Retired Millionaire System Review – You’ll Make A LOSS!

Updated: July 11, 2019
by Ray Alexander

I had a funny feeling that Retired Millionaire System may be offering a decent affiliate marketing training for newbies, despite all the nonrealistic income claims and fake testimonials played by actors. How wrong was I? Follow his guide and you'll regret it, I'll tell you why. My Retired Millionaire System Review will show you what the real product is all about, so you'll see why you shouldn't waste your time and money on it.

Retired Millionaire System Review

Product Name:

The Retired Millionaire System

Website URL:


Affiliate Marketing


Greg Larson (fake name, post probably)


$47 $37 $17 plus upsells


What is Retired Millionaire System?

It's not a "done-for-you" system, but it's a basic guide to affiliate marketing, created by a ClickFunnels affiliate. The seller only tells you the four essential elements of affiliate marketing;

  1. Create your own sales funnel (using ClickFunnels, which will cost you $97 per month).
  2. Promote affiliate products from ClickBank.
  3. Buy traffic (from WebFire, Udimi or TrafficForMe).
  4. Generate leads and start email marketing.

The seller claims that he's been "using the system" for over 15 years - I doubt it, because ClickFunnels has only been around since 2014. Also he recommends you to use MailChimp, an email marketing service to promote affiliate products, which is specifically prohibited by MailChimp. He doesn't even know it, means he has no experience.

I feel that the Retired Millionaire System is very "lazy" for two main reasons;

  • It doesn't even provide exclusive login access to the paid members. I could actually reveal an URL and anybody can take a look at the whole site for free (I won't do that!)
  • There is no training material at all. It merely prompts you to sign up with the 4 services above, and the seller doesn't even explain why he recommends each one. Many "bonus" downloads - look like they're supposed to be PDF guides, but the download links are ALL broken.
Retired Millionaire System Review

Slap In The Face

After you've made a payment, you'll have to listen to a 10-minute lecture, recorded by the same spokesperson, the content of which can be useful for a brand new online hopeful. But it's a slap in the face for someone who genuinely believed what the sales video said - automated system to let them earn $500 "today". You pay for the product and all of a sudden, you're told that it takes TIME, effort and money to make sales.

The seller also makes some irresponsible comments in the lecture. For example, "You have to make sure you have persuasive sales pages."

First of all, it's not what he promised in the sales video - automated, all done-for-you system, means you're NOT supposed to have to make sure you have the right stuff, doesn't it? And secondly, what is a persuasive sales page? He never explains it to you in the actual members' area.

Annoying Invitations To Upsells

Time, Effort, Money

Anyway if you don't want to listen to the lecture, you have to wait for 10 minutes, only to be prompted to buy the first upsell product for $97.

Click "No thanks" link, and you'll be directed to a downsell invitation for $67. Click another "No thanks" link, only to be directed to another few minutes long lecture, followed by the next upsell product for $19.95 per month. Click "No thanks" link once more, and hurrah! You're finally in the "members" area.

Can I Make "$457 Per Day, Today"?

You know the answer. Not at all, absolutely not. You may have noticed a suspiciously inconsistent range of income that the seller promises in the video;

  • He says this is the world's first online site that guarantees you $500 payday.
  • He also says the system is "completely automatic" that you can earn $1,000 - $10,000 per day.

The Retired Millionaire System is just a basic summary of what affiliate marketing is about. This is a method that the majority of affiliate marketers take, and many of them still struggle to make money. Nothing unique about this particular product and no special tips can be found, therefore I would be reluctant to even call this a 'guide'.

For that reason, by simply doing what this product tells you, you will not make a cent. It tells you to spend $97 per month on a sales funnel builder and hundreds of dollars on solo ad traffic - you will very likely to make a loss unless you learn the techniques from elsewhere.

But the seller "guarantees" $500 per day - scam, isn't it?

"Unhelpful" Step-By-Step

Here's what the Retired Millionaire System includes.

  • Step 1 - Invitation to ClickFunnels
  • Step 2 - Invitation to MailChimp
  • Step 3 - Invitation to ClickBank
  • Step 4 & 5 - Download (dead) links to some online marketing guides
  • Step 6 - Invitation to solo ad traffic services
  • Bonus Websites - download links (most of them are dead) to PLR products. 

What I feel very "unhelpful" of this product is that, it tells you to join ClickFunnels, MailChimp, etc, but barely explains what they are and why. MailChimp for instance, it says that a lead capture account allows you to stay in contact with your prospects, therefore you will "instantly double your income". I get the impression that the seller doesn't have an email marketing experience.

Invitation to ClickFunnels

Step 1 is an invitation to join ClickFunnels membership. It says "Easy to use - anyone can use it" which I think is a broad statement. I don't personally think it's for everyone. ClickFunnels is a great sales funnel builder and it's extremely popular, but it's expensive ($97 per month). There are cheaper alternatives such as BuilderAll ($9.99 per month) for a new marketer, which does a perfect job.

There are a few links to "Getting Started" videos, none of them is created by the seller but run by ClickFunnels.

MailChimp - Don't Use It!

MailChimp is the most popular, easy-to-use and reliable email marketing service, free for a list of up to 2,000 subscribers.

I thoroughly recommend MailChimp if you DON'T randomly promote affiliate products that are sold via ClickBank, ClickBetter, JVZoo, Warrior Plus, etc.

You can pick many legitimate, useful products from these networks but you can also pick some blacklisted get-rich-quick schemes. Affiliate marketing - No MailChimp. Check the policy from here (​"About Affiliate Links in Mailchimp").

There are download links to some list-building related ebooks, but all the links are broken.

Step 4 & 5 Are Dead!

Step 4

The platform / members area - is not organized too well. Step 4 and Step 5 are basically the same. The seller has placed 40 x links to PLR ebooks. From the title of the books, they're just at random - about affiliate marketing, social media marketing, traffic, online marketing in general.

Unfortunately all the links are broken. Not that these ebooks would have been particularly useful - I shouldn't judge without reading them individually, but most of these PLR ebooks are lengthy general guides, never practical. Merely good reads. If you can't get them here, you can get them elsewhere for free. But still, without access to all 40 bonus ebooks, it makes the Retired Millionaire System barely a quality content.

There are more bonus content under "Bonus Websites" menu. One is downloadable .exe file, which is for Windows users only. The rest of the links are all broken.

Fake Testimonials

Fake Testimonial

If you still don't believe the product is falsely advertised, the people who've left a testimonial are all hired actors - you can find them on These people can say anything that they're told to say in front of the camera for the money, for as low as $5. Sadly.

60-Day Money Back Guarantee

One good news is that you are covered by ClickBetter's money-back guarantee if you claim within the 60 days of purchase.

Retired Millionaire System Pros and Cons


  • A newbie affiliate can get some ideas.
  • 60-day money back guarantee by ClickBetter.


  • False promise of income potentials - you will not make money using this product on its own.
  • Seller makes irresponsible comments - it's easy, anyone can do it, and you have to put in an effort (no further explanations).
  • Use of fake testimonials.
  • Downloadable links to bonus products are almost all broken.

Retired Millionaire System Review - Is It Worth The Money?

The product is initially sold for $47 but if you move your cursor away from the browser tab, it will offer you a $10 discount in an attempt to keep you in. Move your cursor away once more, and it will offer a further and final discount, letting you purchase it for $17.

No, unfortunately in my opinion, it's not even worth $17.

Because it merely encourages you to use particular products, which are affiliated with the seller. Don't get me wrong, the seller has the right to recommend any products he wants. He just doesn't explain why. Better information can easily be found for free by googling.

Plus by the fact that the bonus products are unusable makes the volume of the content very small - I don't recommend this product.

(Real Time) Affiliate Income Report Last Month
September 2022: $5,815.00

About the author 

Ray Alexander

Hi! I’m Ray. Over the past 15+ years I have been involved with web designing, programming and online marketing. I work from home and have a passion for exploring new tools, services and programs in order to make money online. I’m here to help you succeed in building a profitable business by sharing my experiences. Any question, don’t hesitate to ask!

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  1. I have seen the same affiliate somewhere else a few times. I suspect
    this person is selling the same system over and over again using different names.
    If it is not helpful then it’s no worth of the price.
    You have to choose a product that does not say you can make money so quickly
    without an effort.
    Thank you for your awesome

  2. Hi Ray, good review. Sorry to see that you’ve actually tried it out and got disappointed by it. I’m guessing you got your money back?
    I see it tells you the right steps to take in order to make money in affiliate marketing, but if that was all then you’d have to learn practical lessons elsewhere. In that sense I agree with you that it’s not worth a penny. Let alone charging 47 dollars initially is a total rip-off.
    I have a feeling this has been created by the same scammer over and over again.
    Thanks for your review, good job.

    1. Hi Ben, thanks for your comment. I agree with you, they’re ‘experienced’ in selling inferior products because people pay for them. I’d like to know an opinion of anyone who’s paid $47 for that though.

  3. I don’t trust any method like this one. Been scammed too many times spent too much money before. The only formula is there formula.They say you can make so much money on the same day then you get inside to find some guide books.

    1. Hi Adrella, you’re right, there are so many of them, and get-rich-quick schemes should never be trusted because they never exist. These kinds of guide books are obtainable for free also. Thanks for your comment.

  4. Hi Ray, thank you for a great review. There are so many misleading sites to claim that anybody can make money online so easy, and it’s not true at all. From your review, I can tell this is another one. It’s a very disappointing fact.
    It’s good for me to know that ClickFunnels is good but too expensive. I can tell that its crystal clear you cannot make money using Retired Millionaire because everything about it is false.
    I knew about MailChimp not accepting affiliate marketing. This man didn’t know it, it is very bad for the users.
    Thank you for your very helpful review.

    1. Hi Tito, thanks for your comment. Yes, it’s really bad that the users are misled that way, and with the fact that there’s no training element, I really don’t recommend this product!

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