Thrive Updates Preview – Any Day Now!?

Thrive Themes members are welcoming some exciting news about forthcoming major updates. The co-founder Shane Melaugh has given us a sneak peak video and I'd just like to share it with you today. The existing users with annual membership can enjoy any of the future updates for free. If you want to take advantage of that, I suggest that you should join now - in case the price goes up along with the updates in the very near future.

Of course Thrive has not even mentioned the possibility of price increase, but the great thing is it promises that the existing users' annual membership fee is locked forever. The membership fee is currently $228 per year if paid in advance (quarterly payment option is also available

And not only that. The annual membership usually allows you to use the beta version of a new plugin before its official release. You can raise any questions within the Thrive forum, can send a support ticket, and you're also free to leave feedbacks to help the development team improve the new plugin further.

Sneak Peak of New Thrive Theme Updates

#1 Thrive Architect​

Thrive Content Builder 2.0 (Architect)

Thrive Content Builder no more! With the new update, the name of the plugin will automatically change to Thrive Architect and with a lot more new features as you can see the glimpse in the video. This is definitely the most anticipated upgrade by the users.

#2 Thrive Apprentice​

Thrive Apprentice is already available for the annual members. This is a plugin to build a course in your own website and how it can be laid out is typically shown in Thrive University. If you're running or planning to run a series of training course in your website and want it to look like Thrive University, this plugin will make it just like that.

Thrive Themes Current

#3 New Thrive Themes​

All of the current 10 WordPress themes still seem at the top of the game, but a variety of new styles is perhaps overdue and expected with high hope.

#4 Thrive Comments​

A "comment plugin". Shane has not revealed much yet, but thinking about every element of a website being looked at by Thrive, it perfectly makes sense. It's the comment section's turn next. What else can be done with the comment section is certainly is intriguing.​

Be The First One To Get Them!

Remember, Thrive's annual membership allows you to access all the premium WordPress plugins, updates, instant access to any new future plugins, exclusive members only courses, templates and unlimited support. $228 per year, on all of your own websites. (Agency membership is available for $588 too.)

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