7 Reasons Why You Need to Hire a Good Writer for Your eCommerce Website

The saying goes like, "You get what you pay for." If you're a website owner or a co-founder of your business, know that hiring a content writer will be one decision which will affect the sales of your eCommerce business in a bundle of ways. 

In an eCommerce store there is a lot to do with the product descriptions that you write on the website rather than just the service that you're offering. 

7 Reasons Why You Need to Hire a Good Writer for Your eCommerce Website

Writing content for your eCommerce seems like a piece of cake. But trust me, I used to work for an eCommerce store and for over a year our sales kept decreasing. Then one day a customer made us realize that the content we're producing was rubbish. We took the advice to heart and hired a content writer to do the job. 

Why? There are many reasons why you need to hire a professional content writer, but for now let us stick to 7 reasons why you need to hire an expert content writer. 

You are free to agree or disagree. But as a close friend I would advise you to go for a professional when you're about to launch your eCommerce store. 

#1 A professional writer will save your time

There is a leakage in your kitchen sink. What will you prefer? Do it yourself? Or hire a plumber to do it for you?  Of course, you will hire a plumber to do it. 


What about if your car broke down, what will you do? Call a mechanic or open the engine yourself. If you care about your car, you will surely call a mechanic to do this job. 

The same logic applies when you need to write content for your eCommerce website. Time is the new currency. And by hiring a professional content writer, you'll be saving your time. And you can invest that time on the other important things in your business. 

#2 Content writers are caretaker of your content

A professional content creator is someone who knows what it takes to write an engaging web copy. Which type of content will attract the potential customers and which content will drive them away. A professional content writer will increase the readership of your website. When more people will engage with your content, it will be easy for you to acquire fans on Facebook and get retweets on your twitter handle. 

#3 No one can research better than a content writer


A good thing about hiring a content writer is that they will present the information on your eCommerce store with some research. The readers will be forced to connect with the written content and the content will help them to solve their problems. 

A professional writer will act like a friend and lay down the content in a very subtle manner. A content writer will understand your business which is where most of the owners go wrong. It is one thing to know what you’re selling, and it is another thing to write about it. 

A professional content writer will be able to connect the dots and make the content understandable. A good writer will be able to do the research in a professional & profound manner and present the content in your eCommerce website.

#4 Google loves professional content writers

In real life, you can pray to GOD, but over the internet, you have to beg to Google to rank your eCommerce store above your competitors. And if you've learned anything about Google in the past few years it is that Google loves fresh content. The lord Google obviously rewards content which is engaging and can provide a huge amount of traffic. 

A professional copywriter has an advantage of research and they can put product descriptions of your eCommerce store in a new light. 

#5 Content writers will hit your target like Katniss Everdeen

Hunger Games

I am a big fan of Katniss Everdeen. I simply love the character played by Jennifer Lawrence in the movie Hunger Games. She waits and watch, and hit the target with full-throttle. There is no question about it. 

Same goes for reaching out to your target customers. As an Entrepreneur, I know what it feels like to persuade people to buy from you. Content writers are gifted with this trait. With every piece of content, they write, they will make you closer to your target audience. They know the art of bringing the right traffic which can easily be converted into leads. 

#6 Producing content in a variety of formats

Just like a chef can cook one meal in a variety of methods, a professional content writer will be able to produce the same content in a variety of methods. A friend of mine who is offering eCommerce website services says that over the internet you'll be required to showcase your brand on various social platforms and for that, you need to give the same subject matter in a variety of ways. Content writer will be able to do this without worrying about repeating content. 

#7 The Grammar issues, of course

It is a versatile world out there. Not everyone is skilled in spelling, grammar, and punctuation. When you're writing content for your web, you need to ensure that your copy is perfect. A bad grammar often leaves a bad impression on your potential customers. 

A skilled content writer will write content without worrying about grammar or the structures of the sentences. They will proofread themselves and there will be no pain left for you. 

To sum it up

Hiring a content writer is not a choice anymore. Just like website designers and web developers you need to hire professional content writers who can write content that sells. It is important to find a writer and pay her/him to do the job for you. No need to assume that you can do it all by yourself. 

You might not realize this, but after a year or so, you will be enlightened just like we were when one of our customers pointed out the flaw in our content. Why wait then you know that you need to hire a professional writer for your eCommerce store. 


By profession a Computer Engineer. Oxford Comma Destroyer by choice. Words are my lifeline. I love to write till the sentences start bleeding on paper. Whether it is content for your website, a blog post, or a company profile, I would take users on a journey of excellence through words.

Author //  yousufrafi

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