are also likely to follow back, say 80% of time. And it will let you click the button next to each user to follow, although you are only allowed to follow up to 50 people per day.

Thanks For The Follow But I'm Not Following You Back

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    1. Hi, thanks for your input. Am I missing somewhere? I can’t see follow/unfollow feature in the site. Looks like it needs a lot of improvement… There are many other apps that offer DM’s. And your schedule tweet feature does not allow us to attach a photo.

      Recurring tweet feature (with photo!) will be great, though I know Twitter is not keen on third party apps doing this. I think Heroic Social (https://heroicsocial.com) is one of the best ones right now.

      Thanks, I wish you the very best of luck with success!

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