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Updated: September 12, 2020
by Ray Alexander

When I first got the High Income Alliance, I thought "meh" - the actual book "Unlock the #1 High-Income Skill" only has 15 pages, and the bonus book "7-Step High-Income Blueprint" is rather a general guide to entrepreneurial success. Yeah, you get what you pay for... Then as I went through I discovered there was much more. I thought I had grossly underestimated it. Never try to make a quick judgment just by skimming the surface! Less than $4 for all this volume, it's definitely good value. Then I got confused...

Well, I thought it was "meh" at first perhaps because it only tells you what the High-Income Skill method is not, but it doesn't tell you what exactly it is. It's a combination of a few and that can be confusing for some. Should you get it or not? Read my High Income Alliance review - I'll explain about something new that I've learned, and discuss if it's really good for people like me who don't have great communication skills or don't particularly have an innovative or creative mind.

High Income Alliance Unlock The #1 High-Income Skill Review

Product Name:

High Income Alliance Unlock The #1 High-Income Skill

Website URL:



"Make money online" general training and tools


Matt and John Rhodes


$3.95 for the first month, $97 per month thereafter


What Is High income Alliance - The #1 High Income Skill?

High-Income Alliance (HIA) is a "make money online" tutorial platform created by Matt and John Rhodes ("The Rhodes Brothers"). The majority of it is about how to drive highly targeted traffic to any website - list building, buying traffic, "borrowing" traffic, and using a survey to drive traffic. Others include creating a popular website and driving cheap traffic to make money with PPC (pay-per-click) ads such as Google Adsense.

The tutorials are by video, PDF, and audio. It also provides tools such as a conversion tracker, survey tool ($7 extra), and checklist templates. You'll also get to watch "weekly workshop" webinars, which are about forex and stock market investment.

The membership will only cost you $3.95 for the first 30 days, and $97 per month thereafter.

High Income Alliance Unlock The #1 High-Income Skill Review

What I Like About High-Income Alliance

I find the training of what it's named "N-Cash System" thorough and very useful - it's about creating a gallery website, advertise it via native ads and make money with PPC or by driving the viewers to sales/affiliate page.

The tutorials on traffic are also good, and I believe they're useful for those who have been in online business for a while but struggling to drive traffic.

What I Don't Like About High-Income Alliance

I would prefer a "straight-to-the-point, jump-right-in" program as far as a tutorial is concerned. I find the navigation too confusing - too many introductions and general guides at the beginning. 

I also find some of the content inconsistent. 

For example, you are told that #1 high-Income Skill is not about building your own website, but the "N-Cash System" I just mentioned above requires you to build a site. You are also told that it's not about having great communication skills, but later on, you're advised to connect with millionaires to learn a wealthy mindset. It's hard to hang out with millionaires if you don't have good communication skills! But it doesn't teach you how you actually get around it. 

Who Is High Income Alliance For?

It's unclear to me. 

High Income Alliance appears to be a training program for anyone who wishes to generate "high income". It doesn't focus on one particular method, and it even invites you to forex/stock investment. So it may be good for a complete newbie to see what kind of options are available. 

However, it also encourages the members to contribute "high-income secrets" if they have any.

Who Is High Income Alliance For

So it seems to expect those who are already successful in online business to join in. Perhaps the owner, the Rhodes brothers want to make this platform like an entrepreneurs' community? But it does not have a forum or any two-way platform where the members can exchange tips and advice.

The Contents

There are 8 x headings in the side menu in the members' area. I'll show you what you'll get from High-Income Alliance by going through the menu from top to bottom. I may sound pretty "negative" at first...!

1. Start Here

A brief introduction to High-Income Alliance. Here you can download a 5-page PDF file "Reference List", which I personally think is confusing. You're advised to print out this list, but I can't see the point of it. It's a list of the menu items (which I'm going to show you now) and there's a URL underneath each menu, which is unclickable. I can't see the benefit of printing it out, unfortunately.

2. Unlock The #1 High-Income Skill

This is another introduction part. You can download 2 x PDF files, "7-Step High-Income Blueprint" and "Unlock the #1 High-Income Skill Report".

7-Step High-Income Blueprint (28 pages)

To be perfectly honest, this is just a general business guide, in my opinion. I find a lot of expressions ambiguous and, the book may be good for those who don't know what it is to work for yourself so that they can get a rough idea. But there's nothing practical. The "7 steps" are;

  • Step #1: Establish Your Goals and “Reason Why”
  • Step #2: Use Proven Business Systems
  • Step #3: Build and Buy Assets That Generate Cash Flow
  • Step #4: Grow With The Help Of Others - about delegating and outsourcing
  • Step #5: Leverage Tools and Automation- about surveys
  • Step #6: Connect with Millionaires
  • Step #7: Start Using The #1 High-Income Skill

For example, Step 2 - it doesn't explain what the proven business systems are. Step 3 - it doesn't explain what it means by "assets" actually are. Step 4 - you can only consider delegating and outsourcing once you know what you're doing, etc... Even at Step 7, it only tells you the #1 High-Income Skill system has all the tools and resources, but it never reveals what they are. So I found myself feeling puzzled in the end.

Unlock the #1 High-Income Skill Report (15 pages)

This is just an introduction to the rest of the menu items - what you're going to get from High-Income Alliance. It may be my personal opinion, but I wish that it wasn't in the PDF format but was simply listed up in the "Start Here" section because really, it is an introduction!

3. Weekly Workshop

Sorry, my opinion is still negative here...

I wasn't keen on the weekly workshop webinar mainly for the following 4 reasons;

  • You have to install the software "GoToMeeting" which will cost you after 14 days.
  • It's not - at least the one I watched was not - run by the Rhodes Brothers, but someone else ("Darren Wealth Training Company".)
  • You have to sign up to watch the webinar. I signed up, and subsequently started to receive an invitation to the "Wealth Training Company's Masterclass Training" which will cost $970.
  • It was about forex and stock market investment.
Darren Wealth Training Company

I only watched the first 10 minutes or so and closed it because I wasn't interested in the forex investment. The webinar started off with testimonials - by telling you so many people have made so much using whatever the system he recommends. But I had just joined one membership and the last thing I wanted was to be sold another membership, you know what I mean? Maybe there'll be a better webinar next week, but I didn't want to keep the meeting software installed on my laptop just for that. 

4. High-Income Skills

Another confusing heading... It's titled "High-Income Skills" but the page is just an introduction to the traffic training material "B3 Traffic Bootcamp" which was previously sold via Warrior Plus back in 2019. You'll have access to this 3-day traffic course for free.

The course has 3 videos (6.5 hours in total) plus PDF files and audio files. It teaches how to buy traffic and some free traffic method ("borrow" traffic).

5. High-Income Tools

This section has two tools. "SelfSurve", a survey maker, and "Conversion Checker", a web traffic tracking tool.

Before you buy this whole "High Income Alliance Unlock The #1 High-Income Skill", you are told that the method does not require you to build a website, and it looks like SelfSurve is one that's referring to. You can create a survey page that is hosted for free. All you have to do is to send visitors to this page, and upon submitting the survey answer, the visitors will be directed to your specified sales page or affiliate page.

SelfSurve Survey Example

It's very simple to create survey questions, and you can place your logo on the survey page, though the page looks very plain and simple. Well, it does the job!

Whereas Conversion Checker needs to be downloaded and installed - if you have a WordPress, the plugin version is also available. Again, this is confusing because it only works if you have a website, and HIA is not supposed to require one.

What I think is missing from the Conversion Checker is detailed training. Because many link tracker tools are available for free out there. It's easy to say "it's important to track your links" but what a new online marketer needs to know is how to analyze the traffic and improve their job case by case.

6. Mastermind Room

This is where the members are supposed to share their secrets that "changed their lives". Right now, two secret methods are shared by the Rhodes Brothers' "mastermind partners." But the whole idea of it is very strange to me because;

  • It doesn't specify what kind of "secrets" that the owner wants to share. "Anything" seems to be acceptable as long as it's in a PDF or video format. Anything? Pyramid scheme? Cryptocurrencies? 
  • If so, no secret with regard to affiliate marketing is shared, which the majority of beginners would like to learn about.
  • It doesn't provide a forum where the members exchange their opinions. If you have some "secrets" to share, you'll have to send your documents to the support. The system is one-way and you don't know who the other members are. Then why would you share your secrets with strangers?

Anyway, here are two methods that are currently shared in this section.

#1 N-Cash System

N-Cash System

As I mentioned a little earlier, N-Cash System is about creating a gallery website and using native ads to promote it. I've never tried this method before but I've always wanted to, so I find this tutorial great, personally.

The training includes a video tutorial (25 minutes), PDF (62 pages) and a couple of Excel files. The step-by-step is thorough. I can't reveal it much since it's supposed to be a secret, but I think this training on its own was worth paying $3.95 for.

#2 Warrior Plus Behind The Scenes

Whereas this 28-minute video tutorial is about selling your own products on Warrior Plus - obviously you'll have to have something to sell. I can tell you it's useful though, if you do have a product to sell. I tried to sell a couple of products on Warrior Plus a few years ago and remember I struggled to set my seller account for the first time. I wish I had seen this video back then.

7. "Discount Codes"

Again, this section is confusing - or frankly, useless! It encourages you to buy 3 x items but (a) it doesn't tell you why you need them, and (b) there are no discount codes! The 3 items are;

  • Host1099 domain registration for $8.99 per year - it is a few dollars cheaper than Namecheap or Godaddy, but HIA doesn't teach you anything about registering a domain. Unless it teaches you in one of the weekly workshops, but you never know. So why do you need it?
  • AWeber free trial - you get free trial anyway, whether you buy it from this link or not. And when do you need it?
  • ClickFunnels 14-day free trial - you get that anyway, whether you buy it from this link or not. HIA doesn't even teach you anything about creating sales funnels, and it claims that the method is NOT about owning a website. So ClickFunnels should be totally unrelated...

VIP Support Desk

The last one on the menu is a link to the support desk. If you have any problems or questions you can always chat with an agent wherever the page you are within the members' area. But if you need to submit a ticket, you can do so from here. 

60-Day Money Back Guarantee

Your initial payment is $3.95, to access to all the content explained above for the first 30 days. If you do nothing after that, you'll be charged $97 for the 2nd month, and $97 each month thereafter.

High-Income Alliance is sold via ClickBank, so if you're not happy with it, your purchase is covered under ClickBank's guarantee. You can claim a full refund within the first 60 days.

High Income Alliance Unlock The #1 High-Income Skill Pros and Cons


  • Low initial cost.
  • N-Cash System training is very good (my personal opinion).
  • Chat support and email support are available.
  • Web traffic training may be good for beginners.
  • 60-day money back guarantee by ClickBank.


  • Confusing - too many introductions, not straight-to-the-point.
  • Inconsistent - it does not teach one solid method to help you succeed in online business.
  • The target user (who it's suitable for) is unclear because of the inconsistency. 
  • Unrelated upsells - not enough explanations are provided.
  • It gets pricier from the 2nd month.

High Income Alliance Unlock The #1 High-Income Skill Review - Conclusion:

As I said in the post, I personally find one of the "secret" training packages, N-Cash System, extremely useful, therefore I think the price I paid for is definitely a bargain. I would only recommend it only if you already know how to build a website and have resources for it (WordPress, web hosting, and extra cash to advertise).

Unfortunately, I was quite disappointed with the other materials. Especially if you are totally new to online business, you want to know what options (methods) are available and decide which one you want to go for. High-Income Alliance is very mishmash, in my opinion.

How I "Finally" Make Over $6,000 Monthly Income

"The most valuable thing I've ever done!"

About the author 

Ray Alexander

ASD. Recovering alcoholic. LGBTQ+ advocate. Semi-retired. 15+ years of web-designing experience. 10+ years affiliate marketing. Ex-accountant. I'm nice and real. Ask me if you need any help in starting up your home business.

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  1. Hi, I agree with you on all points. I got it and was really, very, confused by it all. I think the biggest problem is that the traffic training that’s not so useful. I didn’t know that it’s been sold previously, then it’s no wonder it was added to make it look like great volume worth buying. I just requested to cancel my membership.

  2. I’m disappointed to know that High income skill book is so bad but you saved me 4 dollars. It’s a small amount of money but still I don’t like wasting money on something meaningless. Thanks

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