Fortune’s 10 Best Companies To Work For 2022

Updated: May 17, 2022
by Cristian Morales

Most occupations use up a lot of psychological and physical energy. While some jobs are fun to do, they still need you to be in tip-top shape to perform at your best. As a result, different workplaces have made the workspace a healthy and happy environment. 

Allowing employees to stay sane and happy while at work is what many company CEOs yearn for. That means your teams are comfortable and proud to work with you. After all, happy employees are loyal employees.

Fortune’s 10 Best Companies To Work For 2022

Hence, when writing a job application, job seekers should employ a CV writing service to help craft a winning resume. Yes, you want to work at one of the best companies in the world, but does your resume meet the recruiter’s demands? Will it help get more interviews? Honestly, accomplishments are not enough to land an interview if your CV is not well written. 

Ensure you get professional help to assist you in your job search. Your next employer could be a click away, only if you make your applications worth looking at. Once you have the CV sorted, here are ten companies you would love to work for in 2022. 

1. Cisco Systems 

Founded in 1984 and commonly known as Cisco, the company is well known in the networking hardware and software business. It has high technology products and services, making it a cut above the rest in the career field. 

Sandy Lerner and Leonard Bosack came up with a simple but groundbreaking concept, which propelled Cisco to what it is today. According to Companies Market Cap, Cisco hit $203.55 billion in May 2022. 

The company has 78,430 workers who stand out from others in different companies. Cisco earned the top spot in this list due to the high level of employee satisfaction. 

You can land your dream job at Cisco by using the best LinkedIn resume service to polish your CV and highlight all your best features. Here are reasons why Cisco is the perfect place to land an interview and get employed:

  • Equal opportunities to gain recognition 
  • Unique and special employee benefits 

2. Hilton 


Founded in May 1919, Hilton is a fast-growing hospitality company with over 6,500 properties in 119 countries. Hilton stands out among its competitors because it provides more than a service to its customers. Hilton goes above and beyond to ensure customer satisfaction by providing stellar services and the best experiences.  

Hilton management does the following to foster optimum performance among its staff:

  • Involving the team in decision-making 
  • Company promotions go to all those who deserve them 
  • Professional management and perfect assigning and coordination of staff

Employees have a hand in decisions that affect their work environment and jobs. That’s considerate and an excellent way to promote loyalty.

3. Wegmans Food Markets 

Founded in 1916, Wegmans Food Markets has surpassed the supermarket chain standard by offering only the best to its customers. Moreover, since it is family-owned, it provides customers and employees with a warm and welcoming atmosphere. 

Wegmans has 106 stores and offers online meal planning services (a unique feature). Wegmans makes everyone feel good by offering the staff a chance to influence the community by delivering unique benefits. 

According to Thrive Global, 95% of the employees say they love how the company contributes to the community. Here are more reasons why Wegmans ranks highly:

  • Positive working culture and environment 
  • An ear for employees’ opinions 
  • Flexible scheduling

4. Salesforce 

With 60,000 global workers, Salesforce is a leading IT company specializing in CRM software for sales, customer service, analytics, and application development. Salesforce came into the industry in 1999 and has since made major moves and established itself among the best. 

So, why would you love the work experience at Salesforce? Here’s how the company made it to this list:

  • Fair salary for work delivered 
  • Unique employee benefits 
  • Well-deserved promotions 

Salesforce is a great company because they offer relationship management solutions for their clients and foster the same among their employees. 

5. Nvidia 

The company was founded in 1993 and is well-known for its graphics chips. Nvidia needs its employees to stay informed and knowledgeable in cutting-edge technologies. Therefore, they provide constant training to boost key skills. 

Although the job is demanding and very involving, Nvidia makes the working environment conducive. Here’s how:

  • The management is ethical and honest 
  • Nvidia fosters community-based programs 

Nvidia shows good leadership skills by ensuring its employees are comfortable. Besides, all employees want their opinions to matter, and that’s granted at Nvidia. 

6. Accenture 

Accenture offers IT and consulting services. Since its inception in 1989 in Bermuda, the company has hit milestones and is considered an excellent place to be. Accenture believes that everyone should work in environments that allow them to grow to their full potential.   

Employees rank Accenture highly due to:

  • The health and wellness company programs
  • Accenture’s inclusion and diversity 

Accenture is an excellent place to work because they understand the importance of mental wellness. 

7. Rocket Companies 

Check out Rocket Companies if you are into tech-driven mortgage, real estate, and eCommerce. The company started in 1985 and has many achievements under its belt. 

Rocket Companies has around 24,000 individuals who they consider family. The company is wonderful  because of:

  • Relaxation and off-work programs 
  • Inclusion and diversity plans

At Rocket Companies, everyone is encouraged to take care of themselves, and that’s a great way to ensure employees are doing okay. 

8. American Express 

American Express

American Express was formed in 1850 and is among the world’s best for integrated payment services. The company plays a significant role in building business success and enriching customers’ lives. In addition, American Express also has the best working environment. 

That’s why it’s among Fortune’s best companies in 2022. The best features of this employer are:

  • A perfect work structure to balance work and personal life 
  • Equal opportunities for growth 

American Express is built on service, and it is pretty clear service to their employees also counts. 

9. David Weekley Homes 

David Weekley Homes came into the construction industry in 1976. They have managed to stay on top of their competitors as the largest privately-owned builders in the United States. The company specializes in the construction, design, sale, and marketing of single-family homes. 

It has 1,553 employees in the US. Moreover, everyone here becomes a part of the family and gets the acknowledgment they deserve. 

Here’s why you should land a job at David Weekley Homes:

  • The staff benefits are exceptional 
  • The work-life balance helps employees to stay healthy and happy 

Earning a salary plus commission and working among professionals is a plus in any industry. Therefore, David Weekley Homes is a great choice. 

10. Capital One Financial 

At Capital One Financial, employees are not just staff. They are associates. Capital One is among the largest banks in the United States. Since it has many branches, it’s understandable that it provides opportunities for 44,550 associates in the US alone. 

The perks include:

  • Upgraded facilities to aid in workflow 
  • Off-work programs for associates 
  • Focus on cultural diversity 

At Capital One Financial, individuals have the opportunity to grow skills in the best environment possible. 


Finding the best place to invest in your career is paramount so that you can perform your best. Issues like fair pay, flexible work schedules, and appreciation are key factors to look for in employers. So, if you have an issue finding a great environment, apply to any of the companies above in the future to kickstart your career!

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