Earn As I Do Review – Notorious “Link Posting” Job by Karen Daniels

By Ray Alexander

"Earn As I Do" is a rehashed version of many other already rinsed and repeated make-money-online-scam products. The sales video has been around for many years, the creator that appears in the video is known to be fictitious, and what she says is awfully inconsistent. The actual content is a compilation of decade-old affiliate marketing training materials. Today in my Earn As I Do review, I will explain why this product is so wrong and you should never trust a word that the seller promises.

Earn As I Do Review

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Bulletproof Profits

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What Is Earn As I Do?

Earn As I Do is a rehashed version of previously released products including "My Home Cash Club", "Home Online Profits" and "My Home Success Plan". The seller claims that you will make some money just by "posting links". She never reveals what kind of links they will be, but all you have to do is to submit a link to a "link blaster tools" which will then post it in thousands of different websites at once. She says you will instantly make $15 from it.

The seller also says that the system is so easy that there will be no training involved, but later on in the video, she says that the product is a "Link Posting Consultant Certification Program" and some extensive training will be provided.

None of it is true. If you know just a little bit about online marketing jobs, you know you can barely make a few cents by randomly posting links. There is no job such as a link posting consultancy, nor is there a certification requirement for placing a link anywhere on the internet.

The actual product is a compilation of very old, affiliate marketing guide videos from YouTube. Unfortunately I don't think any of it is practically useful, and I think it's confusing because several different videos are harshly compiled.

Earn As I Do Scam Review

VERY Old Sales Video

The video that appears in Earn As I Do was originally made for an old scam product "Automated Daily Income" at least a few years ago. Deborah Robertson, who appears at the beginning is a network marketer. She's real but her testimonial (saying she's made $2,000 in 10 days) is obviously not for Earn As I Do. 

The seller doesn't even pretend this is a new product. She - the fictitious owner - keeps calling it "Automated Daily Income" towards the end of the video. By then, people who fall for this kind of scam may be overwhelmed by all other get-rich-quick information that they've been given, they might not even notice (or care) the name of the product, sadly.

"Karen Daniels" - Fake Seller

The woman in the photo is not "Karen Daniels" as she (or he, who knows it's not a man?) claims. The photo was stolen from a site "Restoring Order" and the lady's name is Kara, who was Communication Assistant for the team. She's nothing to do this scam. 

She boasts, "You may know me from the presentation I gave in Los Angeles, others know me from numerous interviews, podcasts, and teleseminars that I have done in the past. I've been called the top work-at-home consultant in America." But you google her name - you won't find such a consultant named Karen Daniels.

Kara Daniels Fake Seller

Inconsistent Claims

The seller says your job is to "post links", there is a huge demand and companies are desperately looking for people to post links, etc. None of it is true. If you carry on listening to her to work out what kind of business model she's offering, you'll only start to find out contradictions one after another. Here are some of the examples.

#1 "Posting a Link Takes 4 Minutes... Or 1 Minute?"

She says that it will take you between 3 to 4 minutes to "post one link" and you'll make $15 each time, never mind what kind of link. She goes on to do the math - you can post up to 15 links in 60 minutes, therefore you'll make $225 per hour. If you do this 5 days a week, you can make $1,125 a week...and so on.

However later on in the video, all of a sudden she says that it only takes 1 minute to post a link. You'll make $15 for posting one link, so you'll make $150 by posting only 10 links, i.e. 10 minutes of work. Totally different story.

#2 "Your Account Is Updated Every 30 Minutes"

She claims that this "posting link" business will pay you immediately. And your account will be updated every 30 minutes. It means within half an hour of posting a link, you'll be able to see the money coming into your "account", she claims.

She goes on to say, "It's really motivating to instantly see the money you're making! I love checking my account and clicking throughout the day!"

But earlier in the video, she says she only works 4 hours a day. Why would she need to check the account all day, knowing that nothing will be coming in while she's not working? It really doesn't make sense.

#3 "Companies Are Looking For Home Workers"

The seller also says, companies don't post links themselves because "they would have to buy new buildings and hire and house thousands of new employees to do that." So they look for people who can post links from home.

This again, makes no sense. The seller says the job makes $225 per hour. But it's such an extremely job that can be done by anybody, which means that companies can employ admin staff for as low as $12 per hour, accommodate them and provide all the equipment and still make huge profits.

#4 "Link Posting Consultant Certification Program"

At the beginning of the video, the seller says that the job is so easy that it will need no skills or training. It will take up to 4 minutes to post a link. But towards the end, she starts to talk about "brand-new 21-step online training portal" and claims that this is "the only certified program in the world for link posting". And it will only take 1 minute to post a link.

#5 Dubious Money-Back Guarantee

After making all the bold statements (how easy the job will be, how quickly the money can be made by anyone), the seller says, "If you aren't making money and aren't satisfied, ask for a full refund anytime within 60 days." As a user, hearing the possibility of not making money without a valid explanation is just so out of the blue.

She appears to offer a 60-day money-back period there. However if you try to purchase this product by clicking the "access" button, a 90-day guarantee badge will pop up, which makes the whole money-back policy unreliable.

Money back guarantee

60 days or 90 days??

As you can see from the 1-5 above, the seller just cannot construct a rational explanation, and it proves that none of the claims in the video is believable.

The Small Writing Denies Everything

Earn As I Do Disclaimer

Despite all the magical but inconceivable promises in the video, the disclaimer in small writing at the bottom of the page reads, "The average person who follows any how-to information gets little to no results." This means that you will make little or no money by copying what the seller claims to do, i.e. posting links.

The disclaimer also says, "I have the benefit of having 10+ years of experience", but in the video she says she has 5 years of experience, which contradict each other.

Earn As I Do - The Actual Product

Earn As I Do Rehashed

The actual product is nothing like what's explained in the sales video. Earn As I Do will not provide you "your account", not will it provide such a miracle link-posting job.

Instead - as I mentioned earlier, Earn As I Do is a rehashed version of previously released products and, it's actually a copy of "My Home Cash Club" which I reviewed a while ago, perhaps you can take a look from here if you want to check the detail.

You will NOT make a penny out of it, because it's a compilation of video guides, most of which are decade-old, some about affiliate marketing, some about Facebook. The content is outdated and useless, unfortunately. If you accidentally purchased Earn As I Do, never try to make use of it and learn a little bit of online business from it, because you will be given wrong advice. 

Get-Rich-Quick Scam

As you can see by now, Earn As I Do is a scam product targeted to specific people, i.e. get-rich-quick-by-doing-nothing dreamers. These people would selectively trust words such as "it only takes 1 minute" and "only 3 steps to set up" and make a purchase. Once they get in, they're simply overwhelmed by the volume of the content and give up, not knowing that it's not even designed to be a proper training material.

If you don't want to be one of them...there are a couple of golden rules that you want to remember;

  • There's never an easy system such as "posting a link to make money" - if a job is something that anyone can do without much learning, then it's a low-pay job. You'll only make a few cents (seriously!)
  • The only way to make a good success online is to pay a monthly fee to receive decent training - never pay a one-off fee of $10 - $100 for a product and expect it to give you a magical technique!

Niche Affiliate Marketing

If you want to build your own website and learn how to start niche affiliate marketing, join me from the link below. Affiliate marketing is a legitimate business model, allowing anyone to start immediately. But accessible by anyone means it's very competitive. You will only start making monthly passive income after you've taken advice by experts and persistently learned all the techniques. It will take time, but the rewards are promising. Only if you are serious, otherwise you'll be wasting your time.

How I "Finally" Make Over $6,000 Monthly Income

"The most valuable thing I've ever done!"

Let us hear your opinion - what do you think about what you've read so far? Leave a comment below. Any question or request will be welcomed. We'll get back to you as soon as we can!

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  1. Hi, Ray. Your review is very interesting. I agree with everything you say. This sounds like a real scam product. Link posting consultant is laughable. Has there ever been a job position like that, I don’t think so?

    I hope it will help many people because products like this one should be banned. Technology changes and updates itself so quickly, any information, especially online make money information should be up to date. One year old information can be so very dated. However this is using an old information with the name replaced, it will not help anybody. Thank you for the useful review.

    1. Hi Tito, thanks for sharing your thoughts. Obviously the seller’s having a laugh there. There is no method that is truly evergreen, and this one is awfully outdated, unfortunately. Appreciate your comment!

  2. It’s Deborah Robertson not Karen Daniels. I have met Deborah in the past. She is very nice genuine and helpful. If she is involved then you can trust it but this doesn’t look like it.

    1. Hi Jade, yes the photo is of Deborah leaving a testimonial but not for this particular product. I wouldn’t speculate if she is or is not involved, but thanks for the info. Great to know that she’s been helpful to you. Thanks for your comment.

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