How to Keep Your Online Side Hustle Safe

By TJ Salvatore

Having extra income drop into your bank account is always a good thing, and more people than ever are delving deep into the side hustle. From ecommerce stores selling handmade jewellery to affiliate marketers, side hustles come in a huge array of types.

However, in the digital age, the vast majority of side hustles are based online, and that means they are vulnerable to cybercriminals. It’s easy to fall into the trap of thinking that your business is much too small to be of interest to hackers, but the fact is that smaller businesses are just as vulnerable as large companies when it comes to cyberattacks.

For side hustlers, here’s how to keep your money coming in by lowering your risks of being hacked.

How to Keep Your Online Side Hustle Safe

Using Firewalls

Many home routers come with their own firewall settings, but these are usually just the barest minimum in terms of protection. One of the best ways to ensure that you keep your side hustle safe online is to invest in a more effective firewall option.

As the first line of defense against cybercriminals, your firewall is vital, so look at cutting edge firewall products like sonicwall uk, which will ensure that hackers meet the maximum amount of resistance if they try to break into your systems. Get your firewall security right and those with malicious intent will often head elsewhere to find more vulnerable businesses.

Password Management

One of the easiest ways for hackers to gain access to your data is to brute force your passwords. If you use the same password for every platform that you promote your side hustle on, then you are leaving yourself massively exposed. Yes, it can be a major hassle to have a different password for every online platform that you use, but that inconvenience could save your side hustle, your profits, and the future of your income generator.

Always make use of random password generators and use a good password management system so that you minimise the inconvenience. If your side hustle means that you have a presence on multiple platforms, including social media, then tighter password use is essential.

Multi-Factor Authentication

Multi-Factor Authentication

Sometimes, hackers can get through your passwords and will then try to log into your used platforms or online bank accounts. The best way to prevent this is to ensure that you have two-factor authentication enabled. This works by sending you a text or email every time that you log in, giving you an additional log in stage (usually a PIN). If you have these authentications sent to your phone, it means that cybercriminals will have no choice but to either steal your phone or move onto another victim. Even the biggest businesses with their huge resources will usually opt to enable two-factor authentication, and if you want to protect your online side hustle, then you need to follow their example.

Online security is in a constant state of change. Cybercriminals continue to get more tech-savvy, and they deploy a wide range of attacks to test systems and find vulnerabilities.

It can be time-consuming to set up your online defenses, but it is vital if you want your side hustle to continue giving you that additional income. Stay safe online and you have more chances of seeing your side hustle grow into something special.

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