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Updated: June 26, 2016
by Ray Alexander

How you can turn your hobby into business depends how passionate you feel about it. If you are enthusiastic and persistent, you can easily monetise your hobby and the wealth will start coming towards you at some point.

Do you have something that you would dedicate all your private time to, you're so passionate that you forget to eat or sleep? If so, would you be able to write many articles about it? Then that's exactly your niche! You can start building your own website to show others what you have, which will then turn into a business.

Turn Your Hobby Into Business

What Do You Know About Your Hobby So Far?​

You spend a lot of time on your hobby. You know a lot about it. You have searched online hundreds of times, if not thousands. You've gained knowledge from many websites. You have bookmarked your favourite sites so you can check periodically.

There are some articles that you may agree or disagree. You may often join a debate or share your opinions with others. There are some tips and tricks that only you know about, that nobody has ever told you about. You are an expert in your own right. You are an expert.

Basically by now, it only makes sense if you have your website totally dedicated to your hobby. And you are ready to make it more than just a hobby. You are capable of earn a living from it.

People Will Be Looking For You

Equally other people in the same interest are looking for information. Now you will be a provider of the information, by creating quality advice that the readers wish to take, and create engaging stories that they want to keep coming back to.

Geekier The Better

Geekier The Better

The more specific your hobby is, the more likely you'll attract your readers. This is a "niche marketing", in other words. The narrower the niche is, the more likely the marketing strategy will be successful.

For example, your hobby was to repair electrical goods in general. Then you could write about it in your website. But just think about how many websites about electrical goods repair already exist in the entire world? People would find your site by luck, and they would decide to rely on your site only if the content was good. Meaning that you would want to make your site well-diversed (covering all kinds of electrical goods), and have it well-written.

Vacuum Cleaner

Whereas if you knew all about repairing, say, domestic vacuum cleaners, that would be a narrow niche, inevitably you would have much more in-depth knowledge. Vacuum cleaners by manufacturer, by model, by parts... which would be useful, and you'd certainly be a vacuum cleaner guru that people could rely on. Because there would be less people like you in the world!

Geekier the better, more chance of success in terms of a niche marketing. 

With all that said, it doesn't mean your hobby needs to be so specific to turn into a business at all. Your hobby can be much broader. Your hobby might be to watch sports on telly. And you can still create a website about it, and monetise it.​

It's Just My Hobby, I'm Not Great At It...

It is important to create a quality content. Meaning your page should have a certain level of either "usefulness" or "entertainment" factor to attract and retain your visitors. Well, that's obvious, isn't it. An antonym of "interesting" is "boring" - no one's interested in boring articles!

If you think, oh no, I can't write such a great content, I'm not good at writing... Then have a look at some "useful information" below - these are picked from actual websites that exist. What do you think?

9 Ways to Keep Cool In The Summer

Avoid direct sunlight. Wear light clothing. Stay in an air-conditioned room. Put an extra fan on......

OK, that's enough, thanks.

How To Find The Best Laptop

You should Google search. And keep searching until you find the one you think is the best laptop.

Wow, I've never done that before...!

Q: My dog is drinking and urinating excessively. What do you think is wrong with him?

A: You should take him to the vet.

Oh... What is a vet?

How To Sing Like You Have Been Classically Trained

To sing like you've been classically trained, you have to take classic singing lessons. You can find a class in most of the big cities. If you live in a suburb, you may have to travel into town to attend the class... Alternatively, you can listen to classic songs and try mimicking the way they sing.

​OK I hope you see my point here... People write anything. You don't have to be a walking encyclopaedia to be able to write your content. So don't pressurise yourself by thinking you have to be excellent with cutting-edge ideas that no one's ever heard of.

Hobby and Excitement

Hobby Will Keep Yourself​ Excited

The whole point of turning your "hobby" into a business is because that's what you're naturally good at, love about, have a great knowledge of and eager to learn continually. 

Imagine you're now receiving income by promoting something you love - great, isn't it? Then imagine it's your business now, something goes wrong and your customer's complaining. You'll try your hardest to rectify the problem and make sure it won't happen again, won't you? That's a promising beauty of turning your hobby into business.

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