Gift From PayPal… Never Exists!

Updated: July 15, 2017
by Ray Alexander

For months, I've been receiving a lot of emails asking how they can receive "cash gifts from PayPal". How on earth do they think PayPal - or anyone - randomly donates money to people? Crazy. A lot of them even blatantly request me to pay them on PayPal's behalf. They would include their bank details, home address and everything in their message. Identity theft? Yeah, do they care?

Gift From Paypal: Never Exists!

These people are the subscribers of my solo ad business. I promote online business opportunities and, of course I'd never tell them anything about free money, or anything even close.

There's no such thing as a "Get Rich Quick Scheme". If you ever work online, you already know that, right? We would all search for quicker, smarter ways to make money, but we should know miracle really does not exist anywhere over the internet...

If you think I'm stating the obvious, so do I. It's 2017 and I'm actually taken aback by the fact that thousands & thousands of people from all over the world still genuinely believe that someone will voluntarily get some money out of nowhere for them. They seem to believe the internet is like a goldmine - if they simply keep digging, they'll find a massive wealth one day.

It finally started to make sense as I found fake PayPal ads such as these...​

"PayPal Will Pay You!"

Paypal payout fake ad

People seem to love the idea of
PayPal giving out money.

Apparently you only spend 20 minutes in the morning and PayPal will pay you. Whatever you may have to do is a mystery but PayPal will just pay you every hour. The important thing is that you'll be living your dream, have everything you want, fast car and vacations throughout the year. You just need to do a little something every morning. Before the breakfast, of course.

Of course not!

PayPal provides a payment clearance service, it never creates money for you. But advertisements like this are indeed giving wrong impression to certain people (who don't know what PayPal really is!) 

Bizopp, MMO, WFH

Fake Paypal Bonus Ad

In my daily discussions with other fellow solo ad vendors, the quality of opt-ins is always the centre topic, i.e. how to avoid no/low quality subscribers. No quality meaning bots; how to detect and filter out bot signups is the whole other issue and we continuously fight against them. And low quality ​subscribers being get-rich-quick dreamers.

We acquire new subscribers through various advertisements in "Bizopp, MMO & WFH" category, i.e. "Business Opportunities, Make Money Online & Work From Home". We pay the advertisers and they send people to our landing page in return.

When these three phrases are grouped together as one niche, it is so broad. Because everyone's interested in making money online...whether it's a business, lottery or magic, whether to bind a million dollar partnership or make 4 cents to answer a survey, anyone from any part of the world would just jump right in.

Although my landing page calls for online business hopefuls, if it's not advertised in not-so-ethical way, wrong type of subscribers can easily opt in. Not-so-ethical way such as the ones spread in this page (and please don't believe any of those!). Quite obviously, people who are lured into such ads are hardly ever interested in online entrepreneurship. And I can't blame them!

Bogus Ads

Claim Paypal Funds Fake Ad

If you see an ad that says you're entitled to receiving a gift... Unless the "gift" is something of a low value such as an ebook or some downloadable (outdated) software, the ad is likely to be a bogus. No one would ever give you a cash gift voluntarily. No one has, and no one will!

For example with the screenshot here - "collect your first payment" sounds like some money will be yours in the next few moments. That's never the case! The amount on display is usually at random. Collect $469.26. Earn $107.89 per day. How I make $2,905.33 every week... It means nothing, nothing but an old psychological trick that you should never be fooled by.

Get Rich Quick Dreamers: Wake Up!

You cannot get rich quickly on the internet - without putting relevant (=very hard) work on it.

"I only have 33 cents in my bank account until next Tuesday. I desperately need some money this weekend. What's your advice?"

Waiting for Paypal Fake Ad

Never, ever believe this shit!

I often receive messages like this one - ​and I would say, if what you have is 33 cents, you have to think about making the next 33 cents. You can start answering online survey such as Clixsense to start making a small amount of money. And whatever the amount you've made today - the chance for it to be paid into your bank account in the next few days is, none. Absolutely zero. No one will ever transfer a small sum of cash so quickly from their pocket to a brand new user's account.

Internet world is no different from the real world we live in.​ Money only exists and moves where a business is. You need to look for a successful entrepreneurship, invest some money (oh definitely!) and need to be prepared to work hard towards it. If you don't want to work - you're only wasting your time trying to make sense of these bogus advertisements!

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Ray Alexander

ASD. Recovering alcoholic. LGBTQ+ advocate. Semi-retired. 15+ years of web-designing experience. 10+ years affiliate marketing. Ex-accountant. I'm nice and real. Ask me if you need any help in starting up your home business.

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