HONEST Work-From-Home Internet Business Opportunity

You run your work at home internet business in the way you know of for a reason. Maybe because you've tried many methods in the past and you think the one you run now is most suitable for your personality or circumstances. Maybe because it's the only way that you know of. Or maybe because it's the easiest or least stressful way to make the maximum amount of money. While it's easy to say 'honesty' is the key to success blah-blah-blurrrr, sometimes you're not selling a thing if you are totally being yourself. What is an honest work from home internet business opportunity?

HONEST Work-From-Home Internet Business Opportunity

Who's The Biggest Fool?

Just like any other new starters, I had no clue when I was brand new to the affiliate marketing business. I wasn't making money, then I soon found my coach who told me that I was being too honest and vulnerable. He told me that my approach was totally wrong, I should be tougher, thick-skinned, pretend that I know-it-all, brag and bluff. Nobody would believe what a newbie says anyway.

...Which seemed to make sense at the time. The biggest problem I had was that the product he persuaded me to promote. It was an expensive 'work from home training' package that I didn't think worth paying for. The video tutorials were somewhat abrupt, very little support, overhyped with little content - basically pretty scammy. But who was I to judge? I was totally new.

And this is what my coach told me;

  1. 'Our' audience will be people who visit gaming/gambling sites and prize competition sites, because many of them often don't know what they're looking for, apart from ways to make money out of nowhere (easier to fool).
  2. But they're also extremely skeptical. They won't easily believe whatever you say.
  3. For that reason, firstly I need to learn a copywriting technique.
  4. Secondly, believe in this (scammy) product that I'm going to promote. If I truly believe in it, my words will naturally start to sound believable to others.

Wow, is it how internet marketing works...?

I tried my best to 'believe in' the product, quite blindly. I probably knew at the back of my mind that it would never work. If it worked, it wouldn't be sustainable. But you see, an honesty issue didn't cross my mind when I was inexperienced. I simply followed what my coach (i.e. an expert) was telling me to do as if there was no other option available. "If this is what everyone's doing then, I'll have to get on the same rails."

Honest Online Marketing

Cut the story short, I gave it up. It was a 'work from home' product and I wasn't making a cent from it. I tried to believe in the product that wasn't working. Would I sell a pair of shoes that I feel uncomfortable with? I could never believe in such a pair of shoes even if I spent a thousand nights trying. I finally realized that I was only fooling myself.

Honesty Is Subjective

I learned great lessons from the experience though. both good and bad, such as;

  • Targeting a particular audience because you think it's 'easy to fool', is a deception.
  • A scam is a scam, follow your heart and it's clear. Trying to force yourself to believe that it's legit, is a stupid waste of time.
  • But always look for a positive side of things - I'm not moving forward if I stay where I am with full of doubts.
  • A good copywriting technique makes a difference, so does a bad clickbait (say "You Are The Winner! Click HERE" just to get people to click) - learned what I should/shouldn't say.
  • Honesty is subjective - Users are free to decide that I'm being totally truthful or lying from the way I say things in the web space. Only I know what's really in my mind. Then it'll be a constant challenge to appear to be honest too.

As An Affiliate - Don't Try To Fake It

Affiliate marketers should never 'sell'. Because we don't have our own products - we are affiliates but also users. So our job is to help our fellow users by making recommendations. Quite obviously, you cannot have a good, honest and unbiased opinion about a product that you don't know.

Car Affiliate

And if you're not interested in the niche (class of products), it will be virtually impossible to make a truthful judgment. Imagine you don't have a drivers license (if you do), and you don't even like driving. You build a car review website and talk about each car's performance, usability, and feelgood factor. It would take you a hell of a lot of time and effort to research and, essentially you'd be pretending to be a driving expert. Would the users - drivers - notice that you may be fake? Yes, they would.

Honest Work-From-Home Internet Business Opportunity

The only way to earn an online income regularly and consistently month after month, is by helping others while doing something that you know well. Like I mentioned earlier, you can recommend a product to others and earn commissions only if you believe in the product. To believe in something means to know it very well and you love it.

It's not the kind of technique that you can achieve overnight. But anyone who receives proper tools and step-by-step training will have a chance to make a sustainable, full-time income online.

Wealthy Affiliate is one of the very few business models that provide honest work from home internet business opportunities to newbies because;

  • The video and text training (12 courses, 120 lessons) are accessible 24/7.
  • You will get to meet other bloggers and experienced entrepreneurs to ask questions.
  • Weekly webinars that you can join live, or watch a recorded live later.

You might ask, how do I know this training platform itself is honest?

There's a simple answer to it - the scale of it. No other internet business training course is as much in depth as this.

Others often don't teach the most integral parts, such as how to drive traffic to your website, and leave the users feeling puzzled. Others may be equipped with a forum where users can ask questions, but because there are not enough members and the answers are often likely to be biased. With Wealthy Affiliate, thousands of experienced entrepreneurs are available to give you a hand, you'll get the best - most honest - possible solutions to your problems.

You can start free if you want to follow what I do - any questions don't hesitate to ask by leaving a comment below!

(Real Time) Affiliate Income Report Last Month
April 2019: $5,318.66

I've spent hundreds of hours in testing a cloud software which paid me more than usual, but my affiliate commission total maintained over $5k, which is great!

This is where I learned everything to earn my first $100, my first $1,000, then solid passive income every single month. 

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Ray Alexander

Hi! I’m Ray. Over the past 15+ years I have been involved with web designing, programming and online marketing. I work from home and have a passion for exploring new tools, services and programs in order to make money online. I’m here to help you succeed in building a profitable business by sharing my experiences. Any question, don’t hesitate to ask!

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Richard T

Hey, about your coach, it’s interesting to hear that story. What’s happened to him now if I may ask? You don’t treat your audience like goods then they’ll treat you the same. That’s pretty bad. Good to hear your honest opinion now that counts.

    Ray Alexander

    Hi Richard, I don’t know what’s happened to the coach to be honest…! Yes, engaging with people with respect, basic in general, basic in business also. Thanks for your comment!


Very nice article, thanks! I found it extremely interesting. Because there are so many affiliate marketers who are dishonest, all they are after is a commission. You are telling the truth. Congrats!

Yahya Yoeven

Hi, I totally agree with you about honesty in terms of serving an online business opportunity to others. Everyone has different ideas and if they truly believe one business which turns out to be dubious to others there is nothing you can help with it. Thanks for the intriguing article.

    Ray Alexander

    Hi Yahya, thanks for your comment, I appreciate it. I’m glad to hear you agree!

Joe Wood

There are so many opportunities that claim you can make money but they are not being totally honest.
I can tell from the quality of it. There are only 5 -6 training videos and they don’t answer questions I ask.
I agree honesty is subjective. If they think that kind of low quality service is honest, let them be but I don’t want to get involved.
Thank you for your insightful article.

    Ray Alexander

    Hi Joe, thanks for your comment. The quality of “make money from home” training depends on the price it charges, I suppose you get what you pay for. If there are only a few video tutorials it’s not worth paying money for. Thrive University for example, offers tutorials for free.

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