How AR Can Take Your Ecommerce Store to the Next Level

By CyberCash Worldwide

If you’ve seen AR (Augmented Reality) in action on an app like Snapchat, then you can be forgiven for thinking it might be a little bit gimmicky. The fact is, though, augmented reality has a big part to play in ecommerce, and the technology is here now.

How AR Can Take Your Ecommerce Store to the Next Level

We all want to push our sales on to the next level, and AR is one of the tools that can really help you achieve this. With good use of AR, you can attract your perfect customers, increase the likelihood of them converting, and turn them into regular customers.

Online shopping might be convenient, but it still can’t offer the full experience of physical shopping where you can try things on and see them with your own eyes. However, AR is helping to bridge that gap and make online shopping even more appealing. 

What is AR?


AR technology allows people to augment a live picture with 3D visuals in a seamless manner. As mentioned, we commonly see AR on Snapchat, where we can put our faces in the screen and add things like dog ears that sit on top of our heads and follow us around as we move.

This technology has many practical applications in ecommerce, though, as it allows people to see the products they want to buy in the environment they want to put them in. For example, if you wanted to buy a plant pot, you could get your phone out and open the camera, walk around your house and have an app seamlessly add the plant pot you want to buy.

Boost Conversion Rates

It takes a lot of hard work to get someone to the point where they’re looking at your product page and considering a purchase. You want to be taking advantage of every tool at your disposal to get those people to convert – AR is a particularly effective one.

Being able to see what you look like in a shirt, or see how a plant pot looks in your house isn’t just novel, it’s useful too. It’s small details that convince people to actually go through with a purchase, and knowing you look good in the shirt you’re about to buy is as good a reason as any. 

Create Repeat Customers

AR isn’t just useful on your product pages, (although there are many great Android augmented reality apps for that), but it’s also extremely effective for things like user manuals and building your brand. 

Imagine if customers could put products together using an AR app that shows them exactly what to do in a “real world” experience. Not only would it mean you have fewer complaints that it’s hard to put together, but it’s going to say so much about your brand. 

Embracing AR shows your customers that you’re willing to embrace the future in order to give them the best experience possible. For now, you can’t enable them to touch the product through the computer, but you can do the next best thing. 

Jess is a working mother of two small children. Writer, graphic designer and a trainee accountant, who's looking to set up a design institution for children under 13 in the UK.

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