The Secrets To Increasing Your Affiliate Revenue By 150%

Updated: June 5, 2023
by CyberCash Worldwide

Are you an affiliate marketer struggling to increase your revenue? Do you feel like you're doing everything right but not seeing the results you want? Well, there are proven strategies that can help increase your affiliate revenue by more or less 150%, and I can share the tips with you. So get ready to take notes and start implementing these secrets into your affiliate marketing strategy!

The Secrets To Increasing Your Affiliate Revenue By 150%

Increase Your Revenue By 150%: Set Your Goal

First of all, let's set your goal. To increase a value by 150%, you use the following formula:

Increased value = Original value + (Original value x 150%)

If your current monthly revenue is $1,000 and the percentage increase is 150% (or 1.5 as a decimal), then;

Increased revenue = $1,000 + ($1,000 * 1.5)

Calculating this:

Increased revenue = $1,000 + $1,500 = $2,500

Therefore, increasing your $1,000 revenue by 150% results in a new revenue of $2,500.

Start Selling Subscription Services

As you may know already, as an affiliate selling a subscription service, it is possible to earn multiple commissions. The specific commission structure can vary depending on the affiliate program or arrangement you have with the subscription service provider. Here are some ways this can happen:

  • Initial Commission: When you refer someone who signs up for the subscription service, you earn a commission based on their initial purchase or the first month's payment.
  • Recurring Commission: If the person you referred stays subscribed to the service and continues to pay, you can earn ongoing commissions on a regular basis, like every month.
  • Upsell or Cross-sell Commissions: If the subscription service offers additional products or upgrades, and the person you referred buys those, you can earn commissions on those purchases too.
  • Referral Tiers or Multi-Level Commissions: Some affiliate programs have a multi-level structure where you can earn commissions not only from your direct referrals but also from the referrals made by other affiliates you brought into the program.

In simpler terms, when you refer someone to a subscription service, you can earn money when they sign up, keep paying, buy more things, or refer others. Each of these actions can bring you additional commissions.

You never know how your referral continues; some may stop paying after the first month. Some may continue with the subscription service for a year or even more, in which case you'll receive good monthly passive income. The 150% increase is not guaranteed, but it's totally feasible, you see what I mean?


What Kind Of Subscription Services Are Out There?

There are various types of subscription services available in the market today. Here are some common examples:

  • Streaming Services: These include platforms like Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime Video, and Disney+, where users pay a monthly fee to access a library of movies, TV shows, and original content.
  • Music Streaming Services: Services like Spotify, Apple Music, and Pandora offer unlimited music streaming on-demand or personalized radio stations for a monthly or annual subscription.
  • Software and Digital Services: Companies like Adobe offer subscription-based access to their software products, such as Adobe Creative Cloud, which provides tools like Photoshop, Illustrator, and Premiere Pro.
  • E-commerce Subscription Boxes: These services deliver curated products to customers on a recurring basis. Examples include beauty subscription boxes like Birchbox, fashion subscription boxes like Stitch Fix, and meal kit services like Blue Apron.
  • News and Magazine Subscriptions: Many publications have shifted to digital subscriptions, offering access to articles, news, and exclusive content for a recurring fee. Examples include The New York Times, The Washington Post, and various magazine subscriptions.
  • Fitness and Health Services: Subscription-based fitness apps, like Peloton and Fitbit Premium, provide workout programs, personalized coaching, and health-tracking features.
  • Gaming Subscriptions: Services like Xbox Game Pass, PlayStation Plus, and Apple Arcade offer access to a library of games for a monthly fee.
  • Learning and Education Platforms: Online learning platforms such as Coursera, Udemy, and LinkedIn Learning offer subscription models that provide access to a wide range of educational courses and resources.

How Can I Find a Good Subscription Service?

Finding a good subscription service to sell as an affiliate involves considering several factors. Here are some steps to help you identify a suitable subscription service:

Check Affiliate Program Support and Resources

Assess the support and resources provided by the affiliate program. Look for programs that offer marketing materials, affiliate tracking tools, dedicated support, and training resources to assist you in promoting the subscription service effectively.

A good affiliate program has a dedicated affiliate manager who can give you good advice whenever you have a question or you are in doubt.

Evaluate Subscription Pricing and Value Proposition

Consider the pricing of the subscription service and evaluate the value it provides to customers. Look for services that offer competitive pricing and a compelling value proposition that makes it attractive for customers to subscribe.

Consider Commission Rates and Payouts

Evaluate the commission structure offered by the affiliate program. Look for programs that provide competitive commission rates and ensure that the payout terms and schedule are suitable for you.

If a service price is $10 per month and you are getting only a 5% commission, you'll only receive $0.5 per referral per month. You want a service that offers at least 25% commission per unit.

Also some affiliate programs only pay you for the first month but not a commission on recurring fees. You'd better check the rates and payouts very carefully.

Assess Product Quality and Customer Satisfaction

Look for subscription services that offer high-quality services with positive customer reviews and satisfaction. You want to ensure that you are promoting something valuable and reliable to your audience.

There are a lot of low-quality training programs that barely give good value to users. If you sell such a service, you'll be the one who ends up taking the blame and losing trust. So make sure the service you sell is a good one.

Explore Affiliate Program Restrictions and Requirements

Read and understand the terms and conditions. If there’s any part that you don’t understand, ask your affiliate manager by email. Make sure to save their response, so if anything Pay attention to any restrictions, promotional guidelines, or specific requirements you need to comply with as an affiliate.

Consider Your Personal Interest and Knowledge

It's beneficial to choose a subscription service that aligns with your personal interest or knowledge. Being passionate and knowledgeable about the product or service you're promoting can make your marketing efforts more genuine and effective.

Can I Offer My Own Bonuses?

Referral bonus

Can you give a bonus to your referral if they buy your affiliate product?

The answer is, it depends. Affiliate programs often have their own policies in place to maintain fairness and integrity within the program. Some programs may restrict affiliates from offering bonuses as an incentive to prevent potential abuse or misleading practices. Violating these terms can result in penalties or even termination from the affiliate program.

To be on the safe side, it's recommended to review the affiliate program's terms and guidelines or reach out to their support team directly, to understand any restrictions on offering bonuses or incentives. They can provide specific information on what is allowed and what is not within their program.

If an affiliate program does not explicitly prohibit bonuses, you may proceed with offering them to your referrals.

Providing a bonus can be an effective way to encourage and reward your referrals for taking action and making a purchase through your affiliate links. This can help increase conversions, hopefully, well more than 150%.

Here are a few ways you can offer bonuses to your referrals:

  • Exclusive Content or Resources: Provide additional valuable content, guides, or resources related to the product or niche as a bonus for those who make a purchase through your affiliate link.
  • Personalized Support or Coaching: Offer one-on-one support, consultation, or coaching to your referrals who buy the product, providing them with personalized assistance and guidance.
  • Additional Products or Services: Give away complementary products or services as a bonus to those who make a purchase through your affiliate link. These could be related products or tools that enhance the value of the main product they bought.
  • Discounts or Cashback: Provide a portion of your affiliate commission as a discount or cashback to your referrals, offering them a tangible financial incentive for purchasing through your link.

Clearly communicate your terms and conditions with the buyers, including how they can claim the bonus and any specific requirements or limitations. Ensure that the bonuses you provide align with the product, the interests of your audience, and any legal or ethical guidelines associated with the affiliate program.

This will be a good chance for you to create added value and motivate them to choose your affiliate link when making a purchase, ultimately boosting your affiliate sales and strengthening your relationship with your audience.

Make It a Limited Time Offer

If you decide to give your own bonus, set a limited time because it will put pressure on users to make a purchasing decision more quickly. This approach has several benefits:

  • Urgency: With a limited timeframe, customers feel a sense of urgency to take action and make a purchase promptly.
  • Avoiding Procrastination: The time constraint prevents customers from delaying their decision and prompts them to act swiftly.
  • Overcoming Indecision: Some customers may be indecisive about making a purchase. A limited-time offer helps them overcome their hesitation and commit to buying.
  • FOMO (Fear of Missing Out): The fear of missing out on a special deal or exclusive offer motivates customers to seize the opportunity before it expires.
  • Increased Conversion Rates: The urgency created by a limited-time offer often leads to higher conversion rates as customers are more likely to make a purchase without prolonged consideration.

It may sound like you’re pressurizing users to buy in a short time, which sounds like a cruel tactic. But if you really want to increase your sales by 150%, you should definitely offer your bonus for a limited time, showing a countdown timer. 

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