Top 10 Custom Logo Design Tips for Beginners

A visual symbol has a major impact on how people will perceive a brand. Leading brands use logos as a marketing tool that engages people with their products and turn them into potential customers. Therefore, if you are planning to step into the logo designing field, knowing the basics of logo making is essential for you to succeed. 

The question that might be ringing in your brain right now is how I can design a stimulating emblem that can attract people? Well, don't fret; this handy guide will help you in getting familiar with all the essentials you need to learn for designing a perfect logo. From defining a business's purpose to making a fine selection of the advanced logo maker utility, you will get everything that can help you in crafting an awe-inspiring logo for your clients in this post. So, stick to this article till the bottom as we are going to discuss 10 custom logo designs tips for beginners.

Following suggestions will help you craft an excellent emblem without following any intricacies.

Top 10 Custom Logo Design Tips for Beginners

1. Describe Brand's Identity 

The first thing that must be in your mind while creating a brand logo is that it should strengthen your clients' business core values. Your visual emblem must define the nature of their business and convey a clear idea of what they are offering. Your logo configuration should start with an analysis of what their business relies on and who is the targeted audience. A visual emblem should reflect the potential and personality of the company. You can get exciting logo designs on an advanced logo maker that can be used in creating a visual symbol for professional use. 

2. Be Clear 

What are the fundamental beliefs of your client's business? What is the most significant aspect of the business that must be conveyed to the audience when they see your logo? The better clearance you have regarding a brand's personality, the easier it is for you to design an inspiring and inventive emblem. A clear idea about what your client exactly wants as his/her company's logo will also help while picking a template available on a logo maker utility. 

3. A Logo is A Storytelling Opportunity 

Every business has a backend story or inspiration, and company's feel proud in sharing it with their customers. Similarly, you should consider your emblem as a medium to elaborate your client's side of the story that can engage people with their business. The availability of logo maker online enables you to give a real-time opportunity to draw what you have in your mind effectively. 

4. Exhibit the Logic 

Representing the logic of a brand's color association is vital to lifting the discussion above personal preferences. The majority of individuals get attracted towards a logo from the logic that defines their services and products through shades in the emblem. Therefore, ensure that your shading decisions bring out the accuracy that is essential to a bona fide brand. 

5. Try an Online Logo Maker

Logo Maker

For beginners, getting assistance from an online logo maker is ideal. You can find tons of logo maker free online that enable you to create a custom logo online in a few seconds. These online facilities provide you with plenty of well-crafted logo designs that can be customized easily. Moreover, the pro editing features of an advanced logo maker turn a modification of a selected template into an uphill task. A few taps on your device are enough to make a great emblem with a logo maker online. 

6. Take Assistance of Professionals

If you don't have any less-budget issues and are good in finance, then hiring a professional designer can be a suitable choice for you. Taking the assistance of a professional graphic designer will be an ideal solution if you get stuck at some point while designing an emblem. Moreover, you can consult a professional to get reviews on the design you have made with an online logo maker.  

7. Take Inspiration from Web

The logo will be a brand's face and will be there for an extended period. The adequate brainstorming session will enable you to pin down what exactly you are searching for. Comprehensive research on the web and analysis of your clients' suggestions is inevitable for getting a unique and striking idea. Exploring the pre-made designs available on various logo maker facilities is also suggested for getting inspiration. 

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8. Think Like the Audience

Analyzing things through different perceptions can provide you with some amazing and wanted results. For example, what is your expectation from a food brand logo? What elements can make a fashion logo engaging and inspiring? By placing yourself on the audience's seat will help you in thinking like a customer and assist you in shortlisting ideas that can work in crafting a modern logo. 

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9. Create A Mood Board

Mood Board

A mood board will be the perfect tool for you to get motivated, especially if you are a visual person. You can make a mood board by cutting and pinning printed images. Or, you can also go for having a digital board on an online platform like Pinterest. Simply collect the images or ideas you find attractive and feel drawn to! You can also paste the designs you explored in the logo maker templates section. You'll easily find out that your mood board will portray what style and design you are gravitating towards instantly. 

10. Pay Attention to Color Scheme

The appropriate selection of colors is unavoidable for designing a fascinating emblem. You must understand that each color has a specific representation of feelings, ideas, and emotions. Therefore, using them adequately is essential to avoid any ambiguity. For instance, the gray color represents a mature, classic, and serious look. Similarly, dark shades portray mysteriousness, while lighter colors are more accessible. 


Designing a catchy and attractive logo isn't a piece of cake, especially for newbies. The tips we have discussed above will allow you to craft a stimulating visual icon and help you become a pro logo designer. The assistance of an advanced logo maker will be useful in designing a professional and modern logo. 

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