Instar Wallet Review – A Great Place to Earn Your First Cryptocurrency?

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By Jack Stan

Cryptocurrency has proved, for some, as an essential new tool to generate revenue. Insights Network has released their latest product, the Instar Wallet Beta, which aims to help its users generate revenue by participating in daily surveys and other activities while preserving privacy.

Instar Wallet Review

Insights Network believes that companies generate substantial revenue from their users. Through its Instar Wallet program and other initiatives, Insights Network will reward its members for simply participating in their offerings. It is important to note that at the time of writing this article, the Instar Wallet was still in its beta phase.

How to Join

Joining the Instar Wallet beta is simple and clear. The website gives clear instructions for the type of information they require and the group of people eligible to enter their program. Anyone can join Instar Wallet beta. However, everyone who joins has to prove that their identity is genuinely theirs through uploading an official government-issued identifier such as passports, identification cards or a driver’s license. This acts as a safety mechanism against potential fraudsters. The process typically takes about five to ten minutes depending on your internet speeds. 

Earning Cryptocurrency

Instar Wallet beta could be the best place for cryptocurrency beginners to start earning via tokens. The beta program run by Instar Wallet rewards its users for contributing to the network in some ways. Opinion polls, surveys, bounty programs, and referrals are just some of the ways users can earn on Instar Wallet beta. 

Opinion polls and surveys

The surveys and opinion polls hosted on the Instar Wallet beta program range from short and easy to long and slightly complicated. Now, Instar Wallet beta is still new; hence the surveys hosted are still few. To participate in a survey or poll, a contributor has to meet the survey’s demands. Surveys and polls are designed for a specific demographic. Each survey has questions that determine whether a user fits into the desired demographic.

Due to its testing phase, it is likely that you may encounter a few bugs while filling out the surveys or answering the polls. However, there is a dedicated support team that works round the clock to ensure that every bug detected is dealt with. 

As Instar Wallet grows beyond its beta phase, it is likely that more surveys and opinion polls will be hosted on the platform. 

Inviting friends

Instar Wallet intends to grow its network; inviting friends who successfully register results in a reward. This encourages existing members to help increase their Insights Wallet. 

The referral program run by Instar Wallet beta is now even more enticing as a trip to Thailand is at stake for the user with the highest successful referrals. 

Once earned, the INSTAR is sent to a member’s Instar Wallet. As stated in their terms and conditions, it is crucial that the INSTAR is sent to Instar Wallet as the entire program is still in beta phase. Sending INSTAR to other wallets may result in unexpected loss of the tokens which the company will not be liable for. 

Other Opportunities

Instar Wallet beta is more than just earning tokens; they offer other cryptocurrency related activities. These include:

1. Price watching

Instar Wallet members can view, from their dashboards, the prices of cryptocurrencies against the dollar. For cryptocurrency traders, this could help inform their daily trading decisions. Aspiring cryptocurrency traders may also find this informative and helpful in their decision to join the cryptocurrency exchange industry. 

INSTAR is also featured in the price watch list. Users can quickly know how much, in dollars, they own via INSTAR. 

2. Learning more about blockchain technology

Instar Wallet opens up the world of blockchain to its users. Through the Instar Learning Labs feature, users can know more about the world of blockchain. The current state of blockchain and future innovations are discussed in the Learning Labs. The Learning Labs also has an in-depth explanation of how the Instar Wallet functions. Users, therefore, can fully understand how to use the platform. 

For new blockchain users and blockchain enthusiasts, the potential data that may be hosted on the platform is likely to excite them. As the platform grows, more exciting information on blockchain is likely to be submitted on Instar Wallet. The possible outcome is a community that understands how blockchain works and uses it to their advantage. 

Instar Learning Lab


Joining and using Instar Wallet beta is simple and direct. The verification process is as simple as an upload of original government documents. Safety of the documents is ensured by the robust Instar Blockchain which runs the entire system. 

The dashboard set up is comfortable and easy to understand. Information is strategically displayed on the dashboard. Access to services offered can easily be accessed via the dashboard as everything is clear and simple. 

Instar Wallet also has a mobile application which improves its efficiency greatly. The set-up is simple and straightforward. All services can be accessed via the application thus making Instar Wallet services mobile. The mobile application is currently only available for Android devices, a drawback which locks out iOS users. 

There is also technical support offered by the team behind Instar Wallet to make the entire Instar experience even better. 


The Instar Wallet beta service is an application worth exploring. It hosts interesting features that are likely to be love by cryptocurrency and blockchain enthusiasts. Its simplicity and reward feature are great tools for expanding the blockchain influence. It offers practicality in the crypto exchange industry through its price watch feature and a secure storage option for cryptocurrency through the wallet itself. Instar Wallet is worth recommending.

Learn more about the Instar Wallet and be in with a chance to win INSTAR tokens through surveys from the link below!

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Jack Stan

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