How to Improve Your Email Marketing Being a Writer

Updated: December 11, 2019
by CyberCash Worldwide

Writers always need a way to keep their readers updated on their latest content, products, and books. Email marketing is probably one of the best methods to keep in touch with the audience base and ensure that potential readers and clients are connected. 

Creating and maintaining a database may seem like a difficult task, but luckily, there is a range of tools to keep writers connected with their readers. Whether you are looking to update your readers on your latest writing or pursuits or share creative writing tips, email marketing can work for you. 

Here, let’s discuss the importance of writers using email marketing to get ahead in the highly competitive writing industry.

How to Improve Your Email Marketing Being a Writer

Email marketing vs. social media marketing

Of course, you might feel that your social media pages are sufficient to connect with your readers. However, avid readers prefer methods of communication that are more formalized and direct. Besides, social media posts only have a click rate of 6%, while email communication can get a response to anything between 30% to 50%

Social media generally has a low click rate because readers use social media at different times of the day and are likely to miss your post. Email marketing is ideal because it allows you to connect with people directly, so regardless of whether they are online or not: your content will reach them. 

Social media is also not the ideal platform to release long information or in-depth depth information. Rather, social media is ideal for sharing snippets of information while email marketing allows you to share more in-depth information.

Manage your relationship with your readership

An email list allows connecting with readers in a manner that feels personal because there is no middleman. Just you and them. If they are interested in one of your products or services, it becomes easier to reach you and connect with you directly. 

It is also important to ensure that you are consistently updating your mailing list to ensure that your audience is in the loop about your latest campaigns. It is important to always respond to queries, and ensure that you are catering to their needs in one way or another. 

For instance, if you are providing students with specialized assignment help, your email list will consist mainly of students. 

Send your emails using an ESP

Avoid by all means to use your personal email address to send an email. It limits your capacity, and it will be challenging as your email list grows. With services like Yahoo and Gmail only allowing you to send up to 500 emails per day. If your list beyond 500 users, this will be a source of frustration. Apart from that, you want to send an email that looks professional and is pleasing to the eye and not just text-heavy. 

Now, this is where your Email Service Provider (ESP) comes in. The best two to choose from are either MailChimp or MailerLite. Let us make a quick comparison: 

Mailchimp is one of the world’s most trusted ESPs and it is free for up to 2000 subscribers and premium packages are quite affordable. Mailchimp allows you to design emails using drag and drop and you can create special subscribe buttons to embed onto your sites.

MailerLite is free for the first 1000 subscribers and has features quite similar to MailChimp. Despite offering less free subscribers, the service is a bit cheaper to use than MailChimp in terms of list sizes. 

Creating and managing a database

As your database grows, you will want to create a database and ensure that it has the name and surname of the subscriber. It might be an initial challenge when you are importing them from a different database. The ESP you use will also give you the option to create groups that you can perhaps divide by interests, area, age, etc. 

Perhaps, you might divide your list according to the genres or services you specialize in, and you will definitely need to create a separate list for PR. This allows you to add a more personalized feel to your content, and speak more directly to your audience as opposed to sounding generic. 

Your subject line is everything

Your subject line is what makes the reader decide on whether to read your email or not. Ironically, writers are often not so good at writing catchy headings or titles and the same goes for emails. Ask a colleague or a friend to read your email content and help you come up with a catchy title if you are struggling. 

Having someone else read the email is a good way to gain perspective from the reader’s point of view. Keep things fresh and exciting, and avoid sending too many emails because you will be thrown in the spam box. Thus, it is best to send emails 1 to 3 times a month so that your subscribers are actually glad to hear from you once in a while. 

Compose your emails professionally

Compose your emails professionally

Always start with a greeting. If you are sending an email for the first time, make a good impression by starting off with why the user is receiving the email and introduce yourself. Do not assume that people know who you are just because you released a book. 

Not introducing yourself may come off as arrogant, and some people really need a reason to follow your content and read what you have to say. You should also remember to create an automated email for your users to thank them for signing up. Lastly, include your contact details, email address, social media links, and general location if you do not have an office.

Send emails with a purpose 

Avoid sending emails with no real purpose, and regurgitating old content. Rather create emails that are in line with your content plan and it might make things easy to break down your content into monthly or weekly themes. This way, users have a clear idea of why they should follow the call to action. The call to action can stem from the following: 

  1. A promotion or freebie. People love stuff that comes for free, even if it is just an eBook or a discount for a boo. 
  2. Exclusive content. Perhaps your email subscribers can get a peek at some content or a promotion you are running a few weeks before its official release. That makes them feel special.
  3. Your writing pursuits. Will you be speaking at an event or festival? Let your readers know so that they can make time to attend.
  4. Request reviews or recommendations. Again, this makes your readers feel special and like they are part of your journey as a writer. 

Align your content plan and emails

Align your content plan and emails

When you are working on your marketing strategy, you will need to create a content plan for all your social media platforms. It is ideal for all your content to be in synch and ensure that you pre-plan what you will write to your users at the beginning of each month. 

Take time to draft your emails and read them to ensure that they are grammatically correct and that they have interesting content. Do not be boring. A monthly email plan will allow you to explore any topic from current affairs to the latest trends in the publishing industry.

Engage your readers with these simple tips

When you get an email, the first thing you want to know is who it is from and this determines whether you open the email or not. If it from User 101 Writer or some weird title, then it is not clear who it is from. Use your full name and surname or company name so the reader knows who is sending the email. 

Secondly, use the subject line to let the reader know why they are receiving this email. If a reader knows who you are and why you are sending an email, then they are more likely to open the email. In your subject line, avoid using all capital letters (in your email too), check your spelling and do not oversell your content. 

Once you have sent your emails, you can use various tools in your ESP to measure the open rate and click-through rates into additional content. You should also pay attention to the unsubscribe rate (do not take it personally) but use it as a way to improve on your content.


As a writer, your email subscribers are also the same people who will buy your books, visit your website and recommend your work or services to other people. Email marketing is an easy way to communicate with your readers and is a great addition to your overall marketing strategy. 

By applying some of these tactics, you will see a vast improvement in your online interaction with your readers. Writers often get bogged down in their ideas and are hesitant to market themselves due to fear of rejection. However, being more proactive in marketing your services and your work allows you to reach a wider audience. 

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