Honest Internet Business Opportunities

By Ray Alexander

Do absolutely honest internet business opportunities really exist? One person's genuine opinion can easily sound fake or biased to another. One can totally make up a story and make it look honest. Copywriting technique is a trick of the mind. Communication methods are often one-way on the internet. We all read online publications, watch videos and make our own judgment whether they're telling the truth or not. But how do we measure 'honesty' on the internet?

You are looking to buy a specific internet business tool - website builder, social media enhancement tool, whatever. You're advised to read at least several reviews before making your own decision to purchase. But what if they're all lying? Of they think they're being helpful to the audience, but they're not aware that they're biased?

Honest Internet Business Opportunities

I Can't Find A REAL Review

Right now I am interested in buying this lead generation tool. I won't name it for now because I really don't know if it's a scam or legit. And if it's legit if it's value for money or not. It's hard for me to tell because (a) the tool requires perhaps a little more than an intermediate level of technical skills, and (b) the sales page is a little overhyped.

And the reviews - I checked well over 30 reviews, both written and on YouTube videos. All of which were created by affiliate marketers. They all wrote or filmed their version of the product review, hoping to make money one way or another. And none of them has purchased and used the actual product. You can just tell, can't you? Had they used it, they would have shared a little bit of their own experience and thoughts, you know.

"Reviews" By The Affiliates

More than half of the blogs are written by the affiliates. They'd basically repeat what it says in the product sales page. But they would write it so quickly in their own words, some paragraphs don't even make sense. They're rating 5-stars, or 10 out of 10. In fact they're not even "reviews". They're trying to sell a product that they don't even know well. No way can I take any of them seriously.

"Reviews" On YouTube

Reviews On YouTube

The reviewers on YouTube are the worst. Again they simply repeat what it says on the sales page. Low-quality content cannot be penalized by Google, so they can freely talk so much rubbish using elementary school level of vocabularies, "Great!" x 10 and "Amazing!" x 5. They've all had less than 5 views anyway. (And I found them via Google search.)

*** Please note I'm not referring to YouTube marketers in general, I'm only referring to these particular reviewers - I must emphasize!

Reviews by "Scambusters"

The rest - about 10 written reviews that I've found - were by (my fellow) Wealthy Affiliate members, A.K.A. Scambusters. In case you haven't noticed, if you ever see the phrase "My #1 Recommendation" with a link anywhere in the website, that site is owned by a Wealthy Affiliate member.

We are trained to write product reviews. We are trained to be honest and unbiased in our reviews. We learn the importance of being helpful to others. If you wouldn't use the product for yourself, don't recommend it. Don't be afraid to tell your audience not to buy it, if you don't think it's value for money. That's your job as an affiliate...

We are also given an opportunity to learn how to promote ourselves. So naturally, when a product is internet business related, this will become the right thing to do...

...We would pick a "make money online" product and review it. If we don't find the product worth a buy, then we say so. We would tell our audience that there's a better place if they want to succeed online - tell them to join us at Wealthy Affiliate. We receive a referral commission every time someone joins, and we are actually helping those new online business hopefuls. Because this is the place we believe in the most.

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Thanks For Being Honest But...

So the reviews of this particular product written by Wealthy Affiliate members - I find them as bad. I can tell they all composed their review without using the product. The product requires a little bit of technical knowledge, and obviously it's beyond their understanding, they never mentioned the techie bit which I'd like to find out the most.

Their comments are negative because the product doesn't help you generate organic traffic - it's a bad habit by WA members often seen. The only way to drive traffic they know is by content writing using a keyword tool. Not many of them have good knowledge of paid traffic (although we learn it at the advanced stage). So they tend to scream "scam!" if a product relies on solo ad traffic, for example. Because that's not the way they know.

Biased? Maybe. But anyway, this product is nothing to do with driving traffic! Oh please guys, none of you is helping!

Honest Internet Business Opportunities

I probably won't buy this product because I messaged the seller and asked a couple of questions 2 days ago. I haven't had a response. If I don't hear from them by tomorrow (Monday), I'll move on. There are plenty of other internet business opportunities - although the question remains. How do we measure honesty, when every review is written by an affiliate for commission?

Having said all that, I do believe content writing, and this is the way I love to make my living online. If you're interested, you're most welcome to join me!

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Ray Alexander

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  1. Hello, I completely understand what you say. I don’t know who to trust. Nowadays everybody invites people to be subscribers and give out pdf files but there are all not genuine. All information that already seen somewhere else. A lot of reviews are fake. I just need to trust myself and make up my own decision who to trust. Thank you for your honest post.

  2. The only reviews that I can really trust are special review sites where many users contribute. Some give positive reviews while others give very negative. Also reviews in online stores like Amazon. I try to trust both sides or opinions and make my own decision if it helps. Thank you.

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