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Updated: October 22, 2020
by TJ Salvatore

Viruses and online threats are everywhere and sometimes target computers to harm users’ sensitive information. Data loss could have a lasting impact, and sometimes companies have to pay millions of dollars to retrieve crucial files. Luckily, there are ways to prevent viruses and malware from harming your devices and information.

In this blog, you’ll learn how online security tools protect your PC from viruses and online threats. But before jumping into the details, let me briefly explain to you what are viruses and online threats.

How Online Security Tools Protect PC from Viruses

What Are Viruses and Online Threats?

Online threats can be defined as the collection of harmful malware, Trojan, viruses, spyware, spam, and phishing. Any suspicious activity that can harm your network can be an online threat.

On the other hand, if I define computer viruses, then it’s very much similar to the human virus. It also can transfer from host to host to spread damage as much as it can do.

Computer viruses can be of any type, including network virus, file infector, browser hijacker, and many others.

At its simplest, computer viruses are malicious code designed to change the way a computer is intended to perform. It also spreads from one system to another using a document or program.

How does a Virus Attack your System?

Virus Attack

First, a hacker successfully installs the virus into a program, document, or file then attaches it to your computer by any means. Once the program gets attached to your system, then this virus remains in the rest state.

As soon as you run the infected program, this malicious code (Virus) starts activating itself. Your system shows no signs of virus initially so, it is very difficult to detect it for the user.

Once you start using the infected program, the virus starts destroying your system along with other systems on the same network.

In addition, a virus can do several vicious activities with your system like logging keystrokes, spamming contacts and emails, stealing data and passwords, and corrupting files.

Sometimes, hackers can control your entire machine by encrypting data and asking for the ransom to provide decryption keys.

Not every virus is extremely dangerous for your system, but they can be designed accordingly, keeping financial benefits in mind sometimes.

How to Protect your System from Online Threats?

With time, technology is covering almost everything, and luckily there are ways to protect your system against viruses and malware.

Today, organizations focus on network security much more than anything else. A lot of cybersecurity tools have taken over space.

These cybersecurity tools are designed to defend your network against harmful viruses and malware.

Installing antivirus software is your first step towards network security. Once you’ve got the premium antivirus software, then use a VPN to securely browse the internet.

More Tips to Protect your Computer from Viruses and Malware

There are more tricks that you can follow to defend your computer from malicious programs. Try always to follow these points to ensure a safe online environment for your data and devices.

  • Never click on ad pop-ups
  • Don’t open emails without scanning them
  • Use file-sharing programs and scan each file before downloading
  • Update antivirus and software programs
  • Don’t click unknown sources

How does An Antivirus Program protect your computer?

We often see antivirus programs as the best solution to combat viruses. However, many of you might not know how these programs are designed to protect the system.

Antivirus software are specially designed programs that detect similar patterns using its database. Antivirus software also uses different tools to analyze and predict when the next attack is going to happen. Meanwhile, this software also prevents attacks from occurring.

It is crucial to frequently update antivirus software because, with time, viruses and malware get stronger, and an older version of antivirus software is not enough to fight against these new viruses.

Note: I would suggest you always choose a paid and lightweight antivirus software. It will eat up less device space and perform equally well compared to a free antivirus program.

How does a VPN Protect My System from Viruses?


A VPN is also a great cybersecurity tool that protects your system from various online threats. Moreover, it also protects your network by encrypting online traffic so no hackers or intruders can intercept your network because of the strong encryption.

If you’re using any advanced VPN, it will encrypt your traffic and protect data from malware.

Advanced VPNs block malicious programs even before they reach your device, and in this way, a VPN can prevent viruses and malware.

How Firewalls Protect your Computer from Viruses and Malware

A firewall is another significant cybersecurity tool designed to prevent malware and viruses. It keeps your network well-protected from outside threats. A firewall is just like a filter that filters threats and restricts computer communications to keep the overall environment safe and secure. To restrict computer communication, Firewalls also provide a customized option.

Note: if you’re a home user, then it is not necessary to always install firewalls, but if you’re running a company, then it’s good to keep all the security gadgets aligned. Firewalls are great to defend your network against external threats.

What is the best cybersecurity tool to protect computers?

Each year, hackers launch new threats that are stronger than the previous attempts. Therefore, I cannot suggest any single program to fight against malicious programs. What you can do best to maintain your system’s security is to apply everything that you have.

It is essential to have a VPN and antivirus software to keep your system running safely. Also, you can use two-factor authentication and strong passwords for added safety.


There you have it! I hope that now you have learned what viruses and malware are. Also, I have explained to you how these programs are designed to exploit your system. You can also see the best-outlined cybersecurity tools to protect your computer from viruses and malware. Get the best antivirus and VPN program today, and never let a virus disrupt your system again.

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