FAB System 2.0 Review – Fake Testimonials Reveal All, Sadly.

By Ray Alexander

*** April 2020 Update: We have been requested by the product owner to remove this post as the Fab System is no longer available. Although I would not - have no reason to - alter or delete any content that I've already published on my part, I respect the product owner's wish and have removed his name and the URL (which had never been hyperlinked).

FAB System 2.0 is an 8-week CaaS (Communications as a Service) training course. You will learn how to become a "digital agency" using an instant messaging service. The creator says this is the most profitable, and also one of the least competitive online business model. My FAB System 2.0 review will show you how confusingly the course is being advertised but the actual content might help you gain some special knowledge and skill in this area.

FAB System 2.0 Review

Product Name:

FAB System 2.0

Website URL:

No longer available


Digital Agency Training Course


No longer available


$997 (one-off)


What Is FAB System?

FAB System 2.0 is a ClickBank product, and it's a training course to become a digital agency - to be able to market on behalf of another business. You'll get to learn how to use a visual chatbot builder (ManyChat) and integrate it into ClickFunnels.

The creator seems like a helpful, great guy. The problem I have (and you might, too) is the way the training course is advertised. Frankly, very scammy. He never reveals what you're going to learn exactly. He also says this course is for "anybody" which I don't think is.

When searching for some ways to make money online, most of us come up with affiliate marketing, e-commerce, networking/MLM or Bitcoin mining, none of which is suitable just for "anybody".

Becoming an agent for other businesses means you'll be especially obligated to them and billing them for the service you render. So this is pretty different from affiliate marketing, for instance (i.e. blogging and la-la-ing all day like I am!)

He "guarantees" that you'll start making money within 72 hours, but I don't think that's the case either, because after the course is completed, your next vital challenge will be to actually become an agent. You'll have to advertise yourself and find a customer.

The price is $987 - not exactly cheap, but there are a lot of contents and we can appreciate that he's put in so much work into it. You can join ManyChat for free but you may want to keep in mind that ClickFunnels will cost you $97 per month.

FAB System 2.0 Review

"Scripted" Recorded Webinar

In order to join FAB System, you're requested to join a webinar first of all. Many course tutors use WebinarJam software to invite users. The software makes a pre-recorded webinar look like a live session. It allows the tutor to reveal the course content, demonstrate it, have a chance to convince the participants and persuade them to make a payment by the end of the session via the CTA button.

On the other hand, many of us know that the webinars created by WebinarJam are pre-recorded, "fake" live. It can be frustrating to have to book it and wait until the session starts. You can't purchase the course that's on offer unless you've attended the webinar first.

But then again, an introductory webinar helps the participants understand what they're buying for and make the right decision by the end of the session.

Unfortunately FAB System webinar is entirely scripted, and the subject jumps from one to another very quickly and pretty randomly, I found it very hard to follow. In fact it reminded me of a typical sales video of a "make money online" product that's often seen, because it never really explained what we were going to learn - the actual job. At least it's read out by the creator himself, not by a voice actor.

What is CaaS?

Hard To Follow

The creator starts with "the reasons why 9 of 10 businesses fail", showing a research result by CB Insights. 42% of startups fail apparently due to "no market need". I didn't really understand this bit. (I searched it later on and didn't agree with the article content - someone else Kent Moerk from Global Finance Network has challenged it. "42% of startups fail due to "No Market Need", that is wrong!" - I think I agree with his advice.)

Anyway, he says that startups often fail because of "no market need" but he never explains what we should do about it, or the connection between this particular failure and the training course that he offers.

He then explains that CaaS Agency job is good and SMMA Agencies are not so good... What are they? What does SMMA stand for?

SMMA apparently has disadvantages such as "daily rigorous management, mercy to platform changes, lots of competitions for little profit" - none of which really makes sense. Unless of course, you have experience in that area. But the FAB System is open to "anyone". That's why I was interested in the first place, and I didn't understand it, unfortunately.

"In The Next Few Minutes"

I'm not keen on people who say "in the next X minutes, you'll discover the power of... (sales funnels, or whatever)" but they never clarify it in the timescale that they just promised.

Well, I'm not keen? You shouldn't be, either. This is a bad sign - it's badly scripted you see. It means the actual product content is likely to be questionable in the same way. How would you feel if your training tutor kept saying "In the next 3 minutes, you will learn how to build a sales funnel" then kept changing the subjects?

He also said, "Next couple of minutes, I'll show you the gateway into AI and machine learning..." when I just needed to know about the core of the training. But he never revealed it, kept me mystified.

Ah, Fake Testimonials...

My heart sank when, all of a sudden, those familiar faces from Fiverr popped up to show fake testimonials. They are notorious for making false statements in front of a camera for money. Pay them $5-$10 and they'll say anything that you want them to say. Things like;

"I was just a dishwasher until last week, but 2 days ago I started to use this system and I've already made $12,345! For the first time in my life! Now I can quit my job!"

FAB System Fake Testimonials

Scammers often use the same people, and so these actors on Fiverr has claimed to make thousands of dollars "for the first time in their life" countless times in front of the camera.

I'm not saying FAB System is a scam because of the fake testimonials, but at least we know that the training course has NOT been proven to work by the real users just yet.

False Sense of Financial Freedom

Perhaps the most disappointing part is that we are not told HOW we make money from this job. He says whoever the user has made $19,000 profit within X days, but what's the breakdown of it? We don't need it in great detail, but we just need a rough idea of it.

For example, if you buy an old computer, refurbish it and resell it, how much can you make? I have no idea. If you tell me;

  • Laptop A costs $1,000
  • The special refurbishing tool will cost $100
  • But you can sell it for $1,400 within 3 days.

Then I'll know I could make $300 profit per laptop in 3 days. (I'm just making the numbers up, you know that, don't you?) That kind of information is nowhere in the webinar.

FAB System Freedom

In the beginning, he says "No pictures of me in a Lambo, no penthouses, no more stacks of cash. No BS. That's not my thing." But toward the end he inserts an image of a beach resort and says it's the actual photo that he's taken. Well, it's the same thing, isn't it?

Then he starts to say things like "making a million dollars and beyond" "you never have to worry about life again". The inconsistency puzzled me.

Free Gifts?

The creator also promises to give away some free gifts at the beginning of the webinar, turns out to be misleading;

  • "If you stay until the end of the webinar, you can receive free gifts worth $1,194." - he's not offering such things. You pay $997 to join the course, and you'll receive some bonus materials "worth" whatever the cost.
  • "$250 Amazon gift card will be given to the person who's answered the most number of questions." - well, it's a recorded webinar with fake attendees...

How I "Finally" Make Over $6,000 Monthly Income

"The most valuable thing I've ever done!"

8-Week Course Schedule

Now my stroppy disparagement over, I can tell you there's a lot of content in this 8-week course.

  • Week 1 (Foundation) - What it means to be a digital agency / How to set up the fundamentals / Elevate your mindset / Understanding the market and the scale of the opportunity / Manufacturing your most valuable offer & your ecosystem / Niching vs broad.
  • Week 2 (Understanding clients) - Different type of clients / How to create a proof of concept / Law of attractions / Client outreach (organic and paid) / Building backward from your goals.
  • Week 3 (Establishing business) - Build yourself as an authority / choose a name, register domain, set up your email, calendar, your social media accounts / Hosting events.
  • Week 4 (Create Sales Funnels) - ClickFunnels walkthrough / Different types of funnels / Genesis funnels.
  • Week 5 (Use Chatbot) - ManyChat walkthrough / Use Zapier / Enhancing engineering of chatbots / Omnipresent flows.
  • Week 6 (Building a 7-figure agency) - How to get paid / How to negotiate / How to scale up.
  • Week 7 (Choose a niche) - How to choose a niche / Authority, resonate with people, define yourself.
  • Week 8 (Other tips) - Set up your goals / How to hire top contractors / How to hire a success team / Grow, scale, automate.

As you can see, the course is not for anyone but suitable for those who are willing to proactively find clients, communicate and negotiate. You'll also get to learn how to build a team and hire good contractors. So if you are looking to work from home on your own and earn passive income, FAB System 2.0 is not for you.

Help and Support

You will get plenty of support from the owner himself. You can ask for advice by email, phone, weekly recorded Q&A calls, and also the Facebook Group where you can ask your question, also responded by him personally.

Pricing and Money Back Guarantee

The course will cost you a one-time payment of $997. And you are covered by 30-day money-back guarantee via ClickBank.

Alternatively, you can pay it in 3 installments - the initial $497 will give you complete access, make another $497 payment within 30 days, and the final $497 in 60 days ($1,491 in total).

I wouldn't go for the 3-pay option though; why would you pay 50% more? If you're not 100% sure about committing yourself to this training course, pay the full price and try learning as much as you can in the first 30 days. If you really feel the FAB system is not for you, then make sure to ask ClickBank for a refund. Otherwise continue and make the most of it.

Remember, the system also requires you to use ClickFunnels which offers the first 14 days free trial, but it will cost you $97 every month.

FAB System Pros and Cons


  • You'll get to learn to become a digital agency.
  • Suitable for those who are willing to negotiate with clients and contractors.
  • Facebook Group for help and support.
  • 30-day money back guarantee.


  • Fake testimonials.
  • You'll have to find customers yourself.
  • Not for those who are looking for a home-business.

FAB System Review - Conclusion:

Unless you know exactly what CaaS is - because the sales page or webinar doesn't explain what your job will be involved, I would suggest that you ask yourself if this is what you really want to do before jumping in. I hope this FAB System 2.0 Review helps you make the right decision!

Let us hear your opinion - what do you think about what you've read so far? Leave a comment below. Any question or request will be welcomed. We'll get back to you as soon as we can!

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Ray Alexander

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  1. Excellent blog you have got here.. It’s difficult to find quality writing like yours these days. I seriously appreciate people like you! Take care.

    1. Thanks for your comment but do you realise you’re contradicting yourself? You might want to elaborate on what you say if you’re really looking for “quality writing”. Why are you looking for it in the first place?

  2. I bought FAB system then I asked for my money back 3 days later cos many things he said was I did not understand. It is almost no quality. I did not waste any more time decided to get out as quickly as possible.

  3. Hi Ray, I totally understand what you mean because my best friend for 20 years is a digital agent, I’m in affiliate marketing, I and I still have no idea my friend actually does. I’ve heard of CaaS and I think that’s what he does but he’s never mentioned about creating chatbots.

    This training seems interesting enough for me for that reason, but I wouldn’t pay 1000 dollars for that. I see what you mean by not suiting anybody because if you really don’t know the job, if you don’t try it & like it, then you will regret not just about buying it but wasting your time. Mind you if I take this course finally I might learn what it is then it won’t be such a waste. Thanks Ray!

    1. Hi Ben, oh I’m so glad I’m not the only one! One of my best friends is an “IT manager” and I really don’t know what he does either. Good opportunity though. Yes it’s a lot to pay just to learn the job, but it will give a new career option for sure. Thanks Ben for your comment.

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