What Are The Things To Do Online To Promote Your First Offline Cleaning Business?

Starting a cleaning services business can be quite challenging without having a first-hand guide on the fundamentals involved. There’s an increasing need for these services which makes it a lucrative business to consider. Hard work is truly needed to get a business up and running. Cleaning business is no exception, and particularly it is because you will never be in want of patronage.

Promote Your First Offline Business

Most often, the needed capital for online marketing when starting your cleaning services business may be limited but that doesn’t mean there are no efficient ways to promote your business and be successful.

The internet has helped a lot in achieving this as compared to some years back when entrepreneurs could only print fliers and organize shows to publicize their products and services. 


How To Promote Your Cleaning Business Online

Here are some of the ways to promote your cleaning business online.

Build Your Website

Building a website for your cleaning business is a must. It helps to connect you to your potential customers in your area. It also helps to drive traffic, peak Google interest and create authority over time.

This takes a lot of time and hard work. It is advisable to frequently update your site with meaningful information as failure to do this slows down the progress of your business and engagement value with your customers.

Learn Search Engine Optimization (SEO) technique - this is a strategic method of increasing the number of visitors that comes to your website. It’s also a method of determining the traffic on your site by getting a high ranking from search engines such as Google. This is determined by the quality of content and specific keywords on your site. It takes years to build up profile, authority and ranks for specific keywords.

You can offer free sample products or an ebook. Everyone loves freebies so this strategy can work. Offer free cleaning services to local residents that will normally be paid for. This way you create awareness and it generally makes people feel indebted to you. It’s most likely they will pay back soon. Start with existing networks or contacts. Soon, you will get referrals if you offer good services and earn their trust.

Register With Google My Business

You can also register your business with Google My Business so it can be found easily on Google searches and Google maps.

Social Media Marketing

Promote your business on social media platforms. Share posts, photos and videos with relevant hashtags. Comment and like other people’s post. This takes time but will sure produce results over time.

Put up geo-targeting adverts on Facebook and geotarget and Google Ads, using metrics such as location, interest, marital status, age and so on to bring potential customers to specific landing pages. However, note that this is not free. 

Open direct channels both as a person and as a company on Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, WhatsApp and other platforms. You need lots of followers on Instagram, therefore you may want to consider paying influencers to help you spread your message.

Video Tutorials

This is free and involves posting videos on YouTube to teach people how to do things from the comfort of your home.

Videos must be creative, promotional and easy to understand. Content should be useful and should be what people need in relation to your business. You can drop links in the description box.

Press Releases

Press release websites such as PR Newswire and PR Web can be used to promote any time your business does something new. There is every possibility that a large audience will see them, although the option can be hugely costly.

Use Professional Content Marketing Services

Content marketers can strategically promote your business by publishing quality contents on authority sites using keywords and offering guest posts to websites. They could cost you a lot but the end results are worth it. 

Online Cleaning Forum/Communities

This involves joining online communities such as cleanitup.co.uk and contributing meaningful tips and advice. Some forums allow you to place hyperlinks, so you can take advantage by placing a link to your site when appropriate without annoying the community members.

Guest Posting

You can also offer free guest posts to popular bloggers and authority sites. 

Email Marketing

Build a list of subscribers and send weekly newsletters. You create a simple email signature for your business where you insert your company’s links and other relevant links to authority or marketing sites. 

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Promote Your Business With Little Cost

Like any other offline businesses, your first cleaning business can thrive by promoting online. However, as a beginner you might find it difficult to employ some of these methods because of the cost. So which platforms allow you to promote your business if you're on a low budget?

Here are some you can do with little or no capital:

  • Creating a blog or business website
  • Offering free services online like video tutorials on YouTube
  • Sharing pictures, videos and activities with relevant hash tags about your cleaning business on social media platforms.
  • Email marketing with existing contacts.
  • Joining online communities like authority websites, Facebook groups, WhatsApp groups etc. and contribute meaningful information, likes, comments, and share links to your business appropriately.

How Long Will the Business Wait for This Process?

This is the first and most important thing to take into consideration when starting your business. There is no straightforward answer to this but generally, free methods can take longer (weeks or even months) while instant results can be expected from paid options such as paying a geo-targeted advertising services.

Ways to Get Customers Within 7days 

Having said that, it is possible to promote your cleaning business online quickly without spending money if you really focus on reaching out to your existing network or contacts on social media platforms. Tell them about the services you render and offer free services for a start. Create group pages where you can post beneficial contents.

You can also do this by joining online communities or group pages and contributing actively to their blog while passively promoting your business links.

There is a greater chance of reaching a large audience and achieving great results within 7 days with these two methods. Depending on the type and quality of service you are rendering and the type of content you post, these methods work fast because they are a good means of getting referrals.

Ways to Get Customers Over A Long Period of Time

With your commitment, time, skills and money, your business will continuously grow over time. Build a good, professional-looking website for your cleaning business, learn the SEO technique and keep writing quality content. Run adverts on social media and post video tutorials on YouTube and use press release services frequently. It may take a longer time to achieve success, but these methods are tested and trusted in building your brand.


The goal is to see that your cleaning business is successful and grows steadily. So try as many methods listed above as you can.

Author  //  Ohioren Aigbokhaevbo

Ohioren Aigbokhaevbo is a staff writer at vacuumcleanersdvisor.com. She loves to write on all things vacuum cleaning and is very excited about sharing her vast knowledge about new equipment and vacuum cleaning best practices to you!

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