Start an SEO Agency Using a White Label SEO Program

By Joe Garcia

According to the report by BrightEdge Research in 2019, 68% of all website traffic comes from organic and paid search. SEO forms the backbone of digital marketing yet there are so many business owners who struggle to understand it, hence unable to get their web pages rank on Google SERP. That’s where SEO agencies come in to help them. If you are wondering how stressful the job of an SEO agency would be, it’s not as bad as you think. Yes, it can be challenging; Search engine optimization work is time-consuming, resource-intensive, and ever-changing. The SEO agency job requires a certain level of expertise for sure. 

But wait. Have you ever heard about white label SEO services? Imagine you provide SEO services to business owners but you outsource the actual job to specialist providers who will come into the picture to help you out.

Start an SEO Agency Using a White Label SEO Program

What is White Label SEO?

The term “white label” refers to “blank”, it’s also often called “private label”. It’s where a service provider removes its brand from the service. It means as a purchaser, when you buy a white label product (or service), you won’t see the name of the originator. In the context of white label SEO, you can use the service provided by the white label company and sell it to other businesses or individual consultants as if it’s your own.

According to the statistics by Backlinko back in February 2019, small businesses in the USA spend an average of $497 per month on SEO services. We expect this number to grow even further in the coming year because SEO is critical to a successful online marketing campaign. There’s no doubt that any business owner is willing to spend money on professional services rather than to work out the tedious jobs themselves to stay at the top of the SERP.

As a result of this push by businesses spending on SEO, marketing agencies that sell SEO are looking for ways to retain their existing clients and pinch off a few from their competitors.

So if you are an agent selling SEO services or excited at the prospect of doing so, keep on reading as I'll tell you about:

  1. The benefits of reselling SEO services,
  2. The best white label SEO program there is in the market.

What Are The Benefits of White Label SEO Program?

1. The insurance of expertise: 

SEO is not all about stuffing your content with high volume keywords to improve organic rankings. It’s all about whether a page provides quality to users in many aspects. For example; Optimizing your website for voice search, understanding user intent, reading the site log files for insights to video SEO, there is a lot that needs doing on top of keeping up with the 10+ changes Google makes to its algorithm daily.

Trying to do all of it while also focusing on several other marketing strategies can prove a hill too high for anyone to climb. A white label SEO service provider will certainly help you deliver proficient services to your clients.

2. Avoid incurring expenses: 

SEO Analysis

The most significant reason businesses outsource is to cut costs, and white label services are no different. According to research by SearchItLocal, an average SEO analyst charges about $75-200 per hour of work, and for a higher quality of work, you can expect to pay nearer to the top end of that range.

Considering all the tasks at hand while doing SEO, paying such astronomical sums on an hourly basis could quickly empty your wallet. 

Additionally, apart from dedicated resources, SEO requires the latest software tools like MOZ, Ahrefs, Buzzsumo, etc., which cost anywhere between $50-200 for basic plans.

Hence by working with a white label service provider, you can engage a team of experts that will save you lots of money and benefit from the latest technology without worrying about the overheads at the same time.

3. Save a lot of time: 

They say 'time is money,' and when you work with a White Label SEO provider, you can save both. Take, for example, Link Building; it is critical to any SEO campaign's success but is notoriously time-consuming. Some experts believe that it takes about 6-12 months to build an appreciable number of backlinks.

Reselling this task to white label experts will help you achieve quicker results and free up your time to do other things. This way, you can also avoid the headache of trying to train staff or recruiting new ones. Even if you have SEO experts in-house, with white label experts, you can take the pressure off their hands and redirect them to work on other projects, satisfying your current clients and even acquiring new ones.

4. Provides you a lot of freedom:

One of the biggest benefits of reselling SEO to a white label provider is the fact that they are not on your payroll. You can use them according to the volume of work you have in your hands.

So whether you acquire a few long term clients or due to a sudden influx in volume of work from an existing one, you can scale up or scale down the amount of work that you are getting done from your white label partner without committing to a long-term contract or recruiting new resources.

Where Can You Get Started with White Label SEO Services?

There are many marketing agencies and white label programs in the market, but uSEO from Umbrella micro-enterprises triumphs each and every one of them.

uSEO guarantees getting your clients on the first page of Google for the search terms of their choice irrespective of their industry type, size, or standing, or you don't pay them a penny. Now, that is a guarantee that no other white-label service provider gives you.

Apart from this guarantee, uSEO provides time-bound results, aggressive conversion rates, and certifications as an added incentive.

From my experience, I feel it is perfect for agencies that are selling SEO services as the program is:

  1. Cost-effective (60%+ margins to the agency),
  2. Non-labor inclusive (they do all the work for you), 
  3. And most importantly, result-driven (easy to sell, easy to entice clients).

Let us hear your opinion - what do you think about what you've read so far? Leave a comment below. Any question or request will be welcomed. We'll get back to you as soon as we can!

Published by: 

Joe Garcia

I work with Ray Alexander as an assistant. Self-starter, quick-learner, and well-organized adventurer. I occasionally write blog posts on this site with Ray's help as I still learn English. Right now I'm based in Spain.

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