Paid 2 Post System Review – 6 Reasons Not To Buy Into This

By TJ Salvatore

Paid 2 Post System claims to provide link posting services to a number of major online companies. It offers a method to earn $9,000+ per month effortlessly by posting links. Is it true? Very unlikely. Is it worth your time and money, or is it a scam? Read my Paid 2 Post review and discover the truths, because if something sounds too good to be true, then there's always a catch.

Paid 2 Post System Review

Product Name:

Paid 2 Post System (Paid2Post)

Website URL:


Fake online job


Unknown (with fake names listed)




What Is Paid 2 Post System?

Paid 2 Post System ("Paid2Post") says it's looking for people who post links for the company. All you do is sign up, select how many you want to post, copy the code that's provided, paste your code and click Submit. 

It claims that the work is simple and easy, you can start earning within 15 minutes of joining, spend only a few hours per week and make more than $9,000 per month.

The homepage does not tell you where you're going to paste your link or what kind of link it will be. Nor does it clarify who is going to pay you (the company Paid2Post or their clients).

Paid 2 Post System also says that it offers you this job opportunity because large companies are looking for your help. But it doesn't explain why and how you can help them simply by posting links.

To sign up, you need to pay a "One Time Activation Investment" of $17, but it's not clear what this investment is for, either. If it's a legitimate online job offer, you shouldn't be paying any money in advance. 

Paid 2 Post System Review

Is Paid 2 Post System A Scam?

Yes, Paid 2 Post System is very likely to be a scam, using an old-fashioned copywriting technique to deceit new users. I will now list up all the reasons and hope you will agree with what I say.

#1 Fake Company and CEO

David Humphries Paid2Post

The photo of the CEO, "David Humphries" is just a stock photo. If this was a legitimate company and the CEO really existed in real life, there would be no reason for him to hide his identity. The name is very likely to be made up.

Demetrious Johnson Paid2Post

Also the product package shows a different name; Demetrious Johnson. The image of this package is still used on the homepage, but it never explains who it is (His name previously appeared as Paid2Post's CEO a while ago).

If you are into sports, these two names might ring a bell with you. David Humphreys is a retired rugby player. Demetrious Johnson is the name of a famous martial artist or a retired football player. The owner of Paid2Post must be a sports fan.

#2 Fake Reason To Recruit

Paid2Post says that it's recruiting people to post links, because "due to the nature of posting links one at a time, we can't handle the workload" as if it's a media factory from the 20th Century. 

This does not make sense at all because if a job is simply to post links, automation software can post multiple links at a time easily. There are millions of developers out there who can create such programs. Online businesses don't need to pay humans to do simple tasks, otherwise it would be a huge waste of money. 

"Paid 2 Post System allows you to post links to make money"...It's not telling you the truth.

#3 False Information About Affiliates

The "large companies" that are said to be looking for link-posting in the Paid 2 Post System's homepage are; AmazonWalmartCommission Junction, and ClickBank. One thing in common between these companies is, they all offer affiliate programs. In fact, the latter two are affiliate marketplaces.

Paid2Post is incredibly ambiguous about it, it's not telling you the whole story. Yes, these companies, or any other companies that offer an affiliate program do look for people "who post links", because that's what affiliates do online. However, posting links is the easiest part of the job. You have to find the right audience by researching, spend money on advertisements, learn SEO techniques and keep blogging...then post links. You can only make money when you've accomplished all these tasks. You have to be competent to be successful in affiliate marketing.

Paid 2 Post System ClickBank

#4 Pay $17 To Make $9,000 Per Month

It tells you that you can make $9,000+ per month effortlessly. But as we all know, nobody makes money "effortlessly" without building years & years of foundation.

If this was a decent affiliate marketing training guide priced $17, then it would be reasonable. But Paid2Post says this is an investment, without describing what type of investment. No tool can allow you to simply post links to make money. If there was such a thing and it was obtainable for as low cost as $17, it would have been gone viral across the world by now. 

#5 Limited Availability

The majority of the online-job products that claim limited availability are scams unless they have a valid reason. Paid 2 Post System first says it's looking for people because the company cannot handle "link posting" themselves, then later on it says there is a great demand "due to its effectiveness" so it's limiting the number of people, which is totally unjustifiable. It also says the Paid2Post's technical team is closing the access "today", and this site has been around at least for months. This is a "fake scarcity" scam technique and none of it can be trusted.

#6 Promotes Website ATM

Website ATM Scam

A countdown timer is set on the Paid 2 Post System page for 16:30 minutes. When the timer runs out, the page will jump to a Website ATM sales page, which is another scam site that falsely promises an income of $500 per day. Website ATM is infamous for scamming a countless of users and it keeps changing the domain name. It's not clear whether both sites are owned by the same person or not, but in light of this, Paid 2 Post System should also be considered as a scam.

60 Day Money Back Guarantee

Paid 2 Post System Money Back Guarantee

The good news is, Paid 2 Post System is sold via ClickBetter and you are covered by its 60 day money back guarantee. If you contact ClickBetter directly, it's easy to claim a full refund. Your money will be returned within 24 hours of the claim.

Paid 2 Post System Pros and Cons


  • 60 Day Money Back Guarantee
    Contact ClickBetter directly, and you will get your refund within 24 hours.


  • False Income Claim
    Making more than $9,000 per month just by posting links is a false claim.
  • Fake Identity of CEO
    The photo of the CEO is fake, the name is likely to be fake. Paid2Post is unlikely to be a legitimate company. 
  • Promotes Website ATM
    Website ATM is another scam product that falsely promises large earnings. 

Paid 2 Post System Review - Conclusion:

You cannot make any money by simply posting links, expecting everything else to be done by a system or someone else.  As you can see from the 6 reasons I explained, Paid 2 Post System is not telling you the truth about the product.

The price of $17 may be reasonable, but you get what you pay for. It will not help you make any money. I do not recommend it.

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  1. Thank you for such an insightful Paid 2 Post System Review. I have not seen such a thoughtful review for a long time now. Any people will appreciate this kind of information. I agree with most of your points.

  2. Thank you for your thorough and insight-ful review. People post links for all the wrong reasons.
    I agree that there is no system like just posting to be paid. If there is only you get is less than a dollar.

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