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Updated: July 12, 2021
by Joe Garcia

Will you be successful in online marketing and start making decent money just by working 30 minutes daily? If you have been craving to get your new online side hustle rolling but don’t have time because of the busy work schedule, check my honest and unbiased 30 Minute Workday review. Just to be clear, I am not affiliated with the seller of this program I have looked into this program in the past few days without prejudice. This program does seem to provide great tools, tips and advice.

The 30 Minute Workday Review

Product Name:

30 Minute Workday

Website URL:


Online marketing training bundle


Nick Bramble and Home Business Academy


$27 (one-time) plus $25 per month


What is 30 Minute Workday?

30 Minute Workday is essentially a basic guide to affiliate marketing with a website builder. It teaches you how to make money without selling your own products, to generate leads using a sales funnel builder and to build an email list. It originally consisted of three parts but one of them is no longer available;

  • “Escape Plan” - A PDF guide that reveals simple 3 steps to becoming an online entrepreneur in just 30 minutes per day. This ebook was available for free in the past but no longer available.
  • The “FREEDOMLaunchPad” - Video training of the same. How to set up an online income stream and work on it for 30 minutes a day. A one-time fee of $27.
  • “HBA Funnel Builder” - website builder by HBA (Home Business Academy). $25 per month.

The program also encourages you to like the Facebook page, connect with the owner via an SNS and “Telegram” chat, so if you have any questions, you can ask the owner.

The 30 Minute Workday Review

Nick Bramble for Home Business Academy

Nick Bramble is an experienced online marketer himself, who gives tutorials. Nick says he has 15-20 years of experience. If you Google his name, you can find his business-related YouTube videos as far back as from 2012. Also genuine testimonials are found on the 30 Minute Workday homepage, proving Nick to be a great tutor.

He works in partnership with Home Business Academy to create the FREEDOMLaunchPad video training, and encourages his students to use HBA Funnel Builder. Home Business Academy is a standalone online business coaching program, co-founded by Mike Hobbs and Paul Hutchings.

The Product Names Sum Up

By now, you may be confused by all these different product names. Just to sum up;

  1. Home Business Academy (HBA) - A company that provides affiliate business training/coaching programs.
  2. FREEDOMLaunchPad - A video training program, created by Nick Bramble and HBA. Nick is the tutor.
  3. The HBA Funnel Builder - a sales funnel builder, created by HBA.
  4. Escape Plan - A free ebook by Nick Bramble but it’s discontinued.
  5. 30 Minute Workday - A combination of 2 & 3 above.

How Much Will It Cost You?

The 30 Minute Workday promotes a standard affiliate marketing method for beginners; you’ll be learning the techniques, you’ll need a platform (funnel builder) to generate leads, and use email marketing to sell affiliate products. Nick Bramble recommends GetResponse (another third party program), one of the most affordable and trustworthy email autoresponders. The total cost will be;

  • FREEDOMLaunchPad training: $27 (one-time)
  • HBA Funnel Builder to generate leads and sell affiliate products: $25 per month
  • GetResponse email marketing service: Starts from $15 per month.
  • Plus cost for buying traffic. This can cost you hundreds of dollars every month, but the more you spend, the more opportunities to make sales.



FREEDOMLaunchPad is the main part of the 30 Minute Workday, teaching you the basic marketing techniques using a 2-page website. The 3 steps are;

  • Step 1: Access Freedom Launchpad - How to start generating leads, getting ready to build your audience.
  • Step 2: Apply The Freedom Formula - How to create income streams targeting your audience. Also access to our 24/7 LIVE community of "Freedom Crusaders" to personally guide you.
  • Step 3: Turn 3 Simple Daily Steps Into Freedom - Take your skills up to the next level and work 30 minutes daily to multiply your income.

FREEDOM LaunchPad Bonus Materials

If you purchase FREEDOMLaunchPad, you’ll get several bonus materials.

  • Bonus #1 - The 30 Minute Workday Escape Plan AudioBook. The PDF version is no longer available but you’ll be able to learn the basic affiliate marketing steps
  • Bonus #2 - 24/7 Access to Live Help and Support Community. I’m not sure if this still actually functioning as the 30 Minute Workday Facebook page is now dormant. But there is an offer as a bonus.
  • Bonus #3 - Nick Bramble’s Million Dollar Done For You Templates. The same funnel pages Nick uses to convert his visitors into customers. They work for any product or service. You’ll be able to edit them in 2 minutes. The templates will only work on HBA Funnel Builder and inevitably you’ll have to become a member ($25 per month) if you wish to use them. 
  • Bonus #4 - Lifetime Access To All Future Updates. Although I’m not sure if you can call this as a bonus, and if you can, I’m not sure if there will be new FREEDOMLaunchPad users in years to come either, future updates are promised.
  • Bonus #5 - The 30 Minute Workday Super Hack. An extra short video by Nick to share his online marketing success experience.

The HBA Funnel Builder

The HBA Funnel Builder

If you're looking to make your online business a sustainable one, you should definitely invest a small amount of money in a good website builder and start learning how to customize the templates and use the features. The HBA Funnel Builder has everything you need to promote any kind of product and service. Not just for lead capture pages or upsell pages, but it enables you to create webinar pages, memberships sites, checkout pages, and complete websites. The HBA Funnel Builder is totally versatile.

My thoughts are, if you use 30 Minute Workday, you'll be provided with good templates suitable for your first product campaigns. But it may not be worth paying $25 every month just to use a 2-page sales funnel while HBA can let you do so much more. If you intend to create a lot more complex sites, e-commerce sites, blog sites, or membership sites, then HBA will be well worth it. But if you're only going to use a 2-page funnel, there will be other sales funnel builders for free, like GrooveFunnels. Your alternative option can be to use HBA for the first month but also sign up with GrooveFunnels, learn how to design your funnel page (not difficult), and replicate your 30 Minute Workday template there. 

What I Like About 30 Minute Workday

Most of the running cost of online marketing is usually on buying traffic, and it is difficult for beginners to save up money before even start their business. Some online marketing training courses can cost thousands of dollars, the majority of beginners can't prepare the fund for it, on top of the fund towards the running cost.

30 Minute Workday is only $27, an affordable price for many. The sales funnel system, HBA Funnel Builder is also a friendly price.

What I Don't Like About 30 Minute Workday

On the other hand, the one-off fee of $27 means you won't get a great deal of support after you've learned the basics, although the program says it will be lifetime updates.

Another thing I noticed is that the Facebook page has not been updated for a while. The last post was the beginning of the year. As of May 2021, the free "Escape Plan" ebook is not available to download and when I signed up with Nick Bramble, the thank you page told me to "whitelist his email address". But I have only received one email from him. I have a feeling that this program 30 Minute Workday has already become dormant or even abandoned.

30 Minute Workday Pros and Cons


  • Beginners can learn the basic affiliate marketing.
  • Low cost.
  • Done-for-you sales funnel templates.


  • Free ebook is no longer available to download.
  • Facebook page is dormant.
  • No support email has been received.
  • Lots of exaggerations (30 minutes per day, unlimited income, etc.)

30 Minute Workday Review - Conclusion:

Shame about the free ebook not being accessible anymore, but if you want to learn affiliate marketing from scratch, there's plenty of free training out there like this one. However, HBA Funnel Builder is a low-cost way of creating your sales pages, it's worth taking a look at.

If you are low on budget, I suggest that you make sure to have at least enough money to build your own website. Because it's important to have your own platform where you can start selling any affiliate products of your choice. The main thing is to start making money as soon as possible, but you also need to make sure you enjoy your work-from-home business.

Elite Traffic Pro 2.0

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