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Updated: August 15, 2017
by Ray Alexander

You want your website to stand out in the crowd, right? Every webmaster does. When you talk about stylish designs, Artisan Themes are definitely winners among thousands of WordPress themes out there, and you should consider if you want your site look absolutely stunning. In this Artisan Themes review, I'll show you the features and explain why they're beneficial to your online business.

Artisan Themes Review

Artisan Themes Overview

Mai Knoblovits and Javier Schvindlerman

Artisan Themes ( are run by two talented artists (and now experienced WordPress specialists), Mai Knoblovits and Javier Schvindlerman, and delicately 'handcrafted' by their team.

There are four themes available. If you say "What, only four!?", you're speaking too soon because;

  • (a) This is not a superstore offering random kinds that you may or may not easily pick and forget. Each of the 4 x Artisan themes is thoughtfully made, almost like it has an artistry to storytelling.
  • (b) Each theme comes with many (10-15) ready-made templates. You buy a theme. You can either format your site from scratch in the way you like, or use one of the templates and start building your pages quick & easy.

The other thing that's special about Artisan Themes is additional functions ("modules") that are added to the WordPress editor. By clicking & dragging, you can easily add slider feature ("modules"), call-to-action feature ("modules"!!!), testimonials, tiled display, etc, etc. Around 20 of them in total. I'll show you a little more in detail later on.

The Themes

The 4 themes are; Indigo, Modules, Binder Pro and Nayma, and each theme comes with templates that you can optionally choose from according to the type of your business or specialities. Other features including:

  • They work with any of your existing WordPress plugins,
  • They can be converted to any language you want to translate it to, and
  • Mobile optimised!
Indigo - Modules

Themes: Indigo (left) - Modules (right)

#1 Indigo Theme

Indigo has extra functional modules, allowing you to build your pages without the need of a pge builder plugin. It has 14 templates;

Movies & Full Screen Indigo theme

Movies (top) / Fullscreen (bottom) from Indigo Theme.

  1. Outfit App - suitable for any mobile app
  2. Movies - suitable for movies/TV series catalog, film production company or other entertainment site
  3. Sharp - for project or company website including giant welcome message, features areas, client logos, team section, company missions etc.
  4. Shop - perfect look and layout for a modern online store
  5. Fullscreen - dynamic, full-screen layout
  6. Agency - suitable for a studio, agency or any company
  7. Coworking - again suitable for any company to show a service you promote, new product campaign etc.
  8. Blog - clean, beautiful and personal
  9. Market - includes maps for locations and a useful shopping cart via WooCommerce plugin.
  10. Magazine - modern magazine style with variety of layouts
  11. Travel - suitable for travel agency, such as to introduce vacation packages. Also for any service retailer company
  12. Restaurant - easy to add menu, promos, food photos as well as a gallery
  13. Corporate - suitable for any business site
  14. Stories - a site for a storytelling project, automatically exposes all your posts in a web card fashion.

#2 Modules Theme

Modules (a theme called "Modules"!) is an elegant theme that comes with 16 templates;

Portraits (top) / Colors (middle) / Corporate (bottom)

Portraits (top) / Colors (middle) / Corporate (bottom) from Modules theme.

  1. Freelancer - has four different home page options to pick from, plus a Portfolio and Contact page
  2. The Film - suitable for a movie website or any other artistic project in a one page site
  3. Portraits - for photographers, designers and art related freelancers
  4. Movies - inspired on a very famous online streaming site, serves a movies/TV series catalog, a film production company or entertainment site.
  5. Photography W - a minimalist site for a photographer/designer with two different works/photo pages and two different About Me pages
  6. Pop - suitable for any pop, stylish online store with shopping cart ready
  7. My Blog - personal blog with multiple portfolio sections including About Me page, simple & vertical style
  8. Gourmet - great for listing food and recipes
  9. App - suitable for a newly launched app or digital product. Homepage with explaining cards, video and features presentation, a blog page and a support page with FAQs, about text and contact information.
  10. Photography B - black & white minimalist site for a photographer/designer
  11. Colors - with two different About pages with testimonials, news and staff section, a blog, and a contact page with a form
  12. Portfolio - minimalist site for a creative studio including a works page, team page, About page with a clients section and a contact page.
  13. Restaurant - with a tabbed menu page, image gallery, contact page, location section, news, teasers and special offer pages
  14. Corporate - suitable for a business site with a filterable works section
  15. Agency - for any small business with a modern looking branding image. 4 different portfolio pages, team section, About page, steps cards to illustrate any business process
  16. Shop - fashionable store site with product category pages already created for you, with professional looking FAQs page.
Binder Pro - Nayma

Themes: Binder PRO (left) - NAYMA (right)

#3 Binder PRO Theme

Binder PRO theme is great for a publishing site, such as a magazine, or a blog in magazine-style. It has 7 templates;

My Blog and Journal

My Blog (top) / Journal (bottom) from Binder PRO theme.

  1. Food Mag - great for a food magazine site, with category pages, advertisement spaces and a stylish About page.
  2. Vintage Mag - magazine style but in a nostalgic, vintage kind of way
  3. Delicate Blog - makes an elegant blog site, comes with latest posts, two different About pages, a projects page and a contact page.
  4. My Blog - another different “personal blog” style, beautiful, colourful, vertical and clear.
  5. Fashion Mag - fashion magazine style that can display complex posts layout. Editorial categories are already set up on the menu.
  6. Simple Mag - creates a simple magazine style site using a slider to feature the latest posts at the top and grids underneath.
  7. Journal - similar to “My Blog” but the posts are displayed in blocks with colourful header.

#4 NAYMA Theme

NAYMA theme is stylish and versatile, suitable for most kinds of sites such as shopping, business, project showcasing, and it comes with 8 ready-made templates.

Wedding / Give from Nayma

Wedding (top) / Give (bottom) from NAYMA theme.

  1. Wedding - perfect to build a wedding site, the menu is already made to add the groom & bride’s story, when & where the event takes place, RSVP (contact form).
  2. Photographer - with 3 different home gallery layouts, most suitable to make a photographic site.
  3. Agency - bold and colourful template that has two different homepage styles to choose from, with portfolio page, About and Contact pages.
  4. Diary - vibrant looking and it’s great for creating a travel journal or any personal blogs.
  5. Coffee Shop - suitable for cafe, deli or food chain, includes some hero image spaces, a blog, location, About, team members and WooCommence shop page.
  6. Reception - classy looking, great for an events facility or any local business
  7. Landscapes - Another full-width template that can serve photographers or designers with beautiful, interactive photo blocks.
  8. Give - perfect to serve non-profit/charity sites with bold features with Home, About Us, Our Causes, Blog and Contact Us pages.

The Modules

So Artisan Theme's 'modules' will be added to your WordPress editor, allowing you to add extra features to your webpages. Artisan Theme requires you to install 2 x plugins, but these plugins cover around 20 extra modules. So it's not a bad thing if you think you would have to run up to 20 x plugins to turn your website into something equivalent to the Artisan's.

Here are some of the modules that are available;

  • Call To Action - pre-text area as well as the button with customisable button text, colors and the size of the area.
  • Canvas - empty area where you can throw anything you like such as text, images, embeds and HTML code.
  • Testimonials - you can display as many testimonials as you want, either one by one in a slider or in columns.
  • Carousel Slider - you can choose to display with or without margins (to make it full width)
  • Blog - you can change the way your website lists your posts, such as grid style, classic style which brings your posts in full, teasers style which brings the post in a short version, and headlines style with a big image with the post’s title.
  • Slogan - where you can place a big welcome phrase, slogan, call to action or anything to draw attention. You can add images or video background to it.
  • Tiled Display - to present magazine styled collection of posts in five different layouts.
  • Featured Post - brings a selected post and displays it stylishly.
  • Logos Roll - presents a series of logos in a carousel fashion, perfect way to present the clients you’ve worked with.
  • Magazine - a magazine styled collection of posts in four different layouts and in 2 or 3 columns wide.
  • Quote Posts Slider - a wide long slider that pulls posts with quotes and rotates automatically.



All themes on your sites and clients’ websites

  • All Artisan Themes on Unlimited Websites
  • 1 Year Updates & Support
  • Ready Made Sites Included
  • Artisan Pages + Pro Features
  • Access to Knowledge Base and Video Tutorials
  • Access to WP Artisans Slack Community + Pro Channels


One Time Purchase


One theme on your own website

  • One Theme on 1 Website
  • 1 Year Updates & Support
  • Ready Made Sites Included
  • Artisan Pages Plugin
  • Access to Knowledge Base and Video Tutorials
  • Access to WP Artisans Slack Community


One Time Purchase

Artisan Themes - Take A Closer Look

If you're looking to build your website design-focused and make a difference, Artisan Themes are definitely the ones to consider. Each and every template has a full page live-preview - check them out in Artisan Themes' website.

About the Author

ASD. Recovering alcoholic. LGBTQ+ advocate. Semi-retired. 15+ years of web-designing experience. 10+ years affiliate marketing. Ex-accountant. I'm nice and real. Ask me if you need any help in starting up your home business.

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  1. Hi, I read your review with interest. It seems to provide the most beautiful designed themes and maybe worth investing money for. I will definitely keep in mind while I’m learning how to use WordPress. Thanks, best.

  2. Hi Ray, thanks for the post! New at all of this and doing some research on themes and am wondering if you’d choose Artisan Themes over, say, StudioPress ones (+Genesis Framework) and why/why not? Also wondering if you know what happens after the 1 year is over with Artisan Themes (re updates and support). Can’t seem to find info on what fees they may charge then… any idea? Many thanks!!!

    1. Hello, thanks for visiting my site! I would choose Artisan Themes because I think their design style is very distinctive. I know StudioPress is very popular but – it’s totally my personal opinion – their themes look bit ordinary to me. Many webmasters use StudioPress and their sites are very clean, very nice though.

      Your question about after 1 year – a single licence is actually $129 every year. If you don’t renew after a year, you can keep using the theme for as long as you want, but the product updates and support will stop. You would think it should be cheaper from the 2nd year since you’ve already got the theme, I know. But that would make your decision – you should never renew the licence. You continue to use the theme, and when finally something goes wrong or you feel you want an upgrade, you can rejoin, or even consider another theme!

      Thanks again, any more questions please don’t hesitate to get back to me.

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