SEO Split Testing PLR Review – Rubbish

Updated: December 18, 2019
by Ray Alexander

How do you split test SEO? The question is so broad and vague that I wouldn't know how to answer in the first instance if asked. I was interested to know what this product could offer - unfortunately this product is not a testing tool but this is just a guide. Today in my SEO Split Testing review, I'll reveal the contents and explain why you shouldn't waste your money on this badly made product. Can you ever "split test SEO"!?

SEO Split Testing Review

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SEO Split Testing

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Internet Marketing


Original creator unknown (PLR/Master Resell Rights)


Can be sold at any price


What Is The SEO Split Testing As A Product?

SEO Split Testing is a 28-page PDF guide consisting of the introduction chapter plus 10 chapters. It's also accompanied by a set of 11 x videos.

The video content is exactly the same as the PDF. The whole text is read out by a voice actor, and slideshow graphics are added. Some users may prefer the video version but not necessarily find it easier to understand the content, which I'll explain in a little while.

With the fact that this is not a split-testing tool but it's just a guide, you won't find a magical solution from it. In fact you won't find much from it... It just explains what SEO is, what a split-test means, why you need it and how you can "test it"...

SEO Split Testing Review

The Contents

SEO Split Testing is a patchwork. As I read it from top to bottom, I find the writing style inconsistent. In one part things are explained as if you are a complete novice (which is good), then the next part all of a sudden a paragraph full of jargon would appear. Some parts really don't make sense, unfortunately.

Here are the contents of SEO Split Testing. Starting with a brief introduction, followed by 10 chapters;

Chapter 1 - What Is Split Testing?

Basics. Why you need to have two different versions of something and test to see which one works better.

Chapter 2 - Why We Need Split Testing Now More Than Ever - The Powerful Benefits of This Strategy

It just explains that websites need to improve continuously from the SEO point of view. This chapter is a little puzzling because halfway, it starts to talk about changing the design layout of a website, which is not really about split-testing. It's simply explaining about improving a website over time.

Chapter 3 - Why Split Testing Works and When It Doesn't - Understanding Statistical Significance

The content in this chapter is really, really stretched. All it says is that sample size for statistical significance matters. You can't test something on a couple of people and call the result a statistic. A split test only works if you have a lot of visitors to your site. At least a hundred, if not thousands. 

Chapter 4 - Using Split Testing For SEO Success - The Practical Guide

This chapter is confusing. In fact wasteful. The author suggests that you create two almost identical pages then "go about making small changes to a few of the matched pages and see if this boosts or hurts traffic." This doesn't make sense at all. 

If you were to create two similar pages, the winner is obviously the one that's ranked better. That's it, end of. Why would you give a tweak to the other page to try to improve it? 

"See if this boosts or hurts traffic" - what's the writer talking about? This is supposed to be an SEO split testing. The SERP position and the volume of traffic correlate with each other (roughly speaking). Ignoring the title tag, you'll expect more traffic when the page rank goes up and less traffic when it goes down the SERP. 

Chapter 5 - The Technical Bit: Using Redirects

This chapter explains about "redirect" but it's badly written... The redirect - randomly get half the visitors to be redirected to Page A, and the other half redirected to Page B. This is what a split test is all about for sure, but it's nothing to do with SEO. Because the original page with redirect scripts won't be ranked high in search engines unless the site name is unique, which means you can't expect organic traffic anyway. Really, nothing to do with Search Engine Optimization.

Chapter 6 - Tools and Best Practices

This chapter is also written badly. The author talks about link cloaking but doesn't explain what a cloaking means properly. He/she talks about cloaking the link to redirect users to an affiliate product page, suggesting that this can be an unethical practice...but it's nothing to do with split-testing!

The "tools" suggested here are SEMRush and Google Analytics, but Google Optimize (that split-tests your site) is not mentioned. Optimized Delivery Network by Distilled and Optimizely are mentioned, but they're professional SEO services, not the tools that you can work on yourself.

Chapter 7 - What To Test?

This chapter simply lists up "SEO items". Keywords, keyword density, amount of content, page speed, links, images, and titles. The author's not being helpful here, in fact he/she is giving wrong information. These are all essential elements to optimize for search engines. Not necessarily to split-test. For example, why would you split-test a page speed? Page loading speed should be fast. As fast as possible. Why would anyone prepare two web pages to see if the slower-loading page ranks better in Google? That would be a waste of time.

Chapter 8 - Advanced Strategies

Unfortunately, it sounds like the author copied and pasted the content from elsewhere;

SEO Split Testing Advanced Strategies

The whole paragraph doesn't make sense to me. "Use a JavaScript or PHP redirect instead." How? It doesn't explain any further. If you have techie skills and know exactly what it means, tell me!

The author then moves on to talk about other things to split-test, such as sales pages and ads. "Split testing can be used for more than SEO purposes." The book is about split-testing SEO, and the subject is nothing to do with SEO. Totally irrelevant.

Chapter 9 - SEO - What We Know and What Split Testing Has Shown Us

This chapter is another "patchwork" - I can see the content is copied, fiddled and jumbled, as some words are missing from some sentences, making no sense. It doesn't really explain "what split testing has shown them" either.

Again all of a sudden it tells you to be careful if you run an SEO agency because if you make changes to your customer's site and it doesn't work out, you might lose their trust... The "warning" is absurdly unnecessary because if you were good enough to become an SEO agent you wouldn't be using this guide and, of course you might lose trust if you do something reckless, in any business! 

Chapter 10 - Related Strategies and Conclusion

The last chapter is titled "related" strategies, but what the author suggests is pretty unrelated. One is about using the Google Adwords campaign, which is nothing to do with SEO. The other one is about the Fail Fast business strategy, absolutely nothing to do with SEO either.

SEO Split Testing Fail Fast

It's A Load Of Rubbish

I can see the writer has taken some of the content from this page by - "SEO Split-Testing: How to A/B Test Changes for Google". But he/she's also added a lot of unnecessary information from other pages and made this product content confusing and useless. The 28-page PDF file is full of repeated expressions and double standards, a lot of which don't make sense.

I see this product sold somewhere between $7 - $12 by several sellers, but in my opinion it is not worth a cent. You'll get better, more straightforward information by Googling for free.

Video Version

SEO Split Testing Video

The video version is just a slideshow with narration. The exact content of the PDF file is read out by a voice actor, and relevant graphics are inserted. If you really don't like reading, you may prefer the video format, but I pretty much doubt that you'll actually digest the content because it's readout so quickly throughout. You would have to stop the video, rewind, watch again bit by bit...and take note? Then again you've got the PDF version and that content itself is not really "digestible". You'll be wasting a lot of time watching the videos, in my opinion.

Master Resell Rights

SEO Split Testing is sold with Master Resell Rights attached, which means;

  • The product is not just a PDF file and video files but it comes with the whole sales package (sales page, squeeze page, email swipe templates as well as graphics).
  • You can resell this product and whoever buys this product can resell it to others. 
  • Typically the original author is unknown. 

It would have been worth paying as much as $7 just to resell it to make some profits. But the quality of the content is so bad that you wouldn't want to sell it to damage your reputation! 

SEO Split Testing Pros and Cons


  • Master Resell Rights.


  • It's not a split testing tool, it's just a guide.
  • Bad quality content.

SEO Split Testing Review - Conclusion:

This product SEO Split Testing is very confusing with too much irrelevant information, badly written, therefore I don't recommend it. 

If you simply want to learn about it, I would suggest that you simply Google search and read advice by some REAL experts, such as A Beginner’s Guide to A/B Testing: Effective SEO Landing Pages by Neil Patel.

If you're looking for a title tag (headline) split-testing tool - Thrive Headline Optimizer allows you to test multiple versions, which I personally found very useful. But again this is not about SEO, this is about improving the click-through rate by finding out which title is most engaging. 

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    1. Hi, no they don’t. Depending on the product and how people want to sell. Sellers have a choice of selling a complete package with the license information, or just selling the core part of the package.

  1. Please guide me as I’m very confused. If I want to split test my each webpage for SEO how can I do this? Please tell me. Thank you.

    1. Hi Namser, as far as SEO is concerned, all you want is to have your webpage ranked upwards from the current position in the SERP. Don’t rely on this product, but just learn how you can improve your page (adding and refining the content, optimize each image and add the right alt-tag, and make sure the page loads quickly) instead. You don’t have to prepare two pages and compare them. I hope it makes sense. Any more questions don’t hesitate to get back to me again.

  2. Hi. It’s good to know this because people from Warrior plus can never be trusted. This is sold from Warrior plus, fake testimonials are made by WP sellers each other. WP reviewers like Hudareview Tikkareview etc are all liars trying to sell blowing stuff up with fake bonuses.

  3. You can get this for free from some sites. I agree this is useless stuff. Even for free you don’t want it I’m telling you.

  4. Hi Ray, this is good for me to know. I have always been interested to know about split testing for SEO purposes and wondered if there was any automatic tool to detect it. When I saw this article I must admit I was a little excited. However as I read it I learned it’s not the case. Would you say this is a scam?

    I agree with you on the video format. If I want to learn something I prefer to take information visually from Youtube or whatever other than to read a lengthy guide. But only if it has screenshots to take me through and if this is just a total copy of the book someone is reading out, it won’t be useful.

    Thank you for the useful review, Ray. I can learn a lot from this article.

    1. Hi Sam, I wouldn’t say the product itself is a scam, it’s just a PLR product after all. But whoever “recommends” it is definitely untrustworthy considering the quality of it. Thanks for your comment!

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