Launch Your Blockchain Career Using These Tips for Writing Your Best Resume

Updated: May 17, 2019
by CyberCash Worldwide

When putting together your resume, you’re essentially trying to put together the best representation of yourself, including your skills and experience. You want to give off the most outstanding first impression possible, to put yourself in the top rankings for a potential job.

This is especially true in the crypto industry, where increasing popularity means greater numbers of people are looking to get into the field. Competition will naturally increase, so you’ve got to make sure you’re giving yourself the best possible chance at giving you a head start over the competition. Here are some tips you can utilize in creating your resume to launch or further your blockchain career.

Blockchain Career Best Resume

Always Be Professional

Regardless of whether you’re working in an office or at home, you’ve got to keep things professional if you expect to have any shot of landing a job in your field. You want employers to take you seriously, and presenting yourself as a professional from the start is the best way to set that precedent.

There is a high expectation of standards and level of trust that comes along with an blockchain career, so when you give off that sense of professionalism, your potential employers will have reason to believe that you will carry those same standards to your work.

Clearly State Your Mission

Everyone has got different goals, including those within the same industry and even those that hold the same job title. Your mission statement generally leads off your resume and lets potential employers know exactly who you are and what matters most to you in gaining this position. Be truthful, while also highlighting what you’ve got to offer in your new career.

Tailor your mission statement to reflect the organization you’re hoping to work for. Each resume you put out there will need to be slightly altered in order to properly reflect that specific organization. “When you do something as simple as customizing your mission statement to a company this, which may seem small and insignificant, you’re demonstrating that you’ve put a great deal of time and thought towards learning about that organization and writing your mission statement directly for them,” says Roy Carter, resume proofreader at  State Of Writing.

Keep The Mistakes Out

Keep The Mistakes Out

One way to quickly diminish your credibility and professional appearance is to allow your resume to be sent out with spelling and grammar errors throughout. If you’ve got a great deal of experience, you may think that a little error here and there isn’t a big deal. But, it actually shows that you either don’t have these skills or you don’t care to take the time to check for errors. If you want a hand with checking over your resume, or just want another set of eyes to look things over before sending this off to potential employers, there are some great tools that can help:

  1. Resumention – Great online service where you can find step-by-step help in writing your resume.
  2. Let's Go And Learn and Writingpopulist – Utilize either of these two resources to help ensure your grammar is perfect before sending your resume to anyone.
  3. Essayroo and Academized - As outlined in Revieweal, these are both great online proofreading tools, if you’re looking to have an extra set of eyes look over your work.
  4. UKWritings and SimpleGrad – Packed full of useful information, either of these resume writing blogs is a great place to turn to for help.
  5. Research Paper Writing Service and Studentwritingservices – These online editing tools, as mentioned by Best Assignments Services, are great for scouring your text for errors and fixing those errors.

Be Creative

If you’re looking to launch your blockchain career by landing your first job in the field, you may not have any direct experience to list. But, if you think creatively, chances are you’ll be able to come up with other experiences you can list that will be relevant.

When your experience simply needs a little boost, you may want to consider offering free training sessions to bring in others that you can teach. Remember, you always want to keep your experience history honest, so if you need to bump it up slightly, you may need to think of creative ways where you can still be honest about the work you’ve done.

It may actually take some time and several attempts before you’re able to land that first blockchain job. But, with each attempt, you will learn more about the qualifications and experiences you will be required to have and how you can potentially boost your experiences in ways that increase your chances of future employment.

Selfies Need Not Be Included

Selfies Need Not Be Included

Yes, they’re popular in social media, but they are far from needed when it comes to resumes. Employers want to know what your skills are, not what you look like. And, including a selfie with your resume does nothing to add value and only serves to make you look unprofessional. Focus on highlighting your skills and experience and leave the self-portraits out.

Available References

You won’t necessarily need to list your references within your resume, but you’ll want to make it known that those references are available should a potential employer be looking to contact one of them. Whether it’s a previous employer, teacher or other source, have a listing of relevant references you can provide if needed. It’s also a good idea to let your references know ahead of time that you’re providing their contact information as a reference, so they’re not surprised when they receive a phone call and so they can somewhat prepare what they’ll say.

Get your foot in the door with your new blockchain career by putting forth your best resume possible. Using these tips, you can help ensure you’re providing potential employers with the best representation of yourself, giving you the best possible chance of landing the career of your dreams.

Chloe Bennet works as an IoT specialist at Grade On Fire. She loves writing articles about technology development and IoT. Also, Chloe is a tutor at Rated Writing academic website.

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