Thrive Architect vs Elementor Pro

Thrive Architect and Elementor are both drag & drop WYSIWYG visual editor plugin for WordPress. The both look very similar to each other, and the available features are also pretty similar. But when you closely look at the features found in one but not in the other one, you'll see the purpose of the plugin is clearly different. Today I'll compare Thrive Architect vs Elementor Pro in terms of feature elements, pricing, ease of use, level of support and find out which one's more beneficial for your business.

Thrive Architect vs Elementor Pro

Mutually Exclusive

Architect Elementor Mutually Exclusive

First of all, it is possible to use both the plugins in the same WordPress site, but each time you start building a new post/page, you'll have to nominate only one of them to use. 

For example, if you've already started a post or page using Elementor and switch it to Thrive half way, some elements created by Elementor such as buttons, forms etc. can become either invisible or look distorted.

There'll be a Thrive Architect button and Elementor button in each post/page editor, and all you have to do is to click one of the button to start, or you can still choose to use WP editor as normal. Both the buttons will remain there at all times, so you'll have to remember which one you've used for each page (though probably recognisable by the look).

It's really not worth having two similar plugins installed in a long term, so we'd better decide which one brings more benefit to your website and business.

Comparison Overview

Here's a list of feature elements that both Thrive Architect and Elementor Pro offer. (Elementor's free version however has a lot less features.)

Text element
Heading element
Alert Message
Background Section
Call To Action
Content Box/Container
Content Template
Click to Tweet / Blockquote
Contact Form

Custom HTML
Custom Menu
Facebook Comments
Google Maps
Lead Generation
Post Grid
Pricing Table
Progress Bar

Social Icons
Styled List / Icon List
WordPress Content
Shortcode Inserter
Menu Anchor Element
WordPress Sidebar

Now below are the elements that one has but the other one doesn't.

Thrive Architect offers but Elementor doesn't:

Content Reveal
Countdown Evergreen
100's of icons
Disqus Comments
Excel-style Table
Table of Contents
Fill Counter
Social Share
Star Rating
Customisable Numbered List

Elementor offers but Thrive Architect doesn't:

Animated Headline
Facebook Page Like and Embed
Icon rotate
Image Carousel
Image Gallery
Number Counter
Flip Box
WooCommerce integration 

Elementor Number Counter

Thrive Architect is primarily focused on building a conversions optimised website. So it has all the necessary elements in marketing such as evergreen-countdown timer, star rating for reviews, sortable table to make comparisons.

Whereas Elementor is more suitable for building a business or personal portfolio site. Image gallery, carousel and flip box (image box that's flipped on click) are the typical graphic enhancing features that Thrive does not offer.

Pricing Structure

Thrive Architect Pricing
  • 5 SITE LICENSE: $97
  • One-off payment (no subscription)
  • check
    30 days money back guarantee 
  • One year of support
  • check
    Lifelong plugin updates
  • No free version available
Elementor Pricing
  • 3 SITE LICENSE: $99
  • One-off payment (no subscription)
  • check
    30 days money back guarantee 
  • One year of support
  • One year of plugin updates
  • check
    Free version available

The biggest advantage of Elementor is that it offers a free version, available to download and install from the WordPress admin page, so anyone who's unfamiliar with the format (i.e. drag & drop page builder) can get the feel of it. 

If you only own one website, Elementor Pro looks cheaper at $49, but this does not include any updates after 1 year - you'll have to renew it by paying 75% of the price, i.e. $36.75 from the 2nd year onwards. Whereas Thrive Architect might cost a little more at $67 but the price includes lifelong updates. Updates are absolutely necessary because new features and templates are continuously added, plus bug fixes and security updates in line with new technical trends. So Thrive will work out more cost effective, in my opinion.

And the biggest advantage of Thrive is actually its annual membership. By paying $228 per year, you'll receive;

  • all the essential plugins for online marketing (currently 10 of them)
  • all the 10 WordPress premium themes
  • all the future updates
  • any new plugins that will be released by Thrive during the year.
  • If you unsubscribe from the membership after a year, you'll still get to keep all the existing plugins, themes, and lifelong updates.
  • If you continue the membership, your membership fee will be locked at $228 even if there's a price increase in the future.

Ease Of Use

Thrive Architect YouTube and Google Map

Thrive Architect YouTube and Google Map

Elementor YouTube and Google Map

Elementor YouTube and Google Map

In terms of maneuverability, I wouldn't say one is significantly easier than the other.

I personally find Thrive Architect slightly easier than Elementor, when I change a format style, for example. In order to change a text colour, adjust the position and drop shadow, you just need to scroll up & down the side panel to find each feature with Thrive. Whereas with Elementor, the panel has three tabs; text colour is under "Style" tab and margin/padding setting is under "Advanced" tab. 

Also Thrive allows me to save colours that I frequently use, which I find very useful. Elementor does not have this feature.

But these are minor differences. 

Page / Landing Page Templates

Elementor Pro Page Templates

Elementor Pro Page Templates

Both offer plenty of page templates, but again there's a clear difference. Elementor Pro is an all-rounder, there are 130+ page templates in variety of styles so that any new user can pick and start customising instead of building from scratch.

Thrive Architect offers close to 300 page templates in total but categorised by theme. Each theme has a unique styled layout according to the purpose, such as sales page, webinar invitation, lead generation, home page, podcast page, etc. Because the Thrive's products are primarily aimed at conversions, a lot of the templates are online marketing related, and laid out accordingly. For example the opt-in form are placed at the most optimal position in the page and call-to-action button is usually big and bold.

Thrive Landing Page Templates

Thrive Landing Page Templates

Help & Support

Both Thrive Architect and Elementor offer pre-sales support and customer support for 1 year. They're both friendly and helpful and reply to most of your questions within a few hours. Both provide text and video tutorials within the documentation/knowledge base section.

Thrive Architect vs Elementor Pro

Thrive Architect:   9.25/10
Pricing Structure: 9.5, Features: 9, Ease of Use: 9, Templates: 9.5, Email Integration: 9.5, Help & Support: 9
Elementor Pro:   8.67/10
Pricing Structure: 8.5, Features: 9, Ease of Use: 8.5, Templates: 8.5, Email Integration: 8.5, Help & Support: 9

Although Elementor offers a free version, the use of the features is limited, and also the fact that the prices do not include any updates after 1 year is a let-down. Thrive Architect on the other hand, does not offer a free version, but the annual membership provides the best value for overall online marketing experiences.

The two plugins serve the functionalities for different purposes. I prefer Thrive Architect for focusing on successful marketing and engagements with clients, and recommend it to any entrepreneurs who wish to convert more visitors into leads.

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Definitely thrive because the support is better and the updates are more frequent. The only thing is I don’t like the fonts displayed too big. I had to request for support to change it. They gave me a special code and I was able to reduce the size. But overall I’m very happy with thrive Architect.

    Ray Alexander

    Hi Pater, thanks for your comment. Changing the default font size – you may be referring to Thrive Theme rather than Thrive Architect? Then yes you can easily tweak it by adding a CSS code. In fact it’s an easier/safer job because you don’t have to manually edit it yourself. Glad to hear that you’re happy with Thrive Architect.


I am really unhappy with Elementor. There is no way I am upgrading it to Elementor Pro.
Thrive Architect on the other hand sounds good. But I am not prepared to make a payment for just a plugin as yet.

    Ray Alexander

    Hi Khali, sorry to hear that you’re not happy with Elementor. If you could please tell me which part specifically, then I may be able to help or make a comment on it. Thrive is however my #1 recommendation, it’s well worth the money. Thanks for your comment.


I have tried both Thrive Architect and Elementor Pro. My verdict is definitely Thrive Architect. I was pretty happy with Elementor free version and decided to purchase a Pro version. I was expecting a magical amount of other things I would be able to do, but disappointed to learn not so much. I asked for a money back. It took me a long time to get a refund. I was not happy with Elementor support.

Thrive Architect is much better for me because it’s much more straight forward and easier usability. There is no live chat and if I send a support ticket I have to wait for at least a few hours, but I can live with that. They seem to improve the system much more frequently than Elementor. Definitely thumbs up to Thrive for me.


    Ray Alexander

    Thanks Nitesh for sharing your valuable experience! In terms of no live chat facility, I feel the same…It would be good if there was one. But I guess a lot of technical questions or error reports cannot be fixed on the spot, so I’m pretty happy with their current support system. I’m sorry to hear that Elementor Pro wasn’t for you and took a while to get your money back, but great to hear about your positive comment on Thrive Architect. I wish you the best of luck with every success.


Defo Thrive. Elementor’s too busy. Too many options for not so much effect. I’ve never used a pro version because I chose to go for Thrive annual membership. Much more worthy than paying $49 to Elementor every year for other plug-ins and new trials. Thanks

    Ray Alexander

    Thanks for sharing your experience Guy, I too am very happy with my Thrive Theme membership which allows me to explore many possibilities on my site, though I pderonslly don’t think Elementor’s too bad either in terms of design options. Thanks for your input, I appreciate it.


Definitely Thrive Architect if you wanna sell. CTA is far more superior. But definitely elementor pro if you have big images to render. the gallery is capable of holding images but Thrive doesn’t even have a gallery. I still prefer Thrive worth paying money for what I receive.

Norman Mac

I have tried Elementor free version. Found too much of a fuss. I guess I’m too used to WP-admin. I must admit those fancy buttons and image galleries do look lovely though. It takes me ages to determine the color, position and things like that. I felt, I prefer without all that at the end of the day. I would however like to transform my site (which is on hold at the moment because of hosting problem) I might consider giving it another try. Is there a training that I can receive for free, perhaps not.

    Ray Alexander

    Hi Norman, thanks for sharing your experience. Both Elementor and Thrive Architect offer tutorials, and all you need to learn in the beginning is how to place your text, image, and hyperlink. You just have to drag a text box to the blog space and write directly onto it. I guess you must have done that. Adding buttons and other fancy features will be the next stage – if you use a WordPress editor, there’s no button to add in the first place.

    Either of Thrive Architect or Elementor will take your website to the next level, I’ll guarantee. So don’t give up! If you have any specific questions, please don’t hesitate to ask any time. Thanks again for your visit!


I had a bad experience with Elementor support. Sent about 5 questions in separate occasions and none of them was answered. Not friendly to free users I suppose. The plugin slowed down my site dramatically and I had a nightmare restoring the original WordPress platform. Not recommended!

    Ray Alexander

    Hi, thanks for your comment, and sorry to hear about your bad experiences. It’s good to know that Elementor gave your site an adverse effect (by slowing it down), though I hear many people say it’s fast enough. The loading speed affects conversion rates, and at least Thrive Architect ensures not to slow down your site with any elements that it has.

    I’m also sorry to hear about the poor response from the Elementor support desk. Your information is valuable and it’s good to know, though again in my experience, they were very helpful even before I joined. Thank you.


I first bought Thrive Architect then found out about Elementor. I used the free version and was not so impressed. At first I thought damn it’s free, but I found Elementor’s design not as good and found it a little more complicated to use. I think Thrive Architect is far superior. My opinion might change if I use Elementor Pro, but I’m glad I’m part of the Thrive Themes because I learn a lot about overall internet marketing because I receive great advice by email daily. I take my online marketing seriously and Thrive Themes team are very helpful.

    Ray Alexander

    Hi Suman, thanks for sharing your experience. Yes it’s true, you receive a lot of useful tips & advice from Thrive by signing up with them, also you’ll be notified of any new updates (i.e. brand new features as added to Thrive Architect). Also Thrive University is packed full of essential training. That’s not to say Elementor Pro is bad though, in my opinion. Thanks!

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