Kris Clicks Review – Traffic To Your Bizopp Lead Capture Page

Updated: June 2, 2017
by Ray Alexander

Kris Clicks is a brand new web traffic service, offering to help you to generate leads quickly. It claims that the service is specifically designed for bizopp (business opportunities) category. Means Kris Clicks may sound perfect to you if you have a lead capture page to promote bizopp such as MLM, make money online and work from home. The traffic is likely to be bots, so they're extremely unlike to purchase anything from you (it would be a miracle if they did), but they visit your site. Good enough? Yes? No? It's a no, isn't it?

Update: No it's not a brand new. Kris Click's gone after receiving quite a few complaints from users for not delivering the results as promised. Look, if you're still interested.

KrisClicks Review

How Kris Clicks Works

You can try Kris Clicks right away because you'll be given 100 credits (=100 free visits to your page) upon joining. All you need is a URL of your squeeze page, or any webpage that you want to promote, and an image banner.

Banner example created using Canva, 728x90.

The banner can be made easily using Kris Clicks accepts most of the common sized banners such as 728x90, 250x250, 468x60 or 160x600. Something like the example above.

Create a new ad Kris Clicks

All you have to do is to go to "My Ads" menu and insert your ad title, your website URL, then upload the banner and click "Create My Ad!" button. 

Kris Clicks will then place your banner ad on well-known established partner traffic sites and networks, and it will start to send visitors to your website. You can create as many ads you want.

Free Trial For Full Access

100 visitors free - no strings attached. You don't have to give out your credit card information etc. You will be provided with a detailed analysis report showing each visitor's IP address and the time of visit.

So this is what I mean - you can join today and try Kris Clicks very easily. See if you're happy with the bot traffic service, and if you are, you can pay as small as $5.95 for 1,000 more visitors.

Variety Of Traffic Sources

Kris Clicks claims to have a connection with many different types of advertising platforms. Visitors are all likely to be bots, and they will find your ad, click it and arrive at your site. You can choose the traffic source from the following list (as many as you like, but they're all bots. There's no difference in between any of them.)

  • Multi level / Network Marketing visitors
  • Make money working @ home - Lead generation
  • Traffic Exchange participants - Site view traffic
  • Safe List email marketing
  • Adult Network Pop-unders
  • 404 Error Pages
  • Parked Domain traffic
  • Classified Ad placement traffic
  • Social Media Clicks
  • Lead generation landing pages
  • Advertising Partners Exchange
  • Search Engine / Organic SEO
  • Traffic Type Selection

Pricing - As Low As $0.00322 Per Visitor

You can purchase the traffic for very low prices, as per the pricing list below. If you are happy with the first free trial and would like to receive more bots for no reason, Starter Package is a very easy next step to take for just $5.95 to pay.

Starter Package

1,000 Visitors


$0.00595 per visitor

Apprentice Package

2,500 Visitors


$0.00558 per visitor

PRO Package

7,500 Visitors


$0.00533 per visitor

VIP Package

15,000 Visitors


$0.00466 per visitor

Elite Package

30,000 Visitors


$0.00430 per visitor

Rockstar Package

45,000 Visitors


$0.00322 per visitor

25% Referral Commission

Even better news is, if you refer someone to join Kris Clicks and every time that person buys a package, you'll receive 25% of the purchase price, which I think is pretty generous.

The commission is paid out on the 1st of every month for the prior month's sales into your Paypal account. The minimum payout is $50. 

Adsense and YouTube Ads Compliant?

Kris Clicks Advertising Partners

Kris Click claims that these companies are all its advertising partners, including several search engines, most notably Google. I doubt that Google will allow companies who send out bots to become parters, but anyway, that's what Kris Click says. It also claims that the traffic that they deliver is organic therefore Adsense and YouTube ads compliant. I don't believe it but that's what it says.

Any Negatives?

Not just Kris Clicks but an increasing number of traffic providers and solo ad sellers who send out bot traffic for very low cost. If you want to receive 1,000's of bot visitors every day just to see your site climbing up the Alexa ranking for no reason, Kris Clicks may be fore you. I personally don't see any point, but that's up to you to decide.

Kris Clicks doesn't work on Safari browser. Considering that Safari users are a minority, it may not be a big issue. You just have to open a Chrome browser every time you use Kris Clicks.

Kris Clicks Review - Summary

Kris Clicks gives you a great opportunity to bring visitors to your bizopp lead capture page in an inexpensive way. It's easy to create and submit your ads. The stat analysis can help you to test your traffic further. And it also has a good referral system with 25 % commissions. You won't make money from it, and it won't benefit your site as far as search engine rankings are concerned. 

2020 Update: Kris Clicks No More

Kris Clicks Connection Not Private

I was aware of some of the complaints Kris Clicks was receiving from the users for not delivering any results. It looks like the complaints resulted as Kris Clicks shutting down after a few years of operation. Rubbish, isn't it.

What's the Biggest Challenge You Face with Making Money Online?

  • Lack of time
  • Lack of knowledge or skills
  • Fear of scams
  • Don't know where to start
  • Other

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  1. If I was to buy the starter package. I already have a website but I’m struggling badly to get sales. So will this bring traffic to my website? How long does it take for the traffic to turn into leads? Please help me asap thanks

    1. Hi Charrisse, thanks for your comment.

      Since I wrote this initial post, I’ve had second thoughts – I have tried a few times and received very bad opt-in rates. Yes it will bring traffic to your site, but Kris Clicks will not turn it into leads, very rarely. If you’d like a quality traffic sent to your website and actually collect subscribers, I suggest that you should try Udimi. The starting price will be around $18 per 50 visitors, $35 per 100 visitors, but it will be worth it. My Udimi review is here.

      Any more questions, please don’t hesitate to contact me, and I might be able to help. Thanks for your visit.


  2. I am a Krisclicks advertiser and it’s going well for me. Plus, you can’t beat their prices. If you are looking for a steady flow of traffic, take the free trial and then purchase a traffic package to see if they are the right fit for you.

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