Review – 100% Commission?

Updated: January 19, 2022
by Ray Alexander

I've been invited to join, visited the site for the first time, and immediately ran into a problem. The tagline reads "Let Your Technology Set You Free" which is ambiguous and makes no sense. The person who invited me wasn’t able to explain except that this system would pay you a “100% commission.” 

The fee would have to be paid upfront to get a full membership, but it doesn't say what exactly you'll get in return. And if I don’t know it exactly, I cannot throw my money away. I will share what I know and my thoughts with you in my review today, although I don’t have full access to the members’ area. Review

Product Name:

My Software Business

Website URL:


Chain referral scheme


Jeff Long




What Is

My Software Business (MSB) is a chain referral scheme. According to the introduction video to members, it is planning to sell a software license in the future. The software is going to be a “mobile money page creator” and “audio page creator”, but nothing else is clear at the time of writing this (December 2021).

By joining the scheme you’ll become a reseller of whatever software the company’s going to sell. The joining fee is $250 and two separate payments will be required; $200 directly to your referrer (“reseller”) and $50 to MySoftwareBusiness as a software licensing fee. 

Likewise, if you successfully recruit someone, that person should be paying you $200 directly (i.e. “100% commission”). It claims that relevant video training is provided to help you recruit others, but the videos seem to be a copy of YouTube, accessible for free. Review

Who’s Behind MySoftwareBusiness?

MSB was founded by Jeffrey Long, and the induction videos are narrated by Jeffrey himself. He’s known for creating numerous “make money” referral schemes for the past decade, including Abundance Network, GetPaid Social, The SMS Dailys, Luvv, AutoXTen, etc. 

This time, Jeff Long has teamed up with Franco Gonzalez to develop SMB. Franco is said to have been teaching affiliate marketing full-time for the past 20+ years. 

Jeff says in the video, “I love to create software, and now I’ve given you the ability to sell the software that we create.” So I assume that Jeff is the one who develops software and Franco is the one who teaches how you can sell.

Jeffrey Long Franco Gonzalez

What Is The Software?

Jeff says that the software you’ll get to use and resell to others is a “mobile money page creator”;

  • It will allow you to create “mobile-ready, audio-based websites to help you build a list and make more money.” 
  • The pages will have “music video images and animated text”.

Unfortunately, that’s all he describes. He says what it is not, but he doesn’t say what it is. (“This is not Clickfunnels or lead pages or any of those other page builders that you are familiar with. There's nothing like this out there on the market.”)

The problem is, there are hundreds of other website builders available out there. As a user, you need at least a few vital pieces of information before you decide to go for a particular site builder, such as;

  • Usability, flexibility, and scalability: How easy is it to build a site? What customization options are available? How many pages will it hold? Can we use it on multiple sites?
  • Cost: Does it include web hosting? Does it come with a subdomain for free? 

Jeff does not give away any of the information. But instead, he goes on to say that the page maker software is “easy, sexy, engaging, and captivating.” You know, words like these are totally subjective, we don’t want to hear the adjectives from the seller himself. We want to hear how it works in the practical sense, and we want to see the demo. 

Future Software Releases

I think there's uncertainty here, too. Jeff says that you’ll have access to multiple software over time. But will you be paying an extra fee per software, or free forever? We don’t know. We don’t know what kind of “software” will be involved anyway, so I find that information a little pointless. Any software company can come up with a new product at any time, but they don’t announce their future release plans without specifically telling what the products are, you see what I mean?

Is MySoftwareBusiness a Ponzi Scheme?

A Ponzi scheme is an investment scheme that falsely promises you a greater return at a later date for referring as many others. Whereas MySoftwareBusiness is said to be selling a product license, it’s not exactly a Ponzi scheme.

But schemes that operate like MSB often tend to come across as suspicious, because of the lack of focus on their products, and also because of the way they take money off the users. 

With MSB specifically, (1) it doesn’t tell you much about the software and (2) it requires you to make two separate payments. These two problems conflict with each other. I’ll explain what I mean.

MSB Software Reseller Scheme

Reseller Scheme or Affiliate Marketing Scheme?

So MySoftwareBusiness says it’s selling a product license. Usually, if you have reseller rights to a product, you should be able to sell it anywhere freely, such as on your own e-commerce store (except for some restrictions like the minimum sale price). However, MSB’s system is nothing like that. 

  • Buying a reseller license of $50 is compulsory, you cannot just pay a user fee to use the software. Likewise, your purchasers will all have to buy a reseller license.
  • The rest of the fee ($200) will go to your referrer, but your referrer doesn’t have control. You’ll be paying via your member’s dashboard. Likewise, your purchasers will all have to sign up with MySoftwareBusiness and pay you $200 via their members’ dashboard.

Perhaps because the software is only usable on the members’ dashboard? They may not be able to install it on their own webspace - again, we don’t know.

Given the inflexibility, MySoftwareBusiness is more likely an affiliate marketing scheme than a reseller plan. But then, if it’s a simple affiliate marketing scheme, there shouldn’t be a direct transaction of $200 between the referrer and the referral. Every sales transaction should be solely handled by MSB, taking $250 and paying the affiliate $200.

So you’re told that you’ll become a reseller, but you won’t have the flexibility of a normal reseller. But you won’t be an affiliate for MSB either because you’ll be receiving your payment directly from a purchaser upon sales. 

The “Training”

MySoftwareBusiness also includes “training videos” by Franco Gonzalez. But again, we’re given very little information about it. This is all that Jeff says;

  • The videos will teach you “all about the power and profitability of affiliate marketing.”
  • “There is not a better human being (than Franco) who can teach you simply all about affiliate marketing and how to execute properly to get the result that you’re looking for.”

I’m sure Franco is a very experienced teacher. But what does it mean by "all about" affiliate marketing? You cannot learn ALL about the entire business model without paying a decent training fee for it.

MySoftwareBusiness Training

What looks like a list of training modules that Jeff is showing on the induction video is just a copy of Franco Gonzalez's YouTube channel. So the bad news is, there may not be training materials exclusive to this particular scheme. But the good news is, anyone who wants to know what this particular affiliate marketing method is all about, you can access Franco's channel for free.

It's Not About the Product or Training

Considering all the above, well, you know by now that really… MySoftwareBusiness is just a “let’s make money” scheme. “Software” and “license” and all that is just an excuse, isn’t it?

Nobody knows the quality or anything about the actual software or training until they make a payment - I think the risk is too much risk to take. Pros and Cons


  • Free to sign up.


  • Recruiting new people is the primary focus of the scheme.
  • The detail of neither the software as a product nor the training is clear.
  • Telephone conversations will be involved.
  • Transaction between members (=paying $200 directly to your referrer) is a risk. Review - Conclusion:

MySoftwareBusiness explains that what it means by letting “technology set you free” is to get the technology to do mostly everything. It doesn’t make sense to me in that context, because that’s the whole point of online marketing. In fact, that’s the whole point of business in general - automation is necessary, but what truly determines success or failure is human skills. That’s common sense, isn’t it?

I believe that the single most important thing about affiliate marketing is to believe in the product that you promote. You should never join a program or recommend a program just because the payout rate is high.

I strongly believe it’s important to ignore all the income provisions or any feature to help you promote the program itself. In MySoftwareBusiness’s case, it’s the AI-generated text messaging service, because it’s just a referral tool, nothing to do with the product. And don't be swayed by the words such as "100% commission" or "Instant payment of $200". That kind of thing only happens when you truly recommend a product, someone trusts your words and pays for it when your sales skills are extracted.

I don’t think it’s the right time for anyone to join MySoftwareBusiness right now, as we don’t know what’s exactly on the plate as yet.

About the author 

Ray Alexander

Hi! I’m Ray. Over the past 15+ years I have been involved with web designing, programming and online marketing. I work from home and have a passion for exploring new tools, services and programs in order to make money online. I’m here to help you succeed in building a profitable business by sharing my experiences. Any question, don’t hesitate to ask!

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  1. A year has passed since you wrote this article. Using the word scam to describe something you never took the time to learn is unfair to those that work hard to build a solid business plan. Bloggers who put scams in all their write-ups are just incapable of understanding the function behind the business.
    If you sell a licence for a product and the person who purchased the licence gets the software, how is it a scam?
    That is a legally binding contract between the two parties involved.
    Technically everything is a Ponzi, another lazy way to get clickbait on your site. If you reward someone for their hard work, it is called payment. MSB don even pay out that $200. That is the incentive to bring people to the site. The affiliate system is a percentage of the running costs each member pays monthly to be part of the business.
    The business gives you the licence for free and you can take the software and leave. You are not held at gunpoint.
    Why would you leave, these guys gave me software i was paying over $200 to licence from the vendor. I stopped using them over the summer and found MSB and this great recruitment plan.
    The sign up is honoured with no cost. Then if you want to use the SAAS to give to your team then you can pay $200 to your referrer and MSB gives you the licence, so now you can offer the SAAS as a hook to sign up.
    This is the stage I am at. I gave $200 to a member and the owners gave me the product licence/ At no point except when the follow-up was triggered have i been forced to pay any fees. I will pay the $25 for the site and I am also thinking of being a Boss member for increased commissions from the $200 a month fee. I spend more than that on buses getting to work. Now I have a business plan with a great offer that has only cost me when I wanted to upgrade. I find that small-minded idiots who write blogs like this post can do more damage because of the ones who think that paying $50 costs is a rip-off and scam. Get a grip, its a business and that incurs costs, something you would know if you did your research.
    Jan will be when I go full time as people are signing up daily. I joined on the 1st and now have just under 300 people who took the free SAAS. The welcome period is 7 days of promotions. Then I will see if the price is a good model that will help people decide to upgrade and offer the service.

    1. You’re contradicting yourself by talking about a “contract between the two parties involved” while making a transaction between yourself and a third party (“I gave $200 to a member”), i.e. outside the contract. That’s my point.

      Watch your language. You’re only lowering your position by making a comment in such a hostile manner without reading the post properly.

      I never called a scam, nor did I call it a Ponzi scheme.

  2. I have known Jeff Long for many years. One of the first MLM schemes I joined was Jeff Long’s. Jeff Long’s schemes always end up changing, and there are always new ones. Obviously he’s trying to re-establish himself by tagging with someone else, though I have no idea who the other guy or what his intentions are. The scheme crashed within weeks of me investing my money, and I didn’t have a good experience. Since then I will never invest with him again.

  3. Such a very nice post here thanks for it. I always like and such a super contents of these post. Thanks for sharing us.

  4. This is an illegal ponzi scam, a woman called *** aggressively tried to sell me My software business using a bridge site called joinmsb com I joined but there was no particular explanation. I emailed to question a few things to her but she didn’t reply. But she still sent me spams every day with useless information. I reported her actions.

    1. Hi, thanks for your comment. That person may well be just an affiliate and sure she does sound like a spammer. Shame though, there would have been a training video that teaches how to promote it in the right way, and if there really is, the affiliate is clearly not following the guideline. If you reported her to the MSB admin, she'll stop then, hopefully. Thanks for sharing your experience.

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