How To Think Outside The Box For Link Building This New Year

Updated: November 30, 2022
by Jess Adeola

Link building is the fuel for SEO strategy because quality backlinks take a website to the top of search rankings and make it stick. But building then takes hard work and consistent effort. You need to apply a strategy and follow some rules to link with relevant and authoritative sites in your niche. At the same time, you must ensure they are natural instead of spammy ones. 

Quality content and valuable relationships are the essentials to earning such backlinks. But you can think beyond the conventional content-based approach to build them fast and without compromising quality. The good thing is that you can work smart instead of hard to achieve the goal. Here are some ways to think outside the box for link-building this New Year.

How To Think Outside The Box For Link Building This New Year

Reclaim unlinked brand mentions

Perhaps the quickest hack to win the backlink game is by reclaiming unlinked brand mentions. You only need to keep an eye on blogs and news websites mentioning your brand and request them to link it to your website. According to SEO specialists at Outreach Monks, you can step up the tactic by asking for links to brand-related mentions such as research reports, employee names, and events you organize. You can rely on tools like Google Alerts to get quick notifications on mentions.

Refresh old content

Publishing new content has always been the mainstay of link building, but you can think beyond the ordinary by refreshing old pieces. Check articles and research reports with several backlinks, and update them with more relevant and current data. Once the piece is live, connect with bloggers linking to the old content and inform them about the update. If the fresh version is good enough, you can expect more backlinks or social media shares within a few days or weeks. The new links bring an instant boost to your SEO ranking and offer sustainable advantages with a robust link profile. The best part is that refreshing an old content piece takes a fraction of the work of creating a new one, but the benefits are equally good.

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Try link insertion

Another quick hack worth trying this New Year is link insertion, as it empowers your strategy with contextual placements in existing high-value content. But you have to be good with link insertion outreach to identify the best publications in your niche and ensure that your link fits in naturally. You may not have the expertise and contacts to implement the tactic, so look for an expert who can do it for you. Link insertion promises fast, effective, and sustainable outcomes because the value of the existing blog post passes on to your brand. 

Link building requires consistency and efficacy, but you can explore quick and legit ways to achieve more with less. Although traditional tactics are the best way to go, these quick hacks go a long way to give your website an extra push. It may just be the game-change you need to become a winner in the competitive landscape, so you must definitely try these tips in 2023.

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