Recession Profit Secrets Review: Grossly Misleading

By Ray Alexander

Recession Profit Secrets I was overwhelmed by the volume of text content. Hundreds of pages worth of general guides to the economy. The history of the world economy, the US economy, banking crisis, stock markets, and all the things that I don't need to know so much in detail. It was something I had never expected from the sales page. My Recession Profit Secrets review will explain what it exactly contains and whether this product can help anyone at all. I warn you; a LOT of reading will be involved, so if you can't be bothered to read this review from top to bottom, then My Recession Profit is definitely not for you!

*** The seller or Recession Profit Secrets has been in touch with me (no name, just "The Recession Profit Secrets Team") to point out that a couple of my assumptions were wrong. I have now made a correction - see [1] and [2].

Recession Profit Secrets Review

Product Name:

Recession Profit Secrets

Website URL:


"Make Money" guide


Richard Pierce (pseudonym)


$37 - downsold at $27


What Is Recession Profit Secrets?

Recession Profit Secrets is a 288-page ebook, split into 5 x PDF files. It talks about the history of the banking system, recessions in the 2000s (e.g. Lehman Brothers), investment in precious metals. Then it starts to talk about the whole economic cycle including the industrial revolutions from the 19th Century - the early 20th Century. The final chapter talks about cryptocurrencies and concludes by suggesting that you should invest in Bitcoin and Ethereum because they may be integrated with the mainstream financial markets in the future.

That's all it is. 

Recession Profit Secrets Review

The bonus materials are 13 x more PDFs in total. The "Wealth Guide" is not really a guide to wealth but how to sign up with cryptocurrency trading platforms. The "Elite Member Insider Series" talks about what rich people do (stock market, real estate, etc.)

Whether all the materials are composed by the same person or not is unclear. I find myself pretty frustrated as I read through because some topics often jump from one to another without a conclusion. On the other hand, some parts are written in so much detail, for example, the history of gold (in the Egyptian Empire, the Roman Empire thousands of years ago) - the history class is not what I signed up for. 

Can You Make Money With Recession Profit Secrets?

No, this is just a general guide to some of the investment options. The author gives you an idea of how to go about it, he tells you how to buy cryptocurrencies, gold or silver - where to get them - but doesn't give you any practical tips. As you all know, all investments involve some degree or risk. If you follow the steps that the author tells you, simply buy Bitcoin or gold today and don't know what to do with it, it's never gonna help you, is it?

Who Is The Creator?

Richard Pierce Recession Profit Secrets

The creator/author of Recession Profit Secrets names himself as "Richard Pierce" but this man in the photo is just a stock photo model. All the videos are either spoken by a voice actor or text-generated. 

The terms & conditions page ( does say, "The name Richard Pierce is a professional name used by the author as a safety measure." So here we go, the creator is indeed incognito, and we don't know who's actually written these ebooks.

It's pretty confusing because underneath his "portfolio" he says "I finally live a life of freedom!" with a photo of a happy family. We would assume it's his own family photo, but he's not in it - again, it's just a stock photo.

This proves that he has NOT been seen on CBS News, Fox channel, etc.

So it's safe to assume that the content of this sales page is entertainment-purpose only. The problem is, it does promise that the product will make you wealthy, which I believe is misleading.

Fictitious Story

The "success story" that appears on the sales page is one of those fictitious fantasy stories that often scammers come up with. I'm not saying Recession Profit Secrets is, but this is a typical one. The story of the creator's homeless friend "Michael" who became a millionaire using Recession Profit Secrets is unnecessarily long and boring. If you seriously want to make money, you should be looking for the method, what you need to do, and whether the method is realistic and feasible for you. The story is irrelevant, and of course, the photo of "Michael" is just a stock image.

Recession Profit Secrets Fake Story

Recession Profit Secrets Review - The Actual Content

Recession Profit Secret has 

  • 5 x all-text "Modules"
  • 3 x "Video sessions"
  • plus Quick Start Guide.

The moment you're in your member's dashboard, it may appear to be a training program to you. But as soon as you download these PDF files, you'll know you've been misled - it's just a book.

  • The "Modules" are not modules. They are "Chapters".
  • A "quick start guide" should take you through how to use the product you just purchased. This is not a start guide, it's just a summary of the book. (Because there's nothing to "use". No need to be guided! It is just a book!) And this "Quick Start Guide" itself is 31-pages long. It's pretty freaky!
  • "Video sessions" are again, not sessions or any kind. They are merely text guides in video format. A written text was converted to video using text-to-speech software, read out by an AI-generated voice. Nothing's wrong with it. I just wonder why they have to be videos. * [1] The seller says it's not an auto generated voiceover. Sorry! But it sounds exactly like it!

(1) The 5 "Modules" (eBooks)

Here's a summary of each downloadable ebook.

Module 1: The Great Conspiracy (48 pages)

Starting with the collapse of the world's largest investment banks Lehman Brothers. It discusses the definition of "economy", the history of banking, all the way back from the 16th Century to the modern days. That's all it is.

Module 2: The Bank Buster (82 pages)

This chapter continues to discuss the banking history but is more focused on the American economy over the past couple of decades. Negative interest rates, the housing bubble, the stock market bubble, the recession due to Covid, and the author's recession forecasts.

Module 3: The Perfect Hedge (42 pages)

This chapter is all about gold and silver investments. This history of gold mining all the way back from 3,000 B.C. How gold and silver have been invested - if you want to know all about it, you'll gain some geeky knowledge.

Module 4: Profit Patterns (56 pages)

More about the economy. Industrial revolutions, economic cycles, "K-Waves", the emergence of blockchain and cryptocurrencies, and how the banks have reacted to it.

Module 5: Prosperity Juncture (60 pages)

Cryptocurrency knowledge-base. It discusses Bitcoin and Ethereum work, how to acquire and store them, how to protect yourself from fraud/theft, investment strategy, and future prediction.

(2) Video "Sessions"

Videos in general, are more interactive and engaging compared to text for sure. But these video "sessions" are not sessions, but just another ebook converted to a video format. The script is simply read out by an AI voice. These videos are dreadful, in my opinion, because;

  • The total of the 3 videos is 1.5 hours long and unlike an ebook, you cannot skim through.
  • The creator is lecturing again about the global banking system, the US economic history, and cryptocurrency theories...he's already discussed those topics in the book. Is it a new information or repeat? I'm confused!

The disclaimer at the beginning of the first video reads;

"All references in this video and in the resources that are available for purchase and download on this website are opinions and are for information purposes only. It is not intended to be investment advice. Seek a duly licensed professional for investment advice. Any action you take upon the information in this video or on this website is strictly at your own risk."

So he's merely sharing his opinion just like many bloggers and social media users are for free. If he's not giving advice to us, what did we pay money for?

The Bonus Materials

There are 3 sets of bonus materials available to download. All PDF files except that there's an MS Excel spreadsheet in Bonus 2. I'm struggling to find the positives, unfortunately.

Bonus 1: Done-For-You Step-By-Step Wealth Guides

The first bonus is 3 x PDF files, and I think the title is misleading because none of it is "done-for-you". It simply tells you how to use 2 x cryptocurrency exchange platforms and 1 x wallet. 

  1. How to use Coinbase (a cryptocurrency trading platform) 26 pages
  2. How to use Binance (ditto) 21 pages
  3. How to use Exodus (a cryptocurrency wallet) 15 pages

The information is widely available online for free, so if you were to start a cryptocurrency investment, you would easily get to know how to use them by googling. What's confusing is, you would only need either of 1 or 2. You wouldn't use both. 

If you google "Coinbase or Binance", you'll find several review articles where experts compare these two services and advise you which one's better. That kind of thing should be explained by the author, but he doesn't, and nor he gives any practical tips. He tells you how to sign up, where to click to go to the next screen - all of which are self-explanatory, or you can contact their support. These "Wealth Guides" will waste your time.

Bonus 2: Wealth Tracker

The "Wealth Tracker" is an Excel spreadsheet that's supposed to calculate the investment growth projection and let you know "when you can retire".

This is absolute rubbish, and I'll tell you why.

In each formula cell, a pre-determined growth rate is inserted. In the Bitcoin spreadsheet for example;

  • Month 1: 0.74%
  • Month 2: 22.26%
  • Month 3: 7.29%
  • Month 4: 35.1%.....
Wealth Tracker Spreadsheet

I don't know where these random numbers come from, but no one in the world can predict the volatile rise & fall of cryptocurrencies, I can only assume that they're all totally made up.

What the spreadsheet does is, if you want to invest, say $10,000 in Bitcoin today, you first type in "10000" in the top box. Then the spreadsheet will tell you that the value will go up by 0.74% at the end of this month, i.e. $10,074. Regardless of the time that you start. Whether you start investing in August this year, or March next year. 

So if you look at Month 12, your Bitcoin investment will be valued at more than $19,000 according to this spreadsheet... But you know in real life, nobody knows what happens. It can be less than you originally invested, it can be 10x of it. It's crazy. The spreadsheet is a total hoax. 

Bonus 3: Elite Member Insider Series

The final bonus is an ebook, deliberately split into 10 files by the looks of it, so that there appears to be lots of downloading to do. It's a PLR product quality, and I guess it's a PLR product, since "Richard Pierce" or any name is disclosed as the author. * The seller says it's not PLR.

It's a general guide to rich people's mentality, but the content is over-stretched. You may be motivated by reading these, but there's not much practical advice. 

  1. How Rich People Decide if Risk is an Opportunity or a Gamble (10 pages)
  2. Uncovering 8 Traits that Separates Millionaires from the Rest of Us (11 pages)
  3. 10 Ways Rich People Waste Less and Accumulate More Money (13 pages)
  4. Get Rid of These 3 Fears to Achieve Financial Freedom (10 pages)
  5. The Real Reason why Economic Professors Never Get Rich (12 pages)
  6. How to Stop Your Emotions from Getting in your Way of Success with Money (9 pages)
  7. The 3 Money Secrets You Never Learned in School (10 pages)
  8. The Hidden Loophole of Investing in Real Estate with Limited Funds (13 pages)
  9. My Tested and Proven Method for Success in the Stock Market (11 pages)
  10. How the Rich Use Debt as an Asset (16 pages)

Is Recession Profit Secrets a Scam? 

As you can see by now, you'll get a fair volume of content for the price you pay. But if you look at the FAQ on the sales page again, it reads,

"How exactly does it work?"

"Simply follow the step-by-step instructions, and watch your wealth GROW."


The seller continues to say, your wealth is 100% guaranteed and he's "not exaggerating". It means he promises that this product truly guarantees success. However, what you find in your dashboard are a few sets of ebooks and videos. there is no step-by-step instruction to follow. This is at least, grossly misleading.

The content - the detailed history of the global banking system and conspiracies around it - may interest some users. But this is just a publication composed by a mystery person with a fake name. Why would you take any of this seriously? You would get much more accurate information from Wikipedia and other authoritative resources for sure.


Two upsells are available upon joining Recession Profit Secrets. They're marked as OTOs (one-time offers) but seem to be available for sale at any time. I haven't purchased either of them myself - from the quality of the main product, I wouldn't really. And both the invitation pages are extremely long so I just summarized what we're being told about each upsell.

OTO 1: "Recession Profit Accelerator" $67 - downsold to $37

According to the sales page, Recession Profit Accelerator is a guide to stock market investment. An ebook, by the looks of it.

  • It's a basic guide ("see the relationship between one number and the entire stock market".)
  • Not to rely on strategies, news, or a weak index fund.
  • Look at the only things that matter and how to avoid common mistakes.
  • Big stocks such as Tesla, Apple, and Uber.

OTO 2: "The Tycoon Code" Premium Masterclass $67 - downsold to $37

According to the sales page, The Tycoon Code is a guide to real estate investment. Again, it sounds like an ebook.

  • A basic guide to property investment.
  • How to avoid losing money on the wrong property.
  • Get a good loan.
  • How to avoid being tricked by real estate agents.
  • About reducing your tax bill.

60-Day Money Back Guarantee

This product is sold via ClickBank, so your payment is covered by its 60-day money-back guarantee. If you've already paid for it and feel you've been misled like I do, you can contact ClickBank via your receipt and ask for a full refund.

Recession Profit Secrets Pros and Cons


  • 60-day money-back guarantee.


  • Deceptive sales page - the actual product is just a general guide.
  • The real creator is unknown.
  • Too much to read, you may find it hard to understand or feel irrelevant.
  • You will not become "wealthy" just by reading the materials.
  • Some unreliable conspiracy theories (believed by the unknown creator.)
  • The bonus products are no-quality.

Recession Profit Secrets Review - Conclusion:

There's no doubt that the seller of Recession Profit Secrets is taking advantage of the current pandemic and the uncertain future. The sales page suggests as if the seller knows all about global finance, and urges you to buy this product because it has the only solution for you to survive.

It also says that your wealth will be "100% guaranteed" if you follow the steps. But you'll find no steps to follow, and you'll also be told that the content is "information purpose only". The seller tells you to seek licensed professionals for investment advice...after you've purchased it. 

Horrendous, isn't it? 

When you solely look at the volume of the product, you may wonder if it's worth the money. But it doesn't change the fact that you've just been misled to grab the wrong ("information only") product. If you order a washing machine online and receive a thousand-page "History of Washing" book, wouldn't you ask for a refund?

Recession Profit Secrets is one of the best-selling products via ClickBank right now, probably sold by the affiliates who haven't actually bought it themselves, or don't even care what it is, as long as it sells. 

Recession Profit Secrets ClickBank

So this product is resetting a bad precedent - anybody can deceive buyers and make good sales by selling an unrelated information-only ebook, as long as it has hundreds of pages in total but is split into many PDFs so it looks "worthy" in quantity. And it's ok to falsely "guarantee" the solution...?

It ain't right, is it? 

How I "Finally" Make Over $6,000 Monthly Income

"The most valuable thing I've ever done!"

Let us hear your opinion - what do you think about what you've read so far? Leave a comment below. Any question or request will be welcomed. We'll get back to you as soon as we can!

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Ray Alexander

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  1. If you think you are being scammed or targeted by Recession Profit Secrets, you are not the only one cos anyone can be a victim, my wife got it a few weeks ago and was gobsmacked by the hopeless value. Clickbank is full of scams Recession Profit Secrets is one of the worst to take the bad reputation to even worse. The only advantage is it was easy for my wife to complain to Clickbank and recover her funds back quickly. Contact them as quickly as possible. Take the right step and you will never waste your money.

  2. Well said. I felt I was scammed as I found too many useless references.
    I would give 5 stars for the amount of information but 0 star for the relevance.

  3. Thanks for the review, Ray. I was wondering how people's perception's changed since the pandemic started.
    I'm guessing a lot of them are looking for make money opportunities and how the scammers changed in terms of scam techniques. I'm guessing people are becoming tougher and no longer believe get rich quick stuff.
    From your review it sounds like the scammer's hinting there's some secret (like titled) to reveal but the product is not so much of the case.

    1. Hi Ben, thanks for your comment. I don’t know if anything’s changed with “get-rich-quick” scam products because I still see some silly old scam sales pages from time to time! Yes, more people may have started to look for ways to make money from home for sure… but plenty of them still chase miracles.

  4. Wow, I love your review. Recession Profit Secrets is definitely legit, I only started using it a few weeks ago and already seeing good results. I'm on my way to 6 figures. Check my page

    1. Hi Carrera, thanks for your comment. What did you actually start a few weeks ago and what kind of results are you getting? We’d like to hear about your experience. I had to delete your affiliate link as we can’t allow it as per our legal disclosure. Thanks & good luck!

  5. Hi Ray, thanks for your honest Recession Profit Secrets review. I have been referred to by at least one affiliate and decided to check some reviews. I'm glad that you actually used it and revealed how abysmal the service was. This is unacceptable in any aspects. I'm appalled to learn that it just turned out to be a book. You saved my time & money, this is so helpful, thanks!

    1. Hi JJ, there are a lot of tools that allow you to do the job. As I said in the post, if there are multiple download buttons in the dashboard, it will appear to users that they have a lot of items for the price they paid for – that’s just my guess.

  6. Hello. Thank you for letting me know. I couldn’t believe it first I did not understand. It’s a scam now. I will not buy it. Thank you.

  7. Thanks for being honest about Recession profit secrets. I thought it was too good to be true and I'm glad I read this. So you're saying you're not making any money from Bitcoin even if you follow his steps?

    1. Hi Michael, as we all know, you might make money by trading cryptocurrencies (i.e. keep buying & selling) but I’m sure there are some techniques that experts do (which I don’t know). Recession Profit Secrets never shares any special tips, it just tells you about the banking history which is irrelevant, and how to sign up with a crypto platform, which is unnecessary. So if you follow his steps, you may be able to buy & sell the currencies but no, it’ll never help you make money. Thanks for your comment.

  8. Thank you for your nice review. There seem to be various works, there are many bonuses, and everyone is complimenting them, so I was wondering. It's hard to tell the truth from the sales page, and I thought it was strange. I learned good things and gained good knowledge, from this review.

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