Not Everyone Can Make a Successful YouTube Channel

By Ray Alexander

Not every can make a successful YouTube channel. Vlogging itself is supposed to be an amazing business opportunity, whereas many business owners reluctantly keep uploading videos because that's what we have to do. Many webmasters believe that embedding YouTube in each post is a must in order to rank in Google, because YouTube is owned by them. But we also know it's pointless and a waste of time in broadcasting videos that no one's interested to watch. You're supposed to need to inculcate certain 'qualities' to make you succeed in the delicate world of video sharing. But what are the qualities?

Not Everyone Can Make a Successful YouTube Channel

When YouTube was first established in 2005, it was simply created to share videos about simple events and personal experiences; as shown by the first video uploaded on the website titled ‘Me at the zoo’ in which one of the huge video-sharing platform’s creators shared a video of his visit to a zoo in San Diego, California.

YouTube has come a long way over the past one decade and has grown to become one of the biggest digital marketing tools in the modern era. YouTube has also helped in the rise of YouTube stars who are referred to as influencers because of their huge subscriber base that enables them to influence purchasing trends in the niche they are involved in. Running a YouTube channel is quite a lucrative online venture, and if you are passionate about what you are vlogging about, you can rise to become a top-rated star on the infamous platform........

.........Who am I kidding, right?

First of all what's the point in copying all about the YouTube history crap from Wiki that nobody's interested and babbling on in here? Nothing, just trying to make this post unnecessarily lengthy. It's hard to write about the topic I don't really know, see what I mean? But I've already started it and done some keyword research - nothing brilliant came up. So no one's gonna find this post anyway. Even if they do, people don't read the first few paragraphs. They scroll down

...Just like they fast forward a lengthy YouTube video.

And secondly, if you happened to find this post, and you've been reading it word by word and going, "Oh I see. Yes that's right, I agree... Is that so? Wow." Then you're never gonna be a YouTuber. Neither am I in a million years.

Continue? So what elements are missing from us - why don't some people make it as successful YouTubers? And if you forcibly made yourself adopt the necessary techniques, would you ever be able to have your YouTube channel stand out?

Create Relatable Content

Cultivating a cult-like followership on the internet can be challenging. It’s a delicate business. You need to understand what people want, when they want it, and how they want it presented. I guess the key to running a lucrative YouTube channel would be no exception; sharing relatable content.

A good YouTube vlogger naturally comes up with ideas that people can relate to. Such ideas include humors, emotions, trends and lifestyle in general. They must be acutely interested in the content that they are sharing, and they're religiously dedicated to delivering quality videos that pass meaningful and engaging information over and over again.

They are just being brilliant as they are, but whether consciously or subconsciously, they have an ability to putting themselves in the shoes of their target audience. They understand the problems the people have, right down to the most intricate details, and proffer the solutions they have been looking for without excessively beating around the bush.

When you can consistently share relatable content and people start to feel that you understand them, they may begin to follow your channel and subscribe to your content in droves...theoretically.

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Of course this is not something anybody can do naturally. "Putting yourself in the shoes of their target audience" means you see the world through the eyes of your followers and provide the content they really need at that point in time in the niche concerned. Inability to connect with the audience is the first reason why not everyone can make a successful YouTube channel.

Engage Audience? How On Earth?

Capturing your audience’s attention and keeping them hooked from the first second of your video to the last, is also challenging.

Don't we often hear "the recent study shows" phrases? The recent research has revealed that people have a very short attention span when they are surfing the net (yes, we know that). And therefore you need to impress the users within the first 2 minutes...wait, 12 seconds? Now apparently 2.6 seconds?

Engage Audience

I'm sure they're making that up but whatever the surveys or devices they used to work that out, it means within the first short time of your video, a potential viewer must have gotten immersed enough to want to watch your video to the very end. And even to want to watch some of the other videos on your channel.

Being able to connect to your audience, attract them, and keep them spellbound - it's easy to say it but how on earth? Not everyone can exert this kind of hypnotic effect on people. If you don't have that natural talent and want to become a successful YouTuber, you want to learn the art of keeping your audience entertained and engaged all through your videos. 

Dedication and Consistency...

In every online business venture, dedication and consistency are two key qualities that an aspiring entrepreneur must possess to be successful. The competition on the internet is very stiff because just like most internet platforms, YouTube is also accessible to everyone, regardless of whether they are good at the service they are trying to offer or not.

Due to this extremely saturated business atmosphere, it is becoming more difficult for people to run YouTube channels that eventually become popular online sensations. But many internet marketing mentors repeatedly tell me this;

"If you care to invest time and efforts into creating consistent videos on a regular basis, you'll begin to see a difference after a while, and your efforts can definitely pay off in time."


This annoying word once and for all. "One of the keys to being successful as a YouTube channel owner is consistency."

You might want to keep putting in your best even in the face of daunting odds, and keep trying to outshine the competition with every video you make. "Dedication" means to give every video your all, and whatever content posting schedule you have adopted, stick to it religiously and never fail to supply your audience with quality content.

Once again, it's easy to put that in words. It can be exhausting especially when you're not getting the desired results, keep going and keep posting regularly.

Forming Formidable Networks

Many successful YouTubers with millions of individual followers collaborate regularly to create content mind-blowing content for their subscribers, hence create buzz. "Two heads are better than one" in the world of YouTube has become a norm and other YouTubers follow the same formula.

The collaborations help to promote the brands of every participating individual, which in turn leads to increased subscribers for everyone. These kinds of videos are also more likely to go viral, giving the individuals a lot of exposure that can gain them more subscribers even outside the subscribers that they share between them.

That actually sounds like fun to me but not everyone is a great team player. Having to collaborate seamlessly with other YouTubers in order to create a fabulous video may be a pain in the ass. Demanding. Stressful.

Not Everyone Can Make a Successful YouTube Channel

If you've never tried vlogging, or even considered vlogging, what's your reason? Do you upload videos periodically but reluctantly, just because that's what you need to do to promote your business? Then isn't it unfair?

Would you rather stop it now and save your time and effort for other means of content marketing, knowing that you'll never become successful on YouTube? Or do you carry on just in case your "dead on arrival" YouTube career might come back alive sometime in the future?

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