The Home Business Academy Review – Legit or a Scam? Is It Worth Joining?

Updated: September 18, 2022
by Joe Garcia

Thank you for visiting my Home Business Academy Reviewemail. What do you think if you are told that you can learn everything about a home business just for $25 per month? Do you think it’s a good bargain, or do you think it’s a lot to pay for? In my opinion, the price is extremely competitive as you really need to invest some money every month in order to become successful in earning extra income from home.

But don’t get carried away just yet, because whatever the business product or training program you buy, you usually get what you pay for. The good thing about Home Business Academy is that there is no catch. There are too many make-money programs that come with so much extra cost out there nowadays, so I’m sure it’s good for you to know that what you see will be what you get.

So what kind of online business tools are available? Are they all essential for running digital marketing? How valuable and trustworthy is this program? Is it even legit, or a scam? I have looked at this from several different aspects.

The Home Business Academy Review

Product Name:

The Home Business Academy (HBA Funnel Builder)

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Affiliate marketing


Paul Hutchings and Mike Hobbs


$25 per month



The Home Business Academy is a sales funnel builder and training program bundle. You will get to learn how to start your own online marketing business from home. In addition, you will receive some useful bonus materials such as proven-to-sell email swipes.

What Is The Home Business Academy?

As the name suggests, The Home Business Academy (HBA) is a coaching program that will enable you to run a business from home. You will learn the power and techniques of affiliate marketing so you won’t have to have your own products to sell. 

The Academy also includes necessary digital marketing tools such as an all-done-for-you landing page builder and sales templates that you can use. It means that the program does not require any previous experience, and you can start learning practical skills as you use these tools.

The Home Business Academy Review

The Founders

The Home Business Academy is owned by Paul Hutchings and Mike Hobbs. Paul and Mike are not just running this coaching program but they are both very successful home business entrepreneurs.

Paul used to work in a call center, and then owned his nutritional network marketing company. Therefore he is an expert in finding success in direct sales. Mike is a military veteran, and he is renowned for his disciplined personality and work ethos. He is an award-winning expert in both affiliate marketing and network marketing. 

Paul Hutchings and Mike Hobbs

Paul Hutchings and Mike Hobbs

We see too many low-cost business tools and training in one nowadays, and the best way to find out in the first instance is to check the owner’s information. If the owner is hidden, it’s likely to be a scam, and if the owner is real, it’s definitely worth considering.

I’m pleased to let you know that Paul and Mike are genuine people who are in the business of helping people make money online.

How Much Does HBA Cost?

It seems that The Home Business Academy was previously sold for $125 per month, but now it’s gone down to $25 per month. I think it’s a very friendly price, especially for newbies who are low on budget to start with. Considering that with less than $1 per work day, you’ll get to use all the tools including your landing pages plus training, I think this is an extremely competitive offer. 

The HBA Funnel Builder Automation Tool

This is actually the only thing you pay for inside of your All in One business. To run a website with a sales funnel, you would normally have to pay to get the site hosted, but this is included in the $25 per month you pay to HBA. In fact, everything else that HBA offers you is free of charge. So this is definitely a good deal here.

HBA Funnel Builder Automation Tool

Also, the types of pages you can create are not restricted to sales funnels. The features of this automation tool include;

  • Various types of landing page templates.
  • A sales page that connects to payment clearance pages.
  • It allows you to post blogs.
  • Webinar page (in case you want to sell webinars.)
  • Membership site builder (in case you want to sell courses.)

The Funnel Builder's Academy

You will be provided with a great sales funnel builder, which may be easy to use if you’ve built a website before. But if you are a beginner, you will need to know how to use it, inevitably. This Academy is a step-by-step training course and demos so you can use the automation tool at ease. 

There are no limits to the pages, offers, membership sites, or sales funnels you can create. From basic to advanced, everything is covered.

The Freedom Launchpad

Freedom Launchpad

The Freedom Launchpad is a 7-module, step-by-step affiliate marketing course, including

  • A 2-page site that can produce cash flow on autopilot
  • The best affiliate offers that allow you to make sales
  • Learning a winning sales formula and done-for-you products
  • How to create endless traffic to any type of offer

It’s useful for beginners who have no idea how they can make money by promoting products owned by other people. It will give them an opportunity to make the first step in affiliate marketing. 

Free Bonus Features

Not only the coaching and the tools, but HBA provides you with these bonus products to save your time right from the beginning. Below 3 are particularly the ones you can’t do without.

Done-For-You Million Dollar Page Templates

It would be a hell of a job for any newbie marketer to create a page that actually draws attention and generate leads, then generate sales. These 2 simple pages will do the job for you, and you can use them as long as you wish, and in the future, you can learn the formula from these templates and start creating your own.

List of paid traffic sources

There are thousands of traffic providers out there, but a lot of them sell non-responsive traffic or even bot traffic for a lot of money. Knowing good traffic resources is vital for any online marketer. I think the list will help you if you are ready to spend money on traffic.

Pre-written email swipes by top copywriters

Pre-written email swipes by top copywriters

Writing emails is a truly painful job because you get one word wrong and your email can be sent to a spam folder. And if it's treated as spam, you'll be completely wasting your time. So to save your time from trials and errors, these pre-written emails will help.

The 30-Minute Workday Formula

The 30-Minute WorkDay is also an affiliate marketing training course by Nick Bramble. He teaches how to generate passive income online in 30 minutes per day. I think 30 minutes is just an idea, and in real life, you could spend a lot longer monitoring traffic, and the method will cost you traffic to make things work.

3-Day Refund Policy - Good or Bad?

If you decide that Home Business Academy is not for you, your purchase is under a “no question asked” (see below) 100% refund (less processing fee) guarantee. But you must claim it within 3 days of purchase. 

Do you think 3 days is too short? I don’t think so, I think it’s appropriate.

You are not buying hardware or anything that needs time to prove the quality. You are buying online-business related tools and training. You will be expected to take on right away and learn as much as you can immediately after the purchase. You should be able to make a decision whether this program is for you or not in a fairly short period.

On the other hand, because there’s only a 3-day window, I recommend you make sure you don’t have any other evening plans before you purchase the Home Business Academy. Don’t just pay and do nothing, you need to start focusing on learning as soon as you make your payment.

However, there are two things that I don’t like much about the refund policy.

  • The refund processing fee will be deducted from your claim. I know it may be minute, a few dollars at most. But I think from a business owner’s point of view, it’s a little unfair they don’t want to bear a small cost when they offer a “100%” refund guarantee.
  • The homepage mentions “no question asked” refund guarantee, but the refund policy page says that you need to tell them the reason. It’s inconsistent. (The policy can be found here.)

Is The Home Business Academy a Scam?

No, it’s not a scam. If you’ve read this Home Business Academy Review so far, you know by now that this program teaches a legitimate way of affiliate marketing, using legitimate and ethical ways. You will be able to generate regular income through the program, which is designed to help you launch your first online business.

The Home Business Academy Pros and Cons


  • Low, affordable cost.
  • Owned by real, successful entrepreneurs.
  • Proven-to-sell, DFY sales funnel builder.
  • Legitimate, step-by-step training.
  • Live weekly webinars and coaching calls from the owners.
  • Good affiliate program.
  • 3-day money-back guarantee for action takers.
  • Closed Facebook group for support.


  • The price of “just $25” may be misleading. It will be $25 per month.
  • There will also be an extra cost on other tools such as a third-party email marketing tool, which you’ll have to pay.
  • The money-back guarantee policy is inconsistent, and the processing fee will be deducted.

The Home Business Academy Review - Conclusion:

Since remote work became the norm some time ago, so many affiliate marketing training programs and all-done-for-you sales funnels have been produced and the industry has become incredibly competitive. As users, we are becoming pickier. When it comes to making-money-online-related products, we know that the only thing that makes different and truly values for money is the owner’s trustworthiness. The Home Business Academy has been a successful platform for years, thanks to Mike and Paul who offer genuine help and support.

With the very affordable fee of $25 to start with, plus good bonus offers, I think HBA is definitely worth considering if you start making regular income online.

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However, because everyone’s trying to make money using SEO without investing a lot of money, the method is becoming increasingly competitive. Blogging is still the most economical way to make money, although you will need a lot of patience and perseverance to do it.

Learning SEO Is Not Hard!

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