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Updated: January 21, 2017
by Ray Alexander

I'd say "Thrive University" is one of the best free internet marketing training platforms. It's only launched recently and it's packed full of essential how-to's. When you talk about the volume of it, it may not seem large enough to call it an online "university", but the quality is all we need and it's perfectly there. Thrive University is open to anyone for free upon registration.

Thrive University Courses

Thrive University Courses

If you are already a member (have Thrive products), you can just log in to access, but otherwise sign up for free.​ There are text tutorials, video tutorials, or the mixture of both, and the front dashboard (the screenshot above) clearly shows whether each course consists of text or video. That's actually what I like about, as I don't always find a solid quiet time - when I watch a video I really don't want to be disturbed even for a few seconds, you see? (A little background noise seems to become more intolerable to my ears as I get older lol.)

By just looking at the headings (copywriting technique by the experts!), you'll see each and every course subject is an essential element to carry out internet marketing.

  1. Grow Your List
    • 22 Tips to Build Your Mailing List Faster (beginner guide)
    • How to Create an Opt-in Offer in 6 Simple Steps (Beginner, 6 lessons)
    • How to Create Persuasive Opt-in Forms (Beginner, 7 lessons)
    • Multi Step Mastery: Build a Targeted Mailing List (Beginner, 3 lessons)
    • Next Generation List Building Tactics (Advanced, 6 lessons)
  2. Create Landing Pages
    • Build a Powerful About Page (Beginner, 3 lessons)
    • Landing Page From Scratch (Beginner, 6 lessons)
    • Rapid Landing Page Building (Beginner, 4 lessons)
  3. Write a better copy
    • From Internet Rubbish to Content Gold (Beginner, 6 lessons)
    • Headline Swipefile: The Shortcut to Writing Attention Grabbing Titles (Beginner guide)
  4. Create A Funnel
    • How to Create a Live Webinar Funnel (Without an Expensive Webinar Service) (Beginner, 4 lessons)
    • How to Create A Marketing Funnel For Your Podcast (Advanced, 4 lessons)
    • How to Set Up a Complete List Building Funnel (Beginner, 2 lessons)
    • Low Tech Product Launch: Create a Smash Hit Launch on a Shoestring Budget (Advanced, 7 lessons)
  5. Increase Conversions
    • Harvest the Power of Testimonials (Beginner, 3 lessons)
  6. Build A Website
    • 25 Free Design Resources Everyone Should Know Of (Beginner guide)
    • Build a Conversion Focused Website From Scratch (Beginner, 10 lessons)
    • How To Craft Featured Images That Engage Traffic and Boost Your Online Identity (Beginner, 7 lessons)
    • SEO if You Don't Want to Learn SEO (Beginner, 3 lessons)
Thrive Themes Shane Melaugh

Shane Melaugh, Thrive Themes

Thrive products such as its premium WordPress themes, drag-and-drop Visual Editor, countdown timers, and testimonial creator exist to improve the conversion rate. So Thrive fans naturally wish to learn the techniques and willing to know what the Thrive experts offer themselves. There are several tutors over the courses and the boss Shane Melaugh appears in most of the "advanced" video tutorials.

And of course, the "university" contains a beginner's guide to creating a website from scratch, so this is a perfect opportunity for anyone who wishes to start an online business with little knowledge to perhaps become a Thrive member, start installing the WordPress themes and plugins as you learn how to build their first website.

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