Get Instagram Followers – 11 Effective Tips To Follow

Updated: May 11, 2019
by TJ Salvatore

Getting followers and likes on Instagram is one of the main agenda on this platform. It's daunting to see your image posts not getting enough likes and comments and the number of your followers just not increasing, while your competitors have a lot more. Here are 11 few effective ways for you to get Instagram followers - try them to hopefully beat your competitors!

Get Instagram Followers – 11 Effective Tips To Follow

#1 Switch to business account 

There are more than a few perks of switching to the business account. With a business account, you can easily view valuable insights, add contact button, and get greater exposure by boosting your posts. 

#2 Mention followers in your Instagram posts 

Getting followers is one thing, but retaining them is another. Keep engaging with your followers by mentioning them in your posts from time to time. For example you can thank them for commenting, sharing or liking your posts every time you post on Instagram. By doing this, it will make your followers feel a little more important, and they'll become loyal to you. 

#3 Use Instagram stories 

Have yet used Instagram stories? You must go for it now. It is a perfect option to share the unedited side of your brand or company to your followers. The people love to watch behind-the-scene photos or work in progress pictures. Instagram stories is a perfect venue to share them. 

#4 Run an Instagram contest

Hosting a competition is a superb way of getting lots of followers and likes. It gets you the desired engagement and new people get to know about you this way. This article by HubSpot might help you how to run a contest: How to Run an Instagram Contest: A 10-Step Guide

#5 Post a variety of stuff 

You don't want to see similar posts by the same user over and over again. No one does. Then variety is a key. When you share different kinds of content on your Instagram, the people will be there to admire you. Here on Instagram, you can post short videos, photos & carousels. When you are having this much options, you must not confine yourself to just one. 

Branded Hashtag

#6 Go for a branded Hashtag 

Do you know that Instagram allows its users to follow hashtags as well? Take advantage of that. You can develop your own hashtag, or I must say branded hashtag likes other companies. For instance, #Adidas

#7 Follow and mention influencers 

What is the use of following big brands and influencers on Instagram? To let others know that you are interested in the top trends on Instagram. By mentioning the influencers in your posts frequently, users may start cross-messaging each other, giving a chance for them to mention you in their posts, hence increase your followers. 

#8 Include Instagram button on your site

Get your website visitors to follow you on Instagram by placing an Instagram button on your site along with other social media icons. Don't forget to say "Follow me/us on..." above or near the icons. It will at least let them know about your Instagram account even if they don't care to click and follow.

#9 Offer discount offers to followers 

This is the easiest way to get people’s attention and to give them a chance to follow you. Share some exclusive discount offers, but say that they're valid for your followers only. The funny thing is, people do love to pay attention to discount offers no matter what they are. It means it also works as your brand awareness.

Instagram Live

#10 Go live

Instagram Live feature allows you to widen your reach. You'll get noticed more, because Instagram itself promotes the live sessions. All of your existing followers will get a notification. There is also a dedicated video discover tab, where all of the live videos are promoted. 

#11 Share your Instagram posts on other platforms 

People, brands and businesses are present on almost every social media platform. Then get your existing followers on other social networks to follow you on Instagram too. Just share your Instagram posts on Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, YouTube, LinkedIn, etc, but make sure to leave an extra note to say "Visit my/our Instagram account".

There are plenty of third party apps that claim to boost your follower count on Instagram. However they are not necessarily effective and many of them are costly. You can try out cheaper services offering you to pay only a few dollars of one time fee per desired number of followers and see what happens.

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