Get Wealthy Mindset – 7 Approaches To Turn Dream Into Reality

By Joe Garcia

If you want wealth, you need to get wealthy mindset. In fact before you set out to do anything, you want to make sure you have the right mindset for your goals. A mindset is your determination, attitude, it's your willpower. Your self-confidence to make a good plan, work according to the plan and achieve your success. Whether you want to learn a new language, start exercising regularly, learn a new skill for your job, or set out to become the next Jeff Bezos... A clear mindset will help you accomplish it. In this post, you will find straightforward ways on how to get wealthy mindset, and how to use it.

Get Wealthy Mindset

#1 Create A Vision Of Wealth 

Creating a vision of success is to believe that you are already the person you want to be and imagine you are already doing what you want to do in the future. Your vision will become clearer as you repeatedly ask yourself questions such as;

  • Why do I want to be wealthy? Because I want myself and family to move into a bigger house, and have a more comfortable life.
  • Why do I want to start a business? Because I want to manage my work by myself and don't want it to be controlled by my bosses.
  • What will all that money do for me? It will allow me to travel around the world more frequently, meet new people and discover more business opportunities.

These are just a few examples and you might have totally different views. Your vision of wealth will naturally be created according to your positive, desirable way of life. 

When your vision is clear, you'll have a much more goal-oriented mindset. You'll become much more dedicated and focused on your whatever that you're working with. And the vision of wealthy success will help you develop a mission for your work. 

#2 Be Optimistic, Whatever Happens

Wealthy mindset is, and should be, optimistic. There is no "negative what-if's". Of course that doesn't mean you can be carefree and invest your money recklessly in foreign currency. You need to plan your work or project to earn your fortune, but whatever happens, focus on positives - optimistic consequences. The contrast between the following two statements might explain this.

  • What if this all goes wrong? It will be a disaster. I must avoid that!
  • If this doesn't work out, probably I'll go with plan B. That would be interesting!

Every negative outcome has positive aspects, so you should always be concentrating on "what to do to make the situation better". Because the moment you bring in a pessimistic view, the growth for your wealth will stop. If what you're working on right now doesn't seem to be going the right direction, always take it as a fantastic learning opportunity, instead of crying over it. With this way, nothing will fall apart, and you will never give up.

Start Here

#3 Create Solutions

Look for problems, and find the solutions to them. I just mentioned "every negative has positives" earlier on, but similarly, no matter what kind of happy situation you are in, you can always find areas of improvements.

For example, I'm pretty happy with the monthly passive income that I receive online as an affiliate. But I can find problems such as;

  • Because I'm currently earning enough money, I'm not making a long term plan.
  • My website needs updating.
  • My other online businesses are not making enough money.
  • I'm not making use of some online tools (i.e. wasting monthly fees).

I'm working on these problems right now. By continually looking for solutions to the issues that you may have, you'll have a stronger wealthy mindset that can face any tougher situations. You'll keep yourself out of your comfort zone.

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#4 Focus On Benefits For Others

Focus On Benefits For Others

We are one. Things never work one-way. We help one another. Give and take. If you're only focusing on your own benefits, it means effectively, you're trying to make others suffer at the same time. People with a wealthy mindset are trustworthy (most of them!). So always focus on the benefits of other people by sharing your time to help.

#5 Find What You Love To Do

Many people sacrifice their time for work that they don't enjoy doing. They 'believe' that they have no choice but to work to live. Can one ever be 100% dedicated and focused on your work that they don't like? Some people manage to be, and hats off to them, but will they ever receive a reward that they really deserve? Is it ever worth suffering? I doubt it.

Finding out what you really love to do to make a living is a way to get the wealthy mindset. Some people do make a lot of money by spending long hours on a job that they don't particularly like. But they could burn themselves out at some point in the future. And more importantly, they do not see good value in the work itself. 

If you're currently only working for money, instead of moaning about it, think about something that is making your life easy and is truly supporting you. Make clear of what you really want to do, and prepare to move on from your current job. You can start researching for the niche and consider starting your own business by using it. This will help you develop a wealthy and healthy mindset.

#6 Celebrate Success Of Others

Celebrate Success Of Others

Having contacts with wealthy people is beneficial. Because by witnessing other people succeed, celebrating them and being influenced by their success, you'll see the change in dynamics in your life and business. That's what people with a wealthy mindset do, and it works both ways. As you improve your skills and abilities, you'll effectively attract other successful people who have the same thought process too. 

Successful people don't hesitate to give you advice, and they congratulate you when you succeed. So you do the same - be open to them and tell your dreams, tell them you admire their success. Ask them questions and tell them what you know if they ask you a question.

#7 Forget Organizational Rules

If you work for or have worked for a big organization, have you ever been in a situation where you want to speak to the director other than your line manager? But when you have a problem or concerns, the rules are that you should be speaking to your line manager at first instance?

Rules are rules, as long as you work for a company, you need to stick to the decision by the management. You can't ignore the organizational rules while you're working there. But your manager can only help you grow within your small office.

The point is, you may need to think outside the box - look elsewhere to get the wealthy mindset. Whether inside or outside the company you work for, start following successful people and learn their mindset, skills, and abilities. It will impact on your future wealth.

Get Wealthy Mindset

You can keep dreaming about becoming wealthy, but in order to make your dream feasible and turn it into reality, you need to get wealthy mindset. The above approaches will help you set bigger objectives and create a lifestyle that you want.

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Joe Garcia

I work with Ray Alexander as an assistant. Self-starter, quick-learner, and well-organized adventurer. I occasionally write blog posts on this site with Ray's help as I still learn English. Right now I'm based in Spain.

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